Swasan FF: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Part 24 ( last part)

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Hii, seriously cmnt were so good. Well now it not matter as it’s last part. Yeah don’t think it’s due to comment. As I don’t wanna drag so I ending it.
Must read this part as it’s specially for someone ????
Swara secretly entered inside sanskar.
Swara: That day I destroy everything na, now let me do something memorable for you.
Thinking it she took pen from side table and wrote some note, before going she kissed his cheek. He smiled in sleep and hug his pillow tightly.
Sanskar: I love you so much angel, never leave me alone.
He muttered in sleep, she smiled and again packed his cheeks.

Swara: never.
Saying it she went from there… He suddenly wake and touched his cheeks.
Sanskar: Was that dream or she was really here?
He smiled at himself later he turned towards mirror and found slight lipstick mark on his cheek.
Sanskar: It means she was here but why she didn’t wake me. But I didn’t knew mine Angel is so bold.

He stood up and about to move for freshen up. Then only he noticed a note kept on table. He took it and read with smiley face.
“ Come there where we met first time ”
He closed his eyes and reminisce their first meeting.
Later he became ready in white and black shirt jeans respectively.

At park

She was just normally sitting there wearing black burka. He reached there and started to see here there.
She saw him and went near him.
Swara: hey me here
Sanskar: yeah i saw you but where is arrangement I thought you must planned something.
Swara: Grt here a beautiful girl standing and you finding arrangements.

Saying it she turned other side.
Sanskar: but where is beautiful girl? I not finding her.
Swara: yeah now why I’ll look beautiful, I knew it this only happen one girl say yes.
She angrily glare him, he gulped in fear.
Sanskar: oh sorry angel…
Swara: you shut up I thought to surprise you as that I destroy everything that day but you stupid spoil my mood.
Saying it she turned to go, he pulled her and kept his chin at her shoulder.
Sanskar: I was kidding, for me you’re most beautiful girl. See na I fell for you even before seeing you. Please angel forgive me.
She still not said anything.

Sanskar; please angel, it’s first and last mistake.
Swara: no, now you don’t love me.

Sanskar: Don’t say like this angel, you’re mine everything.
Swara: sorry, I was just kidding. I know you love me so much and I am lucky to get you now I even can die…
Before she could complete he turned her towards himself.
Sanskar: Angel never repeat it as you said if no sanskar then no swara same way if no swara then no sanskar even.
Swara: Kk leave it, I wanna show something to you. Come with me…

She held his hand and start walking. They reach other side of park, there was a cave which was covered with green grasses.
Swara: you know sanskar this is my favourite place whenever I used to fight with Bhai I used to come here and sit at grass. And You’re first person whom I bringing here. This place know everything secret of mine expect one.

He felt bless listening it that he is only one who knows about this place.
Sanskar: which one?
Swara: I don’t share that I love you, as I don’t wanna tell anyone. But now as I already confessed I thought to share it with this place also. And yeah you wait me coming in few minutes.
Saying it she ran from there. He confusedly keep standing there. After sometime he felt someone hand on his eyes, he doesn’t need to turn for knowing who it must be?
He touched her hands and felt bangles in it, he gently remove her hand and turn towards her. He became amazed seeing her, she was wearing saree which gifted her and bangles too. He heard anklet sound and looked at her.

She looked at him, he already looking at her with teary eyed he never thought she’ll wear it.
Sanskar: It’s best gift swara , after that day I never thought you’ll wear it.
Swara: one more thing sanskar.
Saying it she bent down.
Swara: i am not good as you in these things still I wanna say something to you.
She forwarded ring and spoke.
Swara: Will you marry your angel? I wanna spend every second with you, I wanna be your only. Will you accept me as your ? Will you give me privilege to love you like you do? Will you sanskar be mine forever?

His happiness were no bound , he never thought his dream will come true so early.
Swara: Answer na, mine knee are paining.
She made faces , he also kneel down and forward his hand.
She make him wear it.
Sanskar: I wanna be only your, You live in my every breath. I promise my love towards for you never decrease, with each passing second it’ll only inc. I promise you in every situation I’ll be your side no matter what will be situation. I promise if anyone try to snatch you from you I’ll not leave them. I promise Angel , in every birth you’ll be mine.
She hug him tightly and cry in happiness listening his promises.

Sanskar: but angel I don’t have ring. At least you should give me hint na.
Swara: not to worry you can make me wear later.
He kissed her forehead and make her stand.
Later both spent some time together and dreamed about their upcoming life, while it a smile crept on the their lips.
They stood and began to move from there.

