Destined to be yours, Raglak, part 4

aRagini and sanksar reached badi. Ragini was so happy being home, she hugged every family member. Sanskar smiled seeing her happy.

Family too were happy seeing her, shemish made her sit between them and started questioning her about her first day. Both were pampering her a lot and Ragini was overwhelmed by this. Because even unintentionally she was always ignored by shemish.

Shekar was in his own grief  till he got married to sharmishta, and when they finally got married he wasshowering on Swara thinking she missed her father.

Sharmishta could only be her step mother and not mother.

But today morning, everyone of them missed her, because it was she who took care everyone’s needs. That is how she is, she wany everyone around her to be happy and always wish that she would be the reason behind it and was never bothered about herself.
She was like salt, whose value is realized only when it is missing.

Swara was happy seeing her back, but felt jealous when her parents pampered her, she felt like ignored or like her value is being redused. It irked her. She went to ragini and took her with her saying that she was missing her a lot. Ragini was happy hearing her. But sanskar found her act suspicious.

(Guys, I am giving swara a negative shade. Sorry anyone if I hurt you.)

Ragini was mingling with everyone, rather eeveryone was pampering her, but she made sure that sanskar wasn’tleft alone. She took take care of him like a child.

She was enjoying a lot with sanskar, sanskar who knew how her upbringing was, wanted her to experience all the childhood funs, as he was acting mad, it was easier for him.

He wanted to give her all the happiness because he was so touched by her kind heart and innocence, also due to his guilt.

Ragini was being a real child with him. She was so happy.

Other side:

Laksh was with omi, he was telling him about Ragini.

Lak: she is very understanding.

Omi: And she loves you a lot.

Lak: yeah, I know, but she deserves better.

Omi: fine then let us start the mission.

Lak: what mission??

Omi: arrey, we have to find someone who deserves her na.

Lak: (shocked)What , are you even in sense, she is my wife and you want me to find sauth for myself??

Omi: aur nahi tho kya, from the time you came here, you kept chanting this like mantra, “she deserves better, she deserves better.”

Lak: but she deserves it, she deserves someone who loves her…and you know I can’t be that someone, because I love swara.

Omi : I don’t deny it, but swara is your past now.

Lak: easy for you to say.

Omi: I know it is tough to implement, but you have to try, you are just repeating these sentences and is stuck in your guilt. Being guilty is just the first step. If you feel like Ragini deserves someone better, then you have to be that someone. Because now are bound to her. So now change your mantra from “she deserves better” to “she is my wife.”

Laksh glares omi, he laughs.
They spent some more time together and by evening laksh headed to badi.

The first person he met at badi was the one who he didn’t want to meet, swara. Omi is right, swara is his past now, but still it would take him time to accept that and he was not ready for an encounter with her now.

Swara to became sad seeing laksh, it was tough for her too. They were at the courtyard and there was an awkward silence. They kept staring at each other.

Meanwhile Ragini was being chased by Sanskar and Ragini who was running looking behind, dashed with Laksh and he held her by her waist, preventing her from falling down.

Ragini opened her eyes and realized that she was in Laksh’s arms. She was happy being in his arms and smiled whole heartedly. She was looking him with all her love and he was lost in those intense eyes which held an ocean of love for him.

Swara was upset seeing them so and left from there.

Sanskar was irked seeing laksh lost.
San: no laksh you can’t fall ragini, you can’t be happy.

“Dosth, dosth” he called Ragini and broke their eye lock.

Laksh made her Ragini stand and she turned her face blushing.
Laksh was again confused by his behaviour.

San: dosth, I won’t leave you now,

He throw water on her, which he was carrying in a bucket,. But Ragini bend down and the whole water fell on Laksh.

Lak: (irritated)yuck, bhai what is this?

Sanksar looked at him with a pout, laksh was examining his clothes irritated.

Ragini started to laugh seeing laksh’s expressions and sanskar joined her.
Laksh glares her and Ragini became silent.

Rag: (murmuring) why is he angry now? He said I am his friend Right, then I have the right to laugh at him na, but seems like he didn’t like it.

She was scared.

Laksh started to laugh seeing her, she looked cute. Now she is confused.

Rag: you are laughing, aren’t you angry on me?

Lak: why?

Rag: vo, I laughed on you na.

She looked guilty and he smiled seeing her.

Sanlak: (in mind)she is so innocent.

Lak: we are friends right.

She nodes.

Lak: friends have the right to laugh on each other.

Rag: then why you glared me?

