Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 60

After Rakesh’s parents came over Abhi and Pragya stayed there for a while and headed back to apartment to leave Cutie at house.

Once again there was silence between them, they spoke a few words unless Cutie ask them something or looked at them.

Near Cutie’s house:

Cutie “ Friend! Di! Take this wishing pebbles too!” She said by forwarding her hands with the pebbles.

Pragya “ Why Cutie?” She asked with a smile.

Cutie “ You two wish that we can be forever friends!” She said it seriously.

Pragya took the pebbles and passed one to Abhi. He took it and turned back immediately not facing her.

Pragya and Cutie looking at that wondered why he turned behind suddenly!

Cutie “ Friend! Why u turn behind?”

Abhi “ I am wishing! Nobody should see my wish!”

Pragya and Cutie looked at each other for a while before bursting into laughter.

Abhi facing them “ Naughty girls! How can u laugh at me?”

Cutie teased “ Friend you go back home and wish! There nobody will see u!”

Abhi frowned in anger. Pragya seeing that smiled widely.

Abhi “ No Cutie! I need to drop your di at home!”

Pragya “ There’s no need, I can go by myself…”

Abhi “ Ya u are right! Look at yourself, u look so tired, I better drop u first before u faint on the road!”

Pragya shaking her head said “ No! I will go by myself!”

Both of them were arguing which made Cutie have a headache. Both were about to throw the pebbles on each other when Cutie screamed “ Stop it!!!!”

Abhi and Pragya came back to senses and looked at Cutie innocently.

Cutie “ Friend! Di! You two are worst than kids! I will tell what to do!”

Pragya was about to say something when Abhi signalled her not to say anything.

Cutie “ Di! U go with Friend today! Next time u go alone!”

Pragya “ No Cutie…he is my enemy na…how can I go with him? What if he eats me on the way?” She said with a scared look.

Cutie “ No Di, friend will not do like that! Friend! you are friends with di right?”

Abhi nodded his head in response.

Pragya still looked nervous.

Abhi “ Cutie! I am going if your di wants she can come down.”

He said that and was going towards the direction to take the lift.

Cutie “ Go di! Faster! If not he will get angry!”

Pragya first asked Cutie to go home. She waited for Naina to open the door and once Cutie gets in she rushed towards the lift by just saying bye to Naina.

Naina looking at how hurriedly Pragya went looked surprised.

Pragya took the stairs hurriedly and reached where he was by breathing heavily.

Abhi seeing that grinned at her.

Pragya asked “ Shall we go?”

Abhi nodded his head and sat on the bike. She too sit and held his shoulder firmly.

He started to drive and she realized the direction was not towards Ranveer’s house.

Pragya, Where is he bringing me to? He is wearing helmet too and would he hear if I ask?

Reaching near some rocky places, he stopped the bike.

Abhi saw her looking perplexed and simply smirked.

He asked her to get down first.

Abhi getting down from the bike “ Do you still believe me blindly Pragya?”

Pragya looked away and didn’t know how to answer.

Believing blindly can be taken as two ways, one being believing blindly out of love and the other on being believing blindly out of foolishness.

She knew that she doesn’t belong to the latter but love is also a kind of foolishness.

Abhi “ Shall I take your silence as agreeing that u still believe me blindly?”

Pragya gave a confused look. Abhi “ It’s okay, you’re still wondering why are we here and now why am i asking this question…” He said by holding her hands.

Pragya tried to take his hands of from hers slowly and he stared at her making her to stop doing that.

Abhi “ Just for a while, then I will let you off….”

Before he could complete his sentence, she covered his mouth with her hand.

Pragya in a shaky voice “ Don’t say anything like you will let me off!”

Abhi kissed her palm that was on his mouth making Pragya taken aback. She quickly took her hand away and he held it firmly.

Abhi “ I know you can’t understand me…” He said by looking down.

Pragya “ I don’t need to understand you to be yours….”

Abhi “ You need to…if not how will you make others understand about me?”

Pragya “ You always make others understand about u then why do I need to do that?”

Abhi “ I am tired of my attempts Pragya…I just want you to be with me…”

Pragya “ May I know how did u have this self realization suddenly?” She asked in a teasing tone.

Abhi “ The moment you had your emotional outburst for Rakesh. I got scared Pragya that what if u hate me!” He said by hugging her.

Pragya “ You want that right?”

Abhi “ Yes but I can’t see hatred in your eyes for me…I only want to see love for me in your eyes…” He said that with tears.

Pragya “ Are you crying?”

Abhi remained silent and breaking the hug walked away.

Pragya running behind him asked him to stop.

Abhi “ Let’s leave Pragya…It’s getting late..”

Pragya hugged him from back and said “You are my big baby right, why not u stay here for a while?”

