Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 10

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Naina was waiting for Abhi and Cutie to return and that’s when Abhi called. Abhi with hesitation asked “Naina! Cutie wants to play something at my home…so….” Naina “This Cutie na…I don’t know from where she get this much of energy Bhai! She is just bothering u….” Abhi “No Naina! It’s nothing like that…” Naina “What are u telling Bhai? She spent almost a day with u but still she wants to play with u!” Abhi “Naina…Chill! I will explain to her to control herself in playing! Ok?” Naina with a smile replied “Please Bhai….It would be very helpful to me if she listen to u!” Abhi chuckled and said bye to her.

Abhi at his house,
Abhi “Cutie! Listen carefully….I have told your Ma that u are here to play with me! But u know why we are here!” Cutie nodded her head in excitement and said “Continue Chik Chik!!” Abhi smiled and passed the camera that she used to take picture during their picnic. Abhi “Ok u continue chik chik! I will go and freshen up! Please don’t do anything naughty!” Cutie with a pout said “I am not naughty!”

Abhi with a smirk said “I know! Ok go and do chik chik!” By saying that he left to his room and closed the door.
Cutie was taking pictures of his house and that’s when she remembered about Abhi’s prize.
Cutie, Friend’s prize!!! I never see!!!
She bent down after keeping the camera on sofa. She tried to take the blue coloured box and kissed it saying Bluey!!
Cutie, I will go home and see this!

She quickly squeezed the box inside her bag. When she was trying to zip her bag, Abhi opened his door and was walking towards her.
Cutie looking at that was scared.
Abhi “What are u doing Cutie?” Cutie looked scared and hugged her bag tightly. Abhi “What are u hiding Cutie?” Cutie “Friend! I am feeling cold…..” Abhi “Cold? Even the AC is not on….” By saying that he touched her forehead to check whether she was having fever. Abhi “You seem to be fine too….” Cutie exclaimed “I want go home!!” Abhi found Cutie’s actions strange but he thought maybe she is tired of the whole day.
Abhi brought Cutie to her house and Naina thanked him for spending some time with her. Abhi returned to his house. Cutie “Ma! I am tired! I am going to my room! Don’t disturb me!!!” With that she ran to her room. Naina rolling her eyes thought, This Cutie sometimes behave like a teenager…Saying words like Don’t disturb me…. Of course I will disturb her as I am her mother!!

Cutie closing the door quickly placed the bag on the bed. Cutie, Before Ma comes I must see Bluey!
She opened it and saw photos in it. Cutie in a frustrated tone said “Just photos….” She started to look at the photos inside the box and was surprised to see Friend and di standing far away from each other in a wedding. She saw another photo where Abhi was holding onto her cousin brother’s baby.
Cutie, Friend said he knows di and will bring her back….but he knows Bhai too!! I must show this to Ma!!
Cutie holding onto the photos in one hand opened the door using the other hand and ran out calling “Ma!! Ma!! Where are u??” Naina mumbled “She ask me not to disturb her but she is shouting to disturb me now!!”

Naina “Here in the kitchen Cutie! Come here!!” Cutie hearing that went to kitchen and was breathing heavily.

Naina “Why are u shouting? And what is this u are holding onto?” Cutie “Ma! You see this photos….Friend is in it!!” Naina looking at the photos was shocked and asked “How did u get all this?” Cutie “I….took…” Naina in a fierce tone asked “You took it from where?” Cutie got scared by her voice and started to shiver. Naina kneeled down hugging her asked “Sorry….now tell me how did u get this?” Cutie with hesitation said “I…Friend’s prize…I took it from his bag…” Naina “Oh Cutie…How naughty u are but u did something good too!” Cutie was surprised hearing that.

Naina carried her and brought Cutie to her room. Naina was holding onto the photos. She placed Cutie on bed and asked her to sleep. Cutie “Ma….Friend knows Bhai too!” Naina patting her gently said “Your friend knows everyone…..” Cutie “Really?” Naina gave a faint smile and nodded her head in response.
Cutie “How?” Naina “He knows…first u sleep Cutie….” Cutie “No!! Tell me!! How he knows everyone? Is he a magic man?” Naina again gave a faint smile. Cutie “Tell me Ma!!” She was keep on pestering making Naina remembering all her memories…..Naina “Ok Cutie….I will tell u a story…In it your friend is the hero….and your di is the heroine….” Cutie “Wow!!! Faster tell the story Ma!”

Naina narrated the story……
Once upon a time, not very long ago there lived a hero with his sister. Cutie interrupted “Sister? Who is that Ma?” Naina “Imagine me as the sister…” Cutie nodded her head and Naina continued her narration.
The hero and sister lived in a small city with small dreams. They were a small family with only two of them for each other.
Cutie sadly asked “No Ma or Papa?” Naina “The hero was Ma and Papa to sister and the sister was like a Ma to him….Cutie when someone is telling a story u should listen quietly….if u have any questions ask after the story ends….” Cutie “Sorry Ma….now u continue!” Naina smiled at her and continued…
The sister studied then went to work. She worked very hard to make her brother happy and proud. Hero was also working as a photographer. Then one day, a magic happened in the life of the sister. She met a magician who brought a different happiness to her life. He loved her and she too liked him.
Knowing this the hero arranged the wedding for his sister. She was filled with full of happiness. That’s when your di met your friend. Naina showed the picture of Abhi and Pragya standing far from each other.

Di saw your friend very busy in the wedding. But she doesn’t know a monster is looking at her busily.
Cutie hearing that screamed “Monster!!! Why monster looking at di???” Naina “No need to be scared Cutie…listen carefully….then u will know…” Cutie held Naina’s hand tightly and listened carefully to the story.

That monster liked di. Di doesn’t know it was a monster….because the monster was in disguise like a handsome man.
Cutie thought, Handsome monster likes di…..The monster is bad!!
Friend after making her sister married went overseas for work. Then, sister stayed in India with magician’s family. Magician have also di in his family. Your di is magician’s choti.
Cutie couldn’t control herself hearing that and asked in excitement “Di is magician’s choti!!! Hurray then di knows magic!!” Naina raised her eyebrows with a smile and looking at that Cutie placed a finger on her lips to make herself quiet.
The sister and di became good friends in the same house. Cutie imagined di and her Ma as good friends which made her smile widely.

Then one day, the monster came to the magician’s house to marry your di. Cutie was about to say something but remembered Ma saying not to interrupt and made herself silenced.
The monster married di and made everyone’s life miserable. Hero was not aware of all this….He thought, his sister was happy but no…..
Naina got emotional remembering the days of misery and had tears flowing down her cheeks. Cutie seeing that said “Don’t cry Ma…..I will attack the monster!” Naina wiping her tears said “The monster was attacked Cutie….it is no more as the magician had killed it and in the process of killing it…magician disappeared…..” Cutie looked sadly at her. Naina “Why are u looking sadly?” Cutie “The magician is Papa na?” Naina hugged Cutie not able to control the sorrow that she had bottled up within her all this while. Cutie “Don’t cry Ma….Papa is a magic man….that’s why he is shining as star in the night….” Naina was still crying and hugging Cutie……

Cutie saw someone kissing Abhi!! Cutie, How can someone kiss Friend when di should be the one kissing friend!!!

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    How cute! ?? U showed the past in the form of a cute story… Superb CS

  9. Saranya24

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