After some time,
Sanskar got call.
Sanskar: swara you wait i coming after coming attending call.
Saying it he went other side.
Here swara started feeling nervousness. She just looked upwards and prayed silently.
Sanskar finished call and moved toward her.
Before he could reach near her , a vehicle came and pull swara. It just happened in Fraction of second , neither she able to shout nor he able to react.
After some moments, he came in sense and started to run behind van. But till then time slipped from his hands.

He just can curse himself or try to fulfil his promises which he done to her.
Sanskar: no nothing can happen to my angel. Yeah now only one person can help me.
He took mobile and dialled someone no.
Sanskar: before you can start your joke listen me.

Op: Bako ( speak)
He narrates whatever happened in some second.
Sanskar: please help me.
Op: take chill pill break, when grt.. leave it no mood of Completing it. Well Romeo anything else.
Sanskar: huhh , you just help me.
Saying it he cut the call and started to find swara.
Op : grt now start working on mission Romeo’s angel.
After 2 hours
At unknown place,
Swara tied up on chair and some people sitting around her.
She slowly opened her eyes and just took one name.

“ sanskar”
Listening it all became angry and throw water at her.
She opened her eyes and looked all of them.
Swara: sir
She shockingly see him.
Aman: Yes Shona baby your sir or i should your dad. If my wife could be your ma then I can be your Baba na.
Aniket: no dad , I can’t be her brother. As I wanna something else.
He tried to touch her but she turned her face.

Dadi: see now i fulfil the promise, where is my money?
Swara: how could you be so …
Dadi: just shut up only due to you I lost everything, shekhar come to know everything. He left me alone and started to find you but luckily he not get you. But luck was my side only one day I saw in orphanage and identified you. As I know about Aniket so I told them everything and planned to kidnap you. Aman came there to take you but as usual your luck was with you. But again we got chance when you started job in Aman company but alas all time your luck used to save you but this time we’ll not let anyone save you.
Aniket: Arre oldie do whatever you wanna do with her but after some break i mean we both also have some old connection. Why shona remember me or not?
Saying it he tightly held her chin , she screamed little.

Listening her scream trio laughed.
Swara: laugh as much you wanna but soon you all will be in feet that time I’ll not leave you.
Listening it dadi pulled her hair.
Swara: Mrs gadodia this time you can’t do anything, I trust my love. He’ll save me.
Aniket started to laugh and slap her hard.
Aniket: surely he’ll come here but only for taking your body, don’t worry I myself will call him.

Swara: feeling pity for you all. But what could I do when end is near it happen that we used to behave like mad. All of your condition is like that only.
He again about to slap her but he felt like someone hit him at hand. He turned other side, soon many small Peebles started to hit them.
Before they could react someone entered while riding black red adidas scooter and singing song “ ye dosti hum nhi todenge , todenge bhi toh magar tera sath nhi chodenge “
Listening this song swara lips curved in smile, she muttered.
“ She can’t change”

While others were in shock seeing get up of that girl.
That girl dressed up in jeans and long kurti. In her one hand there was slingshot and by other she holding red-black scooter ( kid’s one) and wearing long hat. Some chains were hanging on her shoulder. Her face was hidden behind long ghost mask and in feet wearing red and black two different Snickers. ( ????? Don’t know who’s she, any guesses.)
Girl; before you could ask mine introduction let me tell you, me not interested giving it to useless person, so side please and before you can start argue let me tell me very busy person as after this programme I have to go on long drive with mine scooter uff dhano.
She moved in speed while continuing hitting them. She stood before swara and come down from her scooter.

Girl: park my scooter at clean place and yeah cover it, my dhano is very shy type.
She pushed it toward Aniket, he held and angrily glare her.
Aniket: Ae girl you move from our way or else…
Girl: or else what? Listen Mr Mosquito first park my dhano then I’ll think I should listen you or not.
Aniket: you..
He tried to move from his place but can’t as his feet stick at there.
Other also tried to do same but result was same, due to excess trying they fall in feet of swara as she still tying on chair.

Girl: I didn’t knew you all wanna sleep I must ordered bed but not worry when great Rabia here ( ????).
Saying it she removed her mask, her hair
Swara: Finish now free me and where is sanskar? He’s okay na?
Rabia: vha yhi dosti yhi pyar( great only this much friendship and this much love) you even not asked me how I am? Leave about asking you even not thanks me. Na ji leave about thanks also you even not asked me food, You know from past 2 hours I finding you.
Swara: first you free me then I’ll show mine friendship. And here I not keeping food for you, so keep quiet.
Rabia: uff forgotten it , vo me short time memory loss patient na.
Saying it she freed her, at same moment sanskar also came there with kaIya and janki.
Rabia; lo ji even your Romeo came.
Swara: shut up

Rabia: what shut up he literally eat my ear by calling again and again. Arre even pm not received this much call as i receive in past 2 hours.
Sanskar: sorry for that but I knew it only you can save my angel.
He emotionally see her and took her in his embrace tightly as there was no tomorrow.
Meanwhile Kabir and Rabia tie trio at chair who were still in confuse state. Piya just standing there not able to believe that her best friend could be like it.
Rabia; If your romance is over kindly shift because now my fav moment is going to come.
Swasan separated and become embarrass.

