Destiny is on the way!! #Riansh OS..Part 3 final!!

Hello here is the last part of my OS..
Episodes start..
where Riddhima was lying unconsciously. People made a crowd there but no one was bothered to take her to the hospital..some were making videos, some were gossiping..
when a black car stopped..
man (to driver):-What happened why there is a crowd there..
driver:- Don’t know the boss should I check?
man’s POV..
Why am I feeling weird should I go myself and check?
man:-(to driver)No need I will go and check..
He opened the car..and his heart was beating faster..don’t know why he was feeling like crying..(ab toh guess karliya hi hoga..)
man:-(to the crowd after seeing the view which was in front of his eyes..):-What the hell someone is lying here unconsciously and you standing here gossiping?
shame on can’t help her even in the name of humanity..??
after seeing the face of the was like Sliding ground under his feet..
she was her love..her wife…whom she loved unconditionally but she betrayed him…
he rushed to her, picked her in his arms and rushed toward his car..
Vansh:-Driver … drive fast to the nearest
riddhima pls open your eyes…..pls damn it…
Her head was injured badly..
blood was all over and  his white shirt was soon drenched with her blood..
Vansh’s pov:-
I wished that I could meet her but like this no…after 7 years she is like the same but like this no…you have to be fine answer my all questions why you didn’t try to reach me Why?
soon he reached Hospital..
Doctor  it’s an emergency case..
the receptionist was in shock…
Dr priya, Riddhima ma’am..(yes it was little heart hospital whose owner was Riddhima..and Dr. priya was  her personal assistant and like her sister)
she was soon taken to  OT..
vansh:-(to Receptionist)I will do all the formalities but riddhima should be alright..
What you want money I will give as much you want but my Riddhima should be fine..
my riddhima should be alright(crying)
receptionist:-we don’t want any money..and she will be alright..It’s our duty as we will not able to forgive ours self if anything happen to Riddhima ma’am..and we are really Thankful to you as you reached here with ma’am on time..her condition is very critical she has lost so much of blood..
Vansh:-Ma’am?? how do you know her?
receptionist:-She is the owner of This hospital..
receptionist:-Yes ..may I know your relation with ma’am..
Vansh:-I am her husband..
receptionist:-So you are Mr.Vansh Rai Singhania..
Vansh:-Yes you know me..???
receptionist:-Yes you are ma’am’s husband how we will not recognize you..Not all but some of us know you..
But how come you came here suddenly..
Vansh(understanding the situation):-I came here to surprise her..but on the way, I found her like this..
receptionist:- Sir Don’t worry she will be alright..she is very strong..
Sir don’t know but it’s time for rianshi’s school to get must go and pick up..
Vansh:-Didn’t understand who is rianshi..
Just then a man entered all tensed sweating he rushed toward the reception and asked.
man(concerned):-Khushi where is Riddhima her phone is also switched off and I am not getting good vibes is she okay..?
answer me damn it..
khushi:-Neil Sir voh..she met with an accident..her condition is very critical..Dr.priya has gone to OT..and Thanks to Mr.Vansh..he took ma’am on time..
man:-And rianshi ?where is she? Does she know about Riddhima??
kushi:-sir I don’t know..I was..
She was cutted by Vansh..
Vansh:-Neil may I know you..who are you and how do you know her?
neil:-So you are Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania?
Vansh:-Yes!! how do you know me?
neil:-Come lets go inside and then i will tell you how i know you..
neil:-Khushi tell Mahesh to bring Rianshi and don’t tell her about Riddhima..Call me when she is here..
khushi:-okay sir..
Neil takes Vansh with him to Riddhima’s cabin..
Neil:- so Mr. Vansh you wanted to know me?
But first you tell me where were you?
enjoying your life?
making money?
spreading your business?
Vansh was just listening..he was making some theories but all in vain..
Neil:-What will you say …there you were doing all these things and here my sister was suffering..
Just then Vansh receives a was from Dadi..
vansh;-Excuse me this is an important call I have to take it..
on call:-
Dadi:-Hello Vansh!! Vansh siya is responding she is asking for Riddhima she only wants Riddhima..
vansh:-Dadi give phone to siya..
vansh:-Hello siya i am in hospital riddhima met with an accident..just tell me what happened that day..leave that just tell me is RIddhima innocent.?.(Somewhere in his heart he knew that riddhima is innocent but all the proof were against riddhima what could he do and after listening neil he was feeling that Riddhima was innocent and he was cursing himself what he did.. )
On the call, Siya told everything that Ridhhima was innocent..
siya:-Bhai is bhabhi okay..I am coming..
vansh:-No siya I am here I will bring your bhabhi soon..
he cut the call…
he was very shattered when Neil said “so finally your sister told everything to you..”
Vansh:-yes I am a bad person who doubts his wife who was innocent..It was my fault and somewhere I am responsible for her accident..If she was innocent why didn’t she come back to me? Neil, you know, she said that The biggest thing she received in her life is me. Her identity was the most precious thing she recive and I snatched her identity..
neil:-I know how she loves you immensely,limitlessly but destiny was fated..and I also know that you are also innocent somewhere but the thing is you should give your wife a second chance..
neil:-You wanted to know that how I met her and when..then listen:
Nurse:- sir your relation with the patient?
Man:-I am her Brother.
Nurse:-your name sir?
Man:-Neil Sharma..
now can i meet her..I think I have done all the formalities..
nure:-of course sir..


