Destiny Has It – Chapter 21

Author’s note:  I am extremely sorry for the delay. I had mistakenly deleted my draft because of which I had to type the whole episode again😅😅😅  I won’t tell about the specific date as whenever I tell about a specific date or publishing the episode something unexpected happens and the update is delayed.

This episode is the compensation for the delay as I have added some parts of the next episode which I had written before with this one. The episode has become too long. I hope you guys don’t find it boring. If it’s boring to read then don’t forget to tell me I will make it short.

I have got a request. Ayan and Aryan both sounds too much similar. These two names are creating a lot of confusion. So I have decided to write Ayan’s full name Ayan Goenka and Aryan’s full name Aryan Sharma . Hope that will be able to clear out the confusion.  Now let us proceed towards the episode.


In the hideout

Vansh: So what did you think? Vansh Raisinghania is a fool?

Ayan Goenka: It means….

Vansh: I knew about everyone’s real identity all the while. But I haven’t call you to say these things. Rather I have called you to show something important.

Ayan Goenka : I don’t have time to see anything.

Vansh: Maybe the thing which I will show you now will help you to mend your relationship with Sejal.

Ayan Goenka : You also know about my relationship with Sejal?

Vansh: I know the main reason well. Now stop asking me questions and just follow me. You don’t have any option other than this if you want Sejal to forgive you.

Ayan Goenka  finding no other option starts following Vansh. He then comes in front of a room. Vansh stops at the door.

Vansh: Open the door and all of your answers would be cleared.

Ayan Goenka opens the door. Opening the door he gets the biggest shock of his life. Kabir was alive. He is being treated here all these years . Kabir was moving his fingers seeing Ayan.

Ayan Goenka  (with tears of happiness): Ka..ka..kabir is a…alive

Vansh: He is alive. He will be able to talk within 72 hours. Maybe you will be able to hear his voice within 48 hours also. Now come with me. I have a lot of things to discuss with you.

Ayan Goenka : Even I have a lot to ask

Vansh: I know

In Riddhima and Sejal’s Residence :

Sejal had arranged her popcorns and other snacks which she was planning to eat while watching Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 2. She was now pouring orange juice in her glass and was singing a song.

Aisa kya gunah kiya jo
Loot haye hum loot gaye
Trp ke gam mein loot gaye
1.7 ki khushi milegi kya dubaara
1.5 dekh ke thak gaye the
Ab 1.5 dekhne ke liye tadap rahe hai
Thursday ata hai haar week
Mere zindagi mein baad lake
Trp ka dagah humse na ho payega baardash
Shapaat hai yeh mera ki hum na dekhenge aj TRP

Sejal : Oh God!  I mismatched the lyrics. But who cares?(😅😅😅) I am just singing this song for myself. No matter what happens I will neither open Twitter nor YouTube. This is my oath and that’s final. I wo’t open other sites also. What if I see the trp mistakenly? No, I can’t take the risk. Last time I had taken the juice of bitter gourd. I won’t take that bitter juice again because of seeing trp. If anyone informs me about then I-

Before Sejal could speak further, her phone started ringing. It was Sasha and Tasha’s call. They both were Sejal and Riddhima’s childhood buddies.  Sasha and Tasha are twin sisters.

Sejal: Ohh! At last you both remembered me. As far as I remember you both had forgotten that there was someone named Sejal.

Tasha: Oh! Drama queen started her melodrama just after answering the call.

Sasha: Seju, you are seeming very happy today. Didn’t you see the trp of IMMJ2?

Sejal: Sasha, you have got some brain at last. You are right. I didn’t see the trp till now. I have uninstalled YouTube and I didn’t visit Twitter yet.

Tasha: Oh God! How did this miracle happen?

Sasha: Sejal, I have got a calculation for you but the twist is that you can’t use calculator.

Sejal: I will never need calculator to solve your easy questions.

Sasha: We will see. Am I right or am I right?

Tasha(giggling) : You are right Sasha.

Sasha: So, tell me the answer of 1.1+1.1-1.1

Sejal: Oh! Sasha, do you think this math is of my level? It’s so simple. Answering this will hurt my ego (Too much attitude 😂😂😂)

Tasha: Miss Sejal, try hurting your expensive ego once and tell me the answer.

Sejal: It’s 1.1 yaar. Don’t you think this math is for primary students?

Sasha (laughing) : We didn’t ask this question to an elder person.

Sejal(pouts): I hate this number 1.1

Tasha: Why? Is it because immj2’s trp is 1.1 for last few consecutive weeks?

Sasha: For Sejal’s kind information, this week’s trp is also 1.1

Sejal: What?! Trp is again 1.1!!

Tasha: Yeah, sweetheart!

Sejal: Why did you have to tell me?

Sasha: To see your shocking and devastating face.

Sejal (shouting): Just wait and watch. I will send you guys my special  bitter gourd juice and Riddhima’s special black coffee. Then I will also get to see your reaction (Tit for tat😏😂)

After she says this, both Sasha and Tasha disconnects the call.

Sejal: Seju, cool down. I know the trp of immj2 isn’t 1.1. I won’t trust their words no matter what happens. Oh God! I forgot to take out my brownies. Brownies might be missing me.

In the hideout

Vansh and Ayan Goenka  takes a seat and they start discussing about all the things.

Ayan Goenka : Why did you save Kabir when you yourself shot him?

