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Hello everyone… let’s go to story directly…
Pu; you both are really mad… and crazy…
Abhigya smiles..
Ab; chashmish.. is I am crazy..
Pr: crazy.. not as much as I..
Ab; no I am crazier more than you..
Pur; oh guys now you turned to start fight for that..
Pr; purab.. it’s just fun na..
Pu; pragya.. sometimes some fun may hurt someone..
Pragya sat with purab.. purab.. I will not do anything to hurt anyone..
Pu; I knew that pragya…

Pr; purab.. why are you all always Like this.. this much simple and honest.. purab smiles.. purab when I see your innocence and cuteness. I just feel to Give a bone crushing hug..
Ab; I don’t mind if you did that now.. as I will not tell that to anyone..
Pr: cheater are you hearing what we talk as secret..
Ab; I am not god.. to just to knew whether there romance or some discussion going on..
Pr; abhi.. you don’t have any common sense… as sometimes people can understand it by their common Sense..
Ab; oh achha.. chashmish.. you have enough common sense right.. just give small amount from that..
Pr; k I will give you..
Ab; seriously I said it as a joke as how can a person who haven’t that donate it.. but you take it as compliment.. and this shows your common sense..
Pu; will you stop this guys.. it’s really irritating to me..
Pragya holds purabs Chin.. my sweet purab hey na.. purab blushes.. ab; look how he blush??
As class get over gang meet again.. and started to discuss as it’s their usual talking section.. purbul.. aliya and rishab are talking something while abhigya is fighting.. abhi is trying to catch pragya.. looking at this..

Ali; actually how cute they both look at the time of their fight right.. I just feel that of you both were not in between them.. may be they both will be get paired right..
Pu; yes aliya.. sometimes I too thought the same..
Bul; not you.. while college feels like that.. aliya do you knew if me and di takes a leave.. abhi will be sad not because seeing me.. as he is missing di..
Pu; ya.. in that day.. abhi will be in off mood.. and do you guys knew there is something special bond between them.. as abhi get relaxed and calm by fighting and talking with her and same for her too.. whenever abhi get sad.. pragya can change her sadness within second..
Rishab; yes their way of love is their fight.. but they couldn’t realise it..
Purbul look at rishab.. I don’t said it like this..
Pu; it’s k rishab… as I knew it.. whole college talks the same..
Bul; but we knew them.. we trust them and it can’t be break.. I will not doubt my di or abhi for that.. by hearing anyone..
Pu; yes.. actually many of us tired to brainwash us.. by saying this.. but I knew them a lot.. I trust them.. and it will not break by hearing others..
Aliya and rishab smiles.. after their fight abhigya too joined..
Ab; so guys what’s the discussion going on here..
Pu; about you both..
Pr; about us.
Bul; your bonding..

Ab; Uff!! Why everyone get astonished by seeing us fuggi.. actually they all are jealous on us.. as they miss such pair to fight like this..
Pr: yes abhi… we are like this and always be like this… gives a hifi with abhi..
Bul; di can we go back to home?
Pr; uff.. it’s really late right.. may be today maa will take a class to me.. bhudhu why don’t you remember me as it’s late..
Bul; di you are busy with fighting with this bhudhus abhi right..
Ab; bulbul are you calling me bhudhus..
Bul; you are bhudhus.. idiot…
Ab; bulbul its all have same meaning he giggles..
Pr; so we are leaving.. they goes..
Ali: so now abhi and purab will really miss them right..
Pu; no aliya.. actually from the moment they reached home we will start chating.. group chat or individual..
Ab; actually we prefer more individual.. as in college I am really busy and have no time for romance right..
Pu; ya you are doing a great work here right.. abhi giggles..
Pu: aliya.. rishab we are leaving..
Ri: we too..

Scene shifted to pragyas house..
They both enters..
Sarlamaa; you both are late today too..
Bul; maa this is all
Because of this di..
Pr; what me?
Bul: she is fighting with abhi that’s why..
Sar; pragya.. how many times I told you that don’t fight with him like this..
Pr: haa.. maa you Said as for you he is going to become your damad right.. your daughter’s husband.
Sarla smiles.. but for me he is my friend.. as he has no problem then why ‘re you bothering now..
Sar; what about purab?
Pr: purab he is perfectly fine.. and be happy.. as he has pragya hey na..
Sar; actually that was main problem..
Pr; maa.. are you really my mother or his?
Sar; I am your mother.. but he is important for me than you.. and he loves me more than you..
Pr; how can you talk like that maa?
Suddenly sarlas phone ring.. ya it’s purab..
Pu: maa.. aap kaise ho.. is 2 saithans reach there.. phone is on speaker…
Pr; purab is I am saithan to you..

Ab; yes chasmish.. then what you think about yourself as an angel..
Pr; kadoos..
Sar; purab and abhi betta how are you both..
Pu; maa we both are fine.. and do you have your medicine right..
Sar; oh.. I forget that..
Ab; maa.. why are you like this.. all the time you forget that.. and your two daughters don’t take Care of you properly.. don’t worry maa.. as we came there we can correct all..
Sar; actually I purposefully miss that.. so you both call me daily and remind me..
Pur; maa.. you are same as your daughter.. as pragya did fight with abhi like this.. maa.. we will call you daily.. for that don’t skip medicine..
Sar; k beta..
Ab; maa.. we will call you at night.. dadi is calling us..
Phone ends..
Sar: look how much they care for me?
Pr: maa.. actually it’s you who thank us as.. it’s US na.. find such a son’s for you..
Sar; actually you both found out.. but I will not accept if anyone instead of them I accept this because of purab and abhi… they all smiles..
Episode ends..
So when I get bored with studies.. just for relaxation I did this.. and how sarlamaa.. accept them and their love story will be revealed by one by one.. thanks to all comments and love.. take care bye..

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