Swasan- Being a Devil’s slave (Chapter 6)

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Contains mature content.(18+)
Do read at your risk.

Chapter 6

Swara’s pov.

After his stupid proposal, a week is passed. I always felt being followed by someone. Why someone i know he is Mr. Sanskar. Don’t know what he wanted to prove by stalking me.
But i never felt uncomfortable when he is around. I trusted him and some where felt good.

Now i am standing in some stupid high class parties and getting bored.
I was looking here and there when i saw him again but this time not alone but with someone. Some girl.
May be found some other girl who can help him. That’s good. But why i am feeling pain on seeing them together.
I saw them and they went on dance floor and danced together CLOSELY. VERY CLOSELY. I moved away on seeing this.

I was standing alone in the garden when i again heard his voice.
“Jealoused ?” he asked.
Why would i be jealoused. No i am not. He is stupid.
“Do you think on doing this stupidity? I will accept your stupid proposal. See i am not your lover who will be jealoused on seeing you hooking up with someone. This is your life. Your wish. With whom so ever you f**k with. But just leave me alone.”i said angrily.
He in return smiled.
“Umm. Yeah. But why i am able to feel it from your face.?” He said while winking and left the place.
Idiot fellow.
I moved inside when i saw him again drinking. He was looking happy.
But then i saw one man going near him and they talked and his face started to fell down.

After about 20 minutes that person left.
I can see he is sad and he too left the place.
But why is he sad.? What happened.? Is everything alright?
I thought to follow him but no why should i.?
Then suddenly i remembered all the cuts on his hands and wrist. I got afraid and followed him.
He was standing alone.
I moved forward and was able to see the blood ozing out of his fist it looked he punched the wall. I felt so bad for him. I was moving forward. When i saw a blade in his hand and he cut his wrist. I froze at my place.
I moved forward and held him. My heart sank in the pit of my stomach. Tears started to fall down my eyes.

I cant i cant be so ruthless.
Seeing a person in front of me in this state. I don’t know if i want him as much he want me. But I know i cant see him in this much pain.

I somehow managed to take him back to his place without coming in light.

I drove the car to his mansion and managed to take him in his room.
I removed his shoes and dressed his bleeding hand.

He was sleeping when i saw him. I felt so sorry for him. I need to help him. Don’t know what people will call me. I don’t care but i do care for his life. If i can i will help in any matter.
May be i do feel for him and i cant leave him to die.

After 30 minutes, he finally opened his eyes.
“Do you need anything?” i asked gently.

“I am still alive?. Dont know when i will die” he said.
I got so much angry on hearing those words and felt a lot of pain thinking that.

“I am ready.”
“Sympathy.” He said.
“No. I need you.” I said.
He smiled. Yes he know this is out of sympathy somewhere and i do know too. But this didn’t stopped him.
He came closer to me.
“but promise me you will never do this again.” I demanded.
“As long as you are with me” he said and captured my lips making me stop to speak more.
He took my lips in his and kissed them passionately. I remembered what happened and what i thought and started responding him.

He sucked my upper lip and then the lower one. While his hand roamed on my waist and slid under the top. He moved his hands and i gasped at the touch. He pushed his tongue inside my mouth then and roamed it all over while my one hand went in his hair and with another I was caressing his chest.

He then suddenly bit my lower lip hard surprising me and i took the revenge with his upper lip.
This feeling was total bliss to me. I liked to be near him. I don’t want to think what is right or what i wrong. I just wanted to cherish the moment.

He departed his lips when we both were out of breath and panting heavily.
His eyes travelled down to my rising and falling br*ast and he was lustfully looking at them.

He then came near and starting kissing the side of my neck. I enjoyed his touch and was caressing his hair.
“ahhhh…” i screamed in pain when he bit the area. He felt and sucked the part while his hands get hold of my top. He departed and with in a second my top was in his hand and i was almost with bare top in front of him. I felt shy and tried to cover myself with my hands.

