kumkum bhagya – JAB WE MET – Chapter 6

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I am really sorry for this small updates as i am fully busy with the records , seminars blah…blah…

     Abhi gets inside the car with aditi safely in his arms and sits without disturbing her sleep , he puts his seat belt  while adi looks at abhi and aditi  . His heart sanks for his concern but something in his heart blocks that thoughts . He thinks I hate him for hurting mumma as I know the truth but poor adhu..doesnt know na.. he sits by leaning towards pragya who was just staring outside . Her thoughts were travelling in high speed as how abhi comes there , how he defends for aditi and her past. The person who doesnt wants his child long back now showing concern for them . She slowly realised that they reached their resort. Abhi gets down with aditi in his arms and adi,  pragya follows him. They gets their key from the reception and marched towards their room. PRAGYA opens while adi runs inside can’t holding his tears. Both abhi and pragya marched to centre of the hall while adi runs in closing the door faster . Pragya nearing abhi , give her..let me take her to room as I know you may be getting late . She nears abhi and holds aditi’s hand to take her but hold on abhi’s shirt was tighter as it’s hard for pragya to pull her from him.

Abhi gazed at pragya who was standing there close to him . Abhi , leave.you go and sleep.. pragya   , then what you gomna do… Abhi ,I will stay here. He shows the sofa in the living room and says I will stay here..If she cries for you.I will call..PRAGYA , no..you don’t take stress as she is my daughter I know how to handle her..give..if she wakes up..its ok. She keeps her hand on aditi but abhi pushed her hand saying she is my daughter too..remember that..PRAGYA smiling sadly, when she became your daughter..Abhi , I know..you are angry on me for leaving you..but for that you can say it’s not my daughter..first you go from here..I dont want to show my anger on you..

    PRAGYA enters the room to see abhi lying on the bed. Pragya thinks it’s time to speak with adi. PRAGYA  lying beside him , what happened..my beta ..are you not feeling well. She checks his temperature asking why you behaved to him like that..adi without looking at her , because he hurted my mom. PRAGYA in convincing tone , but he is your hero right.adi hugs pragya by placing his head on her chest saying no one is important more than my mumma.  PRAGYA kissed his forehead saying mumma loves adi. Adi too loves mumma.

It’s almost midnight  3:30 am ,  pragya walks out of her room looking for aditi.she sees abhi sitting with aditi lying on him. She sits beside him and caressed aditi’s face saying you left mumma seeing your dad right..you know how bad I felt without my cute princess.. in sleep aditi holds pragya’s hand and she sits looking at aditi . Finally she too dossed off by placing her head on abhi’s shoulder.
    Next morning…, abhi gets up to see his lovely family together. He felt happy as his love is sleeping by placing her head on his shoulders.it’s almost years that she used to sleep by placing her head either on his shoulders or on his chest. His happiness doubles seeing adi too in pragya’s lap. He doesn’t know when they both reached and he looks for his phone. He snaps a picture and smiles seeing it.
   PRAGYA wakes up seeing herself on abhi and moves away from him. Abhi thinks why you are moving away from me? PRAGYA thinks how much I try to move away from him , I am getting closer to him..

  Soon she looks that aditi loosened her grip on abhi as she is now sleeping on pragya’s lap. Pragya takes her in her arms and moves from there. He looks at adi and moves him towards himself and says you are like me…itne attitude my jaan ..He kissed his forehead saying though you are anger on me…soon you will find more close to me..I promise..
Pragya comes out asking you are not leaving. Abhi nods his head and leaves from there with heavy heart.

      PRAGYA gets call from bulbul. BULBUL , di. ..how are you..hope you all are fine  . Pragya,  ha..we are fine..
bulbul,  di. .actually to admit adi and aditi in that Mumbai public school you have to go for an interview with them. PRAGYA,  it means I have to come there tomorrow..but how can I ..bulbul , di you have to as it’s one of the best school in mumbai. So don’t miss it.as there is no function tomorrow you can come here na.. PRAGYA,ok ….I will tell after deciding ..bulbul , ok di. ..love you ..bye.

     How can I reach Mumbai tomorrow… PRAGYA was thinking and called ranveer as he can accompany her. But he didbt picked her calls and he got his message as he is out for business will return day after tomorrow . PRAGYA have no other option and opts to travel alone as it’s not new for her.

      Abhi thinking while he was driving back to the mansion. Wait …Miss. PRAGYA tomorrow you will get the biggest shock in your life…I am waiting eagerly to see your priceless expressions 

   Screen shifts between pragya’s face and abhi’s  smirking face…

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