Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Is Arrested

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak asks Anant how can he trust Gehna for such an important confidential file and give it to illiterate and irresponsible Gehna. Chetan with Pankaj enters and asks why are everyone tensed. Kanak says Gehna lost Anant’s file. Anant says it was a highly confidential file which company trusted and gave him with high security. Baa asks Gehna to remember where did she keep the file. Door bell rings. Hema opens door. Boss with team enters and angrily asks Anant to return file. Anant says file is missing. Boss says he is fired from job and says he sold confidential defense documents and is acting as losing it. Baa says her son will never do that. Boss says every mom feels same, if her son will compensate if file gets into terrorists’ hands; orders Anant to search the file by evening and till then he will be under house arrest. Anant rushes to search file. Kanak tells Hema that her ultimate attack worked, she took revenge from not only Anant and Gehna but also whole Desai family, now she will she how will family save Anant. Anant searches file in his room and asks Gehna where did it go. Gehna reminisces Bapuji’s words and says may be file is stolen by someone. He asks how can anyone steal it; because of her, he will be alleged as betrayer and will be sent to jail, she should get out of his view right now. She walks away crying. He thinks where did file go.

Sagar tells Hema and Kanak that file is with him, he took revenge from Anant for trashing and kicking him out of house. Kanak says Anant told they are Ramayan brothers, he was right, he will go to jail just like Ramji went to vanvas back then. She warns Sagar that he betrayed her always and shouldn’t even by mistake this time as even police is involved this time and if they find the file, they all 3 will go to jail. Sagar says he has hidden file in such a place that they can’t even think. Kanak asks if he is trying to double cross her, so he didn’t keep file with him. He says he doesn’t want Kanak bhabhi to be caught as Gehna must be thinking how to find file; thinks he will not give file even to Kanak as its the only key that will lead him to Gehna.

Gehna thinks how did file go out of room when she had locked room and everyone were outside. She reminisces Baa asking Hema to call Sagar and thinks he must have stolen it but how when room was locked. She reminisces Sagar limping and thinks he stole the file and went missing and must have jumped with file from window, only he can do this heinous act. She searches Sagar’s room and doesn’t find it. Sagar enters and calls whole family. Family enters, and Bapuji asks Gehna what is she doing here. Sagar says Gehna wants to allege him and gain their sympathy; this time Gehna’s drama will not work; they didn’t believe him last time but today they can see that she is in his room. Gehna says Sagar stole file. Hema asks how can she allege him without any proof. Gehna says he was missing during party and is limping. Sagar says he fell down. Hema yells what will her bhaila get by stealing the file. Sagar says he doesn’t know about file at all. Paresh says he is right as nobody knew about file except Anant and Gehna, if she is sure that she didn’t give file to laundryman between clothes. Gehna tries to justify. Baa says she should have come and checked once during party if file is present. Gehna pleads to trust her. Anant shouts to stop it and search file. Baa warns Gehna that if something happens to Anant, she will not spare Gehna.

Anant nervously checks time and thinks only 15 minutes left for 5 p.m. Gehna enters and says she had gone to laundryman and didn’t find file with him. He asks if she is trying to defend herself even now. She says she is trying to save him and asks him to search Sagar’s room. 5 p.m. ticks in clock and Anant thinks boss must have come. Door bell rings. Police enters and inspector asks family to call Anant as he has arrest warrant against him. Kanak sends Hema to alert Sagar. Baa pleads that her son cannot do anything wrong. Inspector says its a question of national security. Anant walks down with Gehna. Inspector says he has search warrant of his house and asks constables to search house. Hema returns with Sagar. Gehna thinks police will find file in Sagar’s room. Constables return and inform they didn’t find file. Inspector asks to search family members. Anant thinks his family is insulted because of Gehna and him. Sagar tries to hide something. Inspector notices him and insists to show what is he hiding. He shows magazine. Inspector tells Anant that file is not found at home nor with family members, it means Anant sold the file to someone, so Anant will be arrested on the charges of betrayal. Each family member’s face is focused in shock while Hema and Kanak smirk. Constable holds Anant’s hand.

Precap: Neighbors allege Anant that he is a betrayer and a lady tries to blacken his face. Gehna stops her and promises Baa and Bapuji that she will not enter home until she proves Anant innocent.

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  1. Stupid show. Always villian wins and makes hero suffer. Though Anant is intelligent but still couldn’t find culprit with proof.
    Same everyday plot and cry drama.

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