But he get hold of them.

“Don’t hide yourself from me. You are too hot to get hidden.” He said to which i blushed.
He caressed my cheeks with his thumb. I gasped at a small touch.
He smirked and then held my hands with his one hand behind my back. While his other hand started to roam on my b*ss*ms from above the br*.

He squeezed it. I so wanted to push my hands in his hair but i am unable.
I try to move. But he held me still and his hand travelled down to my waist while his mouth occupied the space. He licked it all over the piece of clothing.
I can not help but moan. I felt heavenly. Soo good.

He licked it and then bit it over. His hand left my hands and I took the opportunity and slid my hands in his hair and pulled them while his hand reached up to unclip my br*. On realising this I closed my eyes.
He undid it and threw it in some corner of the room.
He without wasting time started licking and sucking them hungrily.

“umm…aa.. yeah… mmmm” was all i was able to say.
While he took whole in his mouth. And started circling the n*pples.
This was so much pleasurable. I then pushed him back. He looked me with surprise. Then I went near him and removed his shirt.
I make him lay down and then came over. So I was in charge now. I looked him once and his eyes was showing pure lust. I moved down and started kissing him in the middle of neck.
He started caressing my waist.
I was kissing it wildly then i bit his skin. He gasped. This time i smirked.
I started moving my hands on his chest down to his abs then back to chest slowly in a pleasurable way teasing him. Wanting him to want more.
He moaned and asked for more.
I went down and started kissing and biting his chest.
He moaned my name and closed his eyes in pleasure. I loved to see him this way.
Then i thought to tease him so i kissed his lightly all around his lips and blew air over them. He opened his eyes irritatingly. Then he smirked. I think I pushed myself in trouble.
He pushed me down and came over me.
He then started sucking and biting my skin mercilessly. While his hand was kneading my b*ss*ms. And other hand reached down to my pants.
He get back and removed my jeans along with my panties in one go.
Now i was completely nude in front of him.
I started to move but he held me.
His face travelled down to my thighs. He started kissing it over. While his hand was roaming on my belly inside. His hands slowly started to slide down while i started breathing heavily.
His hand reached my cl*t and he started rubbing it. I moved because of unbearable pleasure.

His mouth travelled towards the entrance and he started licking it all over.
This pleasure is going to kill me. I held his hairs in my fist and was moaning. While he entered his tongue.
“aaa…ummm.. yeah”

He started to sway inside. And on hearing my moans he speeded up.
I pulled his hairs more.
My stomach started to curl up. I felt weird inside and i remember the next second i c*mm*d in his mouth.
He instead of departing his face. Licked it all.
Then came to my mouth placed his over mine. I was able to taste myself in his mouth. We kissed passionately. Sucking and licking each other lips.
His one hand travelled to my br*st pressing it hard.

Then he moved back and started to remove his jeans.

“I am a virgin” i said not trying to make an eye contact with him and looking down.
He looked towards me and again started to undress himself.
He came over me and pecked my lips.
“I will be gentle” he said.
I felt comfortable with his words and squeezed my eyes shut while he entered inside me. He was very slow. But this was so painful.

“Stop. Stop. Stop” i shouted he stopped.
“just take it out. I cant. It pains. Aahh..” i said with little sobs.
My eyes started to water.
He stopped.
“It will pain for a while but later on you will feel food.” He said.

“No. No. No. I can’t it pains a lot. “ i refused sobbing.
He stayed still. Then he placed his lips on mine and started kissing me. This was to soothen the pain. To calm me. His hands roaming all over my curves and body.

I was so lost when he entered completely.
It pained. My eyes started to water again.
He started thrusting slowly. Slowly I adjusted to it and calmed down. Then the pain vanished and pleasure took over.

After realising it he picked up the speed.
I wrapped my legs around him and helped him to gain the speed.
After some time we both climaxed.
And i was so tired that sleep took over me immediately.

To be continued.

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