Abhi making her come in front of him asked in a teasing tone, “ Big baby ah?”

Pragya nodded her head with a sheepish smile.

Abhi “ Never mind Pragya, let’s leave….”

Pragya hugged him and said “ No! We are not leaving anywhere!”

Abhi “ Why are u so adamant?”
Pragya “Mushy pushy!” She said like a child in his embrace.

Abhi “ What’s that?” He asked in a puzzled tone.

Pragya “ Don’t say anything, I just want to hear your heartbeat by hugging u!”  

Abhi “ It have such a long meaning ah?”

Pragya “ No! That’s different! I said Don’t say anything!”

Abhi was about to ask something when she crashed her lips on his to make him stop talking.

Pragya breaking the kiss “ Now remain in this statue position!” She said with a smirk and continued to be in his hug.

Abhi remained in his statue position until she started to tickle his waist.

Abhi shrieked “What are u doing?”

She moved away and turning back and he asked “ Are you thinking what I am thinking?”

Pragya nodded her head and he pulled her by twirling Pragya and then holds her by waist. He looks deeply into her eyes. Both gets lost in each other’s presence when she says “This is not at all necessary for u to do…” Abhi “You are my necessity for that I am ready to do anything even if it’s unnecessary!”

Pragya smiled in shyness when he said “ I was just thinking to drop you at your home before it gets late.”

Pragya with a blush “ I know, you always think what is right for us….”

Abhi “ You don’t say anything from now onwards as your words doesn’t match with your expressions in your eyes…”

He said that and carried her in his arms.

Pragya lied her head on his chest and both knew what was running in their minds at that moment.

Kuch Na Khao song plays in the background thinking of their love for each other.

(Halki halki mulakaate thi
Door door se baatein thi) -x2

We met casually; we spoke from afar.

Dheere dheere kya ho gaya hai
main kya kahoon

But gradually, what happened? What shall I tell you?

(Kyun ladkhadaye dhadkan
Kyun thar tharayen tan mann
Kyun hosh mera yun kho gaya
hai main kya kahoon) -x2

Why my heartbeat is racing?
Why my body and soul quiver?
Why I’ve lost my wits? What shall I tell you?

(Kuch naa kaho, kuch naa kaho)-x2

Don’t say anything, Don’t say anything

Sab mere din sab raatein
Tumhare khayalon, Mein rehte hai gham
Kehni hai tumse jo baatein
Baitho zara ab sun bhi lo tum

All my days, all my nights,
I spent lost in thoughts of you.
The things which I must tell you,
just take a seat and listen to them now.

Kya mere khwaab hai, Kya hai meri aarzoo
Tum se yeh daastan, Kyun na kaho ru ba ru

What my dream is, what my desire is
why shouldn’t I tell this tale in your presence?

Kuch naa kaho… kuch naa kaho
Don’t say anything…Don’t say anything…

Ho jazbaat jitne hai dil mein
Mere hi jaise hai woh bezuban
Jo tumse main kehna payi
Kehti hai woh meri khamoshiyan

How many feelings there are in my heart!
Like me, they lack the words.
What I can’t manage to tell you is spoken by my silence

Sun sako to suno woh
Jo maine kaha nahin
Sach to hai kehne ko
Ab kuch raha nahin

If you can hear it, then listen to it, this thing I never said to you.
It’s the truth; nothing now remains to be said.

(Kuch naa kaho…kuch naa kaho)-x2
Don’t say anything…Don’t say anything…

Abhi looking at Pragya intensely at her eyes and she was also lost in his eyes.

Both came back to senses when Abhi’s phone rang and he let her down.

She adjusting her duppata smiled as he attended the call.

Abhi “I know…” Pragya was still smiling when he looked at her with an unexplainable worry in his eyes.

He ended the call and Pragya asked “You just said u know and ended the call?”

Abhi “What I l know is something u know too…”

Pragya “You mean it’s him?” She asked worriedly.

Abhi “Pragya! Don’t say anything, let’s leave with this moment of happiness we had. We will talk about the rest later….” He said pleadingly.

Pragya nodded her head with a pleasant smile. Both headed back to Ranveer’s house.


Abhi was keep on maintaining an eye contact with her and was having a wide smile on his face.

Man in a mocking tone “He is very different! He is smiling even in pain!” Pragya giving deadly stare towards the man said “He is smiling as he is seeing me, he knows that I will have more pain by seeing him in pain!” Man ridiculed “Madness!” Pragya grimly replied “It’s love, how will mad people like you understand that?” Man walked away by ignoring her and she was keep on looking at Abhi in agony.

Pragya looking at him with perturbed look asked, Why are you like this?

Abhi looking at her responded, Only for you I am like this….

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