Sanskar: What?
Swara/ Rabia: punishment
Both give hifi to each other, sanskar was totally amazed seeing new side of his angel.
Rabia: Romeo , kindly shift na. Actually I wanna see dance but as I don’t have their numbers so thinking something for my entertainment. You all also think.
She smiled naughtily and give wink to swara.
Swara: totally drama queen.
Kabir: I have an idea, can i say ?

Swara: only this remained.
Rabia: Definitely …
Kabir said something which makes everyone shock but later they burst in laugh.
Kabir: so how’s it?
Swara: Bhai it’s..
Sanskar/ Rabia; Angel/shona
Swara: Okay as your wish.
Saying it she sat at stool as her legs were paining and also head but don’t wanna show it to anyone.
All started to do something while she noticed Piya still standing at corner and seeing everything teary eyes. She understood what she must be feeling, with difficulty she went near her and kept hand at her shoulder.
Swara: bhabi if you want I will leave them, I know Aniket is your best…
Piya: Are you mad swara ? He is not even human I regretting that i consider him as friend. How can be I so wrong in judging people. They just deserve punishment not forgiveness so don’t dare to think anything like it.
Kabir heard it his all anger vanish listening it seeing her choosing right things instead of her best friend.
Piya: now you just keep quiet and sit.

All were busy in doing something while trio seeing Swara in anger ( uff they also na)
Nearly after 2 hours,
All tiredly sat near swara.
Rabia: let’s start so swara who’ll be our first target?
Swara: Aman verma then his son then our fav Mrs gadodia.
All nodded in yes.
Aman: hey what are you going to do? And what is this ice ,coal… See you don’t know me…
Sanskar: How can we know you when you not even know who are you? Always keep asking this..
Saying it he freed him and throw saree on him.
Sanskar: come fast wearing it or else

Aman: what else you’ll kill me, ohh poor baby you even not able to kill me when due to me your father did suicide and you lost everything.
Sanskar about to punch him but swara held his hand.
Swara: no sanskar not now, he’s just instigating you.
Rabia: Romeo your Juliet is 100% correct and don’t spoil my entertainment program. Mr no one wear it or I’ll leak that video in which you spending quality time with your secretary so be fast I already informed you na that after it I have to go on long drive.
Without having any option he wore the saree and come out, Aniket and oldie just imagining their condition and looked at each other.
Rabia: don’t worry your chance will also come.
She on the music system and make him stand on ice.

Aman: please swara beta ….
Before he could complete someone slap her.
Voice: don’t dare to take my daughter name from your dirty mouth or I’ll not even think one second before killing you.
Aman: janki for an unknown girl you raise hand on your husband.
She again slapped him.
Janki: you even know meaning of this word, leave it whom I trying to make understand. You all do whatever you wanna do with him or his partners. Even I see who can stop you all.
Rabia: so start, as I wanna see dance so shake your leg with beat.
Saying it she played music “ Jalebi Bai”
All started to shout , Aman tried to argue but she showed him mobile.
He started to dance on it while other were busy in eating Jalebi whenever his leg use to slow down Rabia used to hit him by her chain.

At last he fell down.
Rabia: one gone now only two remaining.
She untie Aniket before she could say anything he himself ask where is his dress.
All burst in laugh and throw gown at him.
He came wearing it, Sanbir started to tease him.
He started to dance even without waiting for song.
Aniket: see guys I dancing now so please don’t beat me by chain and also not slap me hard.
Rabia: lo ji he toh already became cat.
Sanskar: Rabia on the music system, let see how much s*xy he dance.
Kabir: Actually I too exicted.
She on they music system , song played “ Munni badnam “
Aniket: this
Before he complete Rabia hit him with her chain.
Aniket; okay continuing

He was standing at thrones and started dancing.
Sanbir too joined him.
Rabia: swara you sure he is interested in you I mean seeing him I have doubt.
Piya: Even I have doubt regarding your brother.
Swara: it’s nothing like it but I too thinking same.
Swara: Sanskar , Bhai sit here.
But they were too busy in their dance.