Lak: why, can’t I glare my friend, and if you tease me, I would be irritated na.

She nodes her head like a child.

Lak: (holding her shoulder) Ragini, be free with me.

He said smiling. She nodes nervously, she was having goose bumps by his touch.

Lak: but my dress…

Rag: no problem, for the time being change into papa’s night wear, when dress dries, we will leave. Come, I  will get dress for you.

Lak: ok, but don’t bring sari like previous time.

Ragini closed her eyes embarrassed.

Rag: laksh!!! Sanskar chale, sanskar.

Only then they both realized that sanskar was not there.

Rag: (panicked) Laksh, Sanskar..

Lak: hey, don’t panic, he will here somewhere.

They started to search him and found him near a mango tree. They smile.
Lak: you go to him, I will change. She nodes and went to Sanskar.

Rag: Sanskar,

San: dosth you want to eat mango?

Rag: only if you climb and pluck.

San: but you should catch every mango I throw, if you miss even one, I won’t give you any.

Rag: ok deal.

Sanskar climbed up, he intentionally throw mangoes to different direction and made her run. She was laughing an running.

Laksh, who came after changing smiled seeing both.

Ragini missed one mango and sanksar clapped his hands.

San: dosth falied, now the mangoes are mine.
He came down saying this.

San: dosth give me my mangoes,

She nodes no, like a kid.

San: they are mine, give them.

Rag: but I need mangoes.

They started to fight like kids, laksh was amazed seeing ragini fighting like this. “Bhai, you are bringing her new sides” he exclaimed.

Lak: guys enough now. Share the mangoes na, why are you fighting?

San: no lucky, according to the deal, mangoes are mine, I won’t give her any.

Rag: but  I need mangoes.
She pouted.

Lak: please bhai give her na.

San:ok, only for Lucky, but I will take more.

Rag: ok,

He have her few mangoes. She took them happily and went inside.

Sanlak: (in mind) god, she is such a kid.

After sometime they went back to MM.

Later, at night:

Laksh was sitting on the bed lost in thoughts. It is true that he was affected by swara’s presence, but he forgot about her completely when he was with Ragini. He was amazed about this. How ?? This was running in his mind.

But then he thought of his another problem, office, yes tomorrow he has to go to office, take up responsibilities. He was scared.

Ragini came in and saw his scared face, she smiled.

Rag: tensed about office.

Lak: yup, you know I have never taken responsibilities on My shoulder and now,

Rag: there is a first time for everything na. Everyone has, papaji had, Chachi ji, adarsh Bhaiya all had na. Then why,

Lak: still,

Rag: are you talking as if they are handing over the whole business to you. (Holding his hand) chill, everything will be fine.

Laksh kept his other hand on her hands.
Lak: it will be na, I am scared, I am not ready it.

She smiles.
Rag: do you want to take up responsibilities?

Lak: yes.

Rag: then don’t worry, you will manage things, even if you are not ready, or if you falied to manage too, it is not an issue, because it is your first try.

He smiles.

Rag: (looking up) god, after marriage girls would become wife, and then mother, but straight away became mother.

Lak: what??

Rag: yes, when husband becomes kid, wife has to be mother na.

Lak: I am not a kid.

Rag: yeah, it is me who was scared of office, right?

He fumes, but then
Lak: but you are nothing less, remember how you were fighting with Bhai,

She tried to say something,

Lak: now don’t say that you were playing along with Bhai, I know you weren’t, I was there.

Rag: I am not a kid.

Lak: neither am I.

They started to fight.

Raglak: Enough!

They looked at each other.

Raglak: I am  saying na, you are a kid.

They fume at each other.

Raglak: I too told you na I am not a kid.

Raglak: stop copying me.

They burst out into laughter.

Raglak: but I am not a kid.

They again laughs.

Lak: I don’t think this will end. Neither will I agree to you, nor will you agree to me.

Rag: true, but there is a way to find the kiddo.

Lak: what?

Rag: from tomorrow for a week, we will make a tally,

Lak: tally,of what?

Rag: tomorrow we will keep a board there on the wall, first we will divide it into two, one for me and one for you. Then for a week , we will note down all the childish acts we both do. One who does more childish acts, is the kiddo. Deal?

Lak: ok deal! One week and I will prove that you are a kiddo.

Rag: we will see.

They smile and lay down to sleep. Both were happy.


I am sorry if it was boring.

The idea of finding kiddo was taken from the serial ipkkd2. There aastha and shlok check who is more romantic and here it is who is more childish.

So who do you want to win the kiddo title?? 

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