Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi and Jogi sign the papers

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Scene 1
The registrar comes. Inspector says you have to sign these papers. Jogi signs them. He gives them to Mahi. Mahi looks at Jogi and signs them. Biji signs as the witness. Shalu signs them as the second witnesses. Seema throws the papers. Seema shoves Mahi and says you’re doing a drama? you did what you had to. Let me do my duty now. She says come with me Akash. Seema brings Mahi’s clothes and things. She brings a pot and breaks it around her clothes. Mahi says what are you doing mummy.. please stop. She does Mahi’s funeral. Seema says I did Mahi Chopra’s funeral. Until you signed I felt like my Mahi is alive somewhere but she died. You sign your death certificate. You’re dead for me. So I had to do your funeral. She burns Mahi’s things. Seema says this is the end of my relationship with you. You are dead for us.

Jogi tries to extinguish the fire. Biji says stop it Jogi. Your hands will burn. Mahi stops Jogi and says what are you doing? Are you crazy? Jogi says your family has gone crazy. Why don’t you kill both of us at one? Mahi says shut up. He says enough. I have been hearing things about you for many days. Mahi this.. Mahi that. If anyone takes Mahi’s name they will only speak well. She was going to sacrifice her life for you people. Her husband is with her now. I know she didn’t know that I am marrying her but I did that to save her life. You can put as many allegations on me as you want. And I love Mahi. So much that no one will see a love like this. Stop it, aunty. What dignity is so big that for the world you can’t see your daughter’s tears? You separated from yourself. Enough. At least speak to your daughter as a mother and ask her what happened. You knew your daughter was never wrong. At least support her once. That Arjun.. You knew his reality. He left your daughter in the mandap. What greed was blinding you that you were throwing your daughter in hell. Mahi says enough. You have no right to say anything about my mom. Jogi says I have a right as your husband. If anyone speaks ill of you, I will be there to defend you even if it’s your mom. Seema says to start your marriage all old relationships had to end. I curse that you both will never live happily together.

Jogi holds Mahi’s hand and says okay. My love will protect Mahi. You can curse her and I will protect her. I will be everything for her. You can break your relationship with her. Mahi is my everything. She’s my present and future, she is my crown. I won’t let anything happen to her. He says Mahi.. You won’t cry anymore. I will give you so much you will never feel the absence of anyone in your life. Seema says let’s go. They all leave. Jogi says I will always love you. I will never leave your side. Mahi shoves his hand and says when something is forced on you, it gives you irritation only. Mummy, I will always love you. I did this all for you. One day, you won’t feel ashamed to call me your own.

Scene 2
Biji says do you remember your promise? If Mahi comes back on her own, you can’t ask her to leave. Rupa says when you both have considered her your own I have no right to kick her out. Jogi wants to keep her here and you want to keep your DIL here. I have no right to change your decision. But I have one right to decide whether I will live in this house or not. Jogi says Bebe.. Rupa says I can’t live with Mahi under the same roof. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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