Swara and piya stood up drag them and gave death glare to them.
While he started to fall but trying to stand properly. Rabia about to hit him but Piya said let her do this.
Aniket: Piya you’re toh mine friend na.
Piya: Mr Aniket verma don’t dare to take that word from your mouth.
She started to hit him even after becoming his unconscious she not stop at last kabir have to come and take her in hug.
Kabir: Piya calm down.
Piya: how can be I such fool? I feeling disgusting on myself that I thought him friend.
Kabir: it’s not your fault, forget him.
Piya: I sorry …

Kabir: no I should be sorry that I didn’t understand your feelings.
Piya: you should be
They forgotten surroundings and started to talk cutely, he about to kiss her….
Swasan and Rabia looking at them with open eyes.
Rabia: now what is remaining for my innocent eyes to see.
Sanskar: let them continue , don’t need to disturb. One side romantic movie and other side dance. Too much fun.
Rabia: don’t know what you seen in your Romeo?
Swara: you both keep quiet.
Swara : Bhai bhabi you can go other side here we all are child.
They came in sense and separated from each other.
Swara herself stood and stood before oldie.
Swara: this for torturing me.
She slap her hard, that lady teeth broke. ( ??)

Swara: this for killing my ma
She again slap her, this time she fall with chair. No one even try to stop her all were just silently seeing it, their eyes were also wet thinking her condition.
Swara: this fall trying to harm my respect not only once but twice.
She started to slap without stopping even for a second.
All become worried for her, they tried to stop while lady winching in pain.
Swara: today I’ll kill her.
Saying it she pick knife before she can do anything someone come and held her hand. That person slap her she about to fall but sanskar and other held her.

All looked confusingly at that man, swara looked upward. Oldie try to open eyes but failed due to so much slap.
Swara: Mr gadodia
All of their blood boil knowing who’s he.
Shekhar: what are you going to do shona? She deserve punishment but killing is not option. Police will punish all of them.
Swara: so Mr gadodia come to save his mother.
Shekhar: I am your father, I know I did mistake but I rectifying it. Please forgive me.
Sanskar held his collar.
Sanskar: now why you’re asking sorry ? You even not thought once what will happen to her before throwing from house? Before leaving her alone, before that also you not able to support her you were just your tail of your mother. Go away before I do any wrong thing.
Shekhar: See boy I not talking to you, and who the hell are you talking between father and daughter?

Listening it swara started to laugh.
Swara: Bhai you listen he said father and daughter, bhabi you listen it. Sanskar see what he called me daughter? Rabia see he’s my father, you used to ask how can be anyone so dumb, now see him.
Sanskar: Angel calm down
Swara: No sanskar how can I? Listen Mr gadodia you’re no one to me and what you asked who’s he? Then listen he’s my husband. Do you get that.
Sanskar: angel
Swara: I already accepted you as husband , from just rituals we need to give this relation name.
She again turned toward shekhar.
Swara: you want forgiveness na, so I forgiving you but you lost the right to be called father. At this moment I declaring my father dead when I was 13 years.

Shekhar: please beta, don’t give me this much big punishment.
Rabia: Mr now you can leave and I myself is Acp so don’t need waste your energy calling police.
He tried to speak but swara turned her face.
Without having any option he went from there, police came and started to take trio.
Rabia: one minute, one thing still left.
All saw at her.
Rabia: Arre I even not seen oldie dance and not even use my delicate hand on her.
All sees her unbelievably.
Swara just standing there and not reacting anything. Sanskar cupped her face.
Sanskar: Angel, you’re fine.
Swara: hmm

He hug her , no one said anything to them because they knew at this moment she just needs him.
Meanwhile Rabia throw water at oldie , that lady open her eyes and become horrified by seeing rabia.
Oldie: please leave me.
Rabia: I even not hold you, now be ready for dance we have some special things for you. As you’re not in condition of standing so you can dance while sitting itself.
Some men came and put burning coal around her and played music.
Rabia: dance lady or else ..
Oldie started to shake her hand , in between it sometimes her body parts used to touch coal.
Oldie: please leave me, it’s better kill me once but please.
Swara break hug and went near her.

Swara: it’s nothing Mrs gadodia iin front of my pain. You deserve more than it.
Without having any option she continued dancing.
After some time, she also fell down. Police drag and took them.
Rabia: okay so my work done me going.
Swara: not so soon miss Jagga daku.
Rabia: not this name swara, i was toh going in fancy dress competition. As I wanted some fun.
Swara: yeah you and your fun.
They started to laugh, she hug her and say thanks.
Rabia: wha ji …
Swara: not again miss drama queen.
They separated , all say thanks to her.

Swasan hug her while kaIya hug janki .
Scene close at their smiling face.
Finally everything become correct, swasan get each other. His love heal her every wound, it give her strength. kaIya also become one and janki was happy seeing all of them.


Thanks API ji giving your precious time ????
Well I really written it just for you , hope you like it. I know it’s not so good but pardon me. And give me os size cmnt????? me very shameful ???
Kk guys well it’s end with it I also leaving writing yeah only Completing some pending work, as one SS is pending.
“ you have to live without me”

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