Riddhu:-Neil !!(weak)
neil:-Are you fine?
and how does this happen..
where is your husband?
you know you are half and a month pregnant..
What would happen if some car, leave that? Why are you quiet?tell me..
Riddhima narrated the whole story of how she met Kabir,her love for kabir and then his betrayal,then how she loved vansh and then what all happened till now..
Neil:-Just tell me the name of that person I will screw him..
Riddhima;-No neil..just take me away from this city..
neil was like her brother..they were in same orphanage..
Neil took Riddhima with him to London. He was one of the famous businessmen of London..
There he took care of Riddhima..he tried his level best that Riddhima is safe and healthy he took care of his mood swings ..and at the time of delivery..he was the one who took care of riddhima when he needed the vansh most..and Riddhima was blessed with a daughter..
and as years passed neil and rianshi became best friends..
But due to some problems Neil had to shift to mumbai..
Riddhima was like a lifeless body with no soul. She used to rarely smile..but after Rianshi came her life again became a life now her only present was his daughter..she never contacted Vansh she was waiting that Siya will tell the truth but as years passed her hope also finished..
Flashback ends…
neil:-you know Vansh she only loves you and she will always..she never told Rianshi that u are bad person ,she always told her that you are on a secret mission..and she told Rianshi that you love her a lot …she used to cry at night for you she used to missed you..sometimes she even tries to harm herself but due to Rianshi she stops..
and you know what Rianshi says that my Father is the best she loves me a lot..and I can guess that you also love her a lot..but due to that Kabir you believe that she was the one who betrayed you..
vansh was blank, he had no words,no excuses..
just then some voice was heard..
They go out and see that Rianshi was broken down and she was crying badly..
Vansh was amused by her cuteness. He would have a daughter and he  never thought that he would meet his daughter like this..
neil:-kushi I have said na she should not know about Riddhima..
khushi:- sorry sir she has listened to the nurses talking..
Neil:-Rihu listen to me..
rihu:-mamu how this happened how..??
I told her not to go today because she was having fever but you know na she is so stubborn Ziddhima..
I hate you mom you doesn’t listen to me..mamu she will be alright na?
I know she is very strong…she will be fine na?
neil:–shhh.. my princess she will be alright she is just playing with us..she will be alright..
Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin
(Though I’ve never told you)

Par Andhere Se Darta Hoon Main Maa
(But I’am afraid of darkness mom)

Yun To Main Dikhlata Nahin
(Though I’ve never shown it)

Teri Parwaah Karta Hoon Main Maa
(I do care for you mom)

Tujhe Sab Hain Pata Hain Na Maa
(Aren’t you aware of everything mom)

Tujhe Sab Hain Pata Meri Maa
(You know everything my mom)

Bheed Mein Yun Na Chodo Mujhe
(Please don’t leave me like this in the crowd)

Ghar Laut Ke Bhi Aa Naa Paun Maa
(I won’t be able to come back home mom)

Bhej Na Itna Door Mujkko Tu
(Please, you don’t send me so far that)

Yaad Bhi Tujhko Aa Naa Paun Maa
(You will not even remember me mom)

Kya Itna Bura Hoon Main Maa
(Mom, am I that bad)

Kya Itna Bura Meri Maa
(Am I that bad, my mom)

Rihu:-Mom am I that bad pls come na I want to play with you…and you forgot today is Wednesday you promised me that you will cook meethi promised me and you also know I hate people who break promises…you want that I start hating you..
Then she noticed Vansh..
mamu he is the one who is in the painting that mom used to hold and cry…mamu is he my father that went on a secret mission…
neil nodded and Rihu ran and hugged Vansh….you know papa how badly I was carving for this hug and I am angry from you. Because of you mom used to cry..were you so good that mom used to remember  you that much?
Vansh:-My princess I am so sorry..No I am very bad because because of me your mom used to cry, you was carving for me I make you so much wait…
he broke the hug and start kissing her daughter whom he met few seconds a go..
and if your mom didn’t come back fit and fine then I will also hate myself..I will never forgive her and even  myself..
and then Priya came from OT..
Priya:-Neil sir she is out of danger..
rihu:-Priya masi Thank you so much…
priya:-It was my duty to save her and there was no chances of failure as I am trained by your mother only..
priya:-Right……, neil sir you can meet her after few hours she will gain conscious..
After few hours rianshi was asleep in vansh arms..and he was happy that her daughter loves him which he does’nt deserve..
RIddhima woke up ad the first thing she saw..her two life lines were sleeping with tears in their eyes..she was happy that finally rihu met her father..
Then neil came and give her a queationing look..
neil:-Why you did’nt lidten to your duaghter..
you know how badly she was did this very wrong even I am angry with you..what would happened to me and rihu if something happen to you..and Vansh he knew everything siya is out of coma now..she told him everything..He was so shattered…but somehow I managed him..and now you can see the result infront of your eyes..see how  father-daughter how they are sleeping..perfect duo..
riddhima:-Thank you so much..Neil..
neil:-Don’t Thank me,Today Vansh saved your life and I don’t want your Thank you you just forgive vansh and start a new life with him..
After 3 months……
A cute family was seen playing..Hide and seek..
It was non other than Vanh,Riddhima,neil,Rianshi,siya,ishani,angre,aryan…
Indeed it was a complete family……
Who knows when love begins
Who knows what makes it start
One day it’s simply there
Alive inside your heart
Try to deny it
And try to protest
But love won’t let you go
Once you’ve been possessed
Love never dies
Love never falters
Once it has spoken
Love is yours
Love never fades
Love never alters
Hearts may get broken
Love endures
Hearts may get broken
Love endures
And soon as you submit
Surrender flesh and bone
That love takes on a life
Much bigger than your own
Love is enduring
Love lives on
Happy ending…..
phewww…it was a long one..Hope you all like it Do comments….
and I want atleat 30+ comments…plssss
Take care…
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