Vansh: First of all I didn’t shoot Kabir. Your Aryan(Sharma) knows the answer much better.

Ayan Goenka : Aryan(Sharma)?

Vansh: You heard it right. Aryan(Sharma) is not so fool like you all assume him to be. He is very much shrewd. He had made deals with many of your enemies because of which the Sharmas suffered many loses

Ayan Goenka : Do you even know what are you saying?

Vansh: Vansh Raisinghania doesn’t come to conclusion without knowing the thing well. You will get to know about the real truth of Kabir’s accident the same time your sweetheart Ahana comes to know about it. And you know I won’t tell you about it no matter how many times you ask me. So, better ask me your other questions.

Ayan Goenka : Tell me one thing from when do you know that Riddhima is Ahana?

Vansh: After she killed John mercilessly

Ayan Goenka : Did you know it from the start that Riddhima i.e Ahana is Kabir’s sister?

Vansh: You got it right.

Ayan Goenka : You are saying that you know her real identity from before and you are saying that you got to know about her after John’s murder. So, care to explain everything?

Vansh: I guess you know it well that Kabir had a habit of writing diaries. After his disappearance, none of you found his diary as his diary was with me. In his diary, he had mentioned a lot of things about Sejal and Riddhima. His diary is almost fulfilled with their childhood pics and habits. In his diary he mentioned Riddhima as his sister. Nowhere he mentioned that his sister’s real name is Ahana. Moreover, there  was no news of Riddhima and Sejal after his accident. I had imagined his sister’s name to be Riddhima all these years. When I met her for the first time, I was a little shocked. I knew she came to take revenge from me for the thing which I never did. Later I  asked Angre to find about her information as I wanted to see how she wants to play with me. I decided to play along to clear her misunderstanding with the passage of time. But before I could do so, she did something unexpected.

Ayan Goenka : It means you didn’t know about her being AR . But how did you did you find that she is AR?

Vansh: Because of her over confidence. She had written a letter with John’s blood at that time. She had used her fingers to write it. She wrote the ‘A’ in a unique way. Kabir had written that his Riddhima writes A in a unique way which none else follows. I remembered seeing the letter that I saw Riddhima writing ‘A’ that way. That doubt wasn’t enough to be sure of AR’s identity. I then started joining the clues. In Kabir’s diary, there was written under one of Riddhima’s photo ‘Meri suraj ki pehli kiran’. Moreover Kabir’s surname was Raichand. It made me doubt that ‘R’ of ‘AR’ stands for Raichand. After a lot of investigation, it was found that Kabir had a sister named ‘Ahana’. All my doubts were cleared that AR is none other than Ahana Raichand i.e. Kabir’s sister.

Ayan Goenka : I must say Ahana made a mistake by underestimating your capabilities. AR’s planning was good but yours one cannot be explained in words.

Vansh: VR’s planning is always out of everyone’s imagination.

Ayan Goenka : Why did you inform about Kabir now when had hid him for so many years? What help do you need from me? I know you must have called me for a favour.

Vansh: Now that’s a good question. At last, you showed some sensibility. You will do me one favour and I will do you one.

Ayan Goenka : And may I know what are those favours?

Vansh: You know it by now that the Switzerland deal has been postponed. Tonight Riddhima may have a emotional breakdown when she will knew that her all the plans failed. Tomorrow is Anurag and Prerna’s Engagement ceremony. She has been invited but she won’t go there. You have to take her there at any cost and you won’t tell her that Kabir is alive.

Ayan Goenka : What if I did?

Vansh: I guess you know the  consequences of messing with VR well. And I don’t think you will miss this chance as you have been dying to hear the word ‘Bhai’ with love from Sejal. A brother can’t deny this offer.

Ayan Goenka : How can I betray my other sister than?

Vansh: I guess it’s not called betraying one when you do something for their wellbeing. I know you know it well that Riddhima is a broken soul.

Ayan Goenka’s POV: Vansh is seeming right. He has kept Kabir safe all this year from everyone. If he wanted, he could have hurt Ahana from before. I don’t think his plan will have any negative impact on her. Moreover, his eyes show love for Riddhima. I think I should agree to his plan. It will help me to get my both of sisters back.

Vansh: Your silence is giving your consent.

Ayan Goenka : I am prepared it.

Vansh: Now, check the message which I have sent in your phone just now. There are somethings which you need to do tomorrow. I have explained everything there.

Ayan Goenka : Looks like you were already prepared.

Vansh: I am always like this.

Ayan Goenka : I must take your leave now.

In Riddhima and Sejal’s Residence

Sejal was watching IMMJ2 and was enjoying popcorn while Ayan rang the bell. Sejal didn’t want to go open the door as an interesting scene was going on. But still she decided to open the door as she didn’t Riddhima to come and open the door.

Sejal then goes and opens the door.

Ayan Goenka : Where is Riddhima?

Sejal: She is taking rest. She was suddenly feeling very low.

Ayan Goenka felt something wrong. Without listening anything, he ran towards Riddhima’s room and started banging  it.

Ayan Goenka : Ahana, open the door. Else I have to break it.

Sejal: Why are you reacting like this? She said that she wants to take some rest and she don’t anyone to disturb her.

Ayan Goenka : You just keep quiet.

Ayan Goenka then breaks the door. After opening the door,both Ayan and Sejal gets shocked.

Sejal(shouts): Riddhima!

Ayan Goenka (shouts): Ahana!

Precap: Emotional breakdown

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