Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-10

Episode 9 Here

Ragsan ,swalak reached MM from honeymoon trip…all greated them..
Uttara:how was ur trip bhai..i knw laksh bhai must enjoyed very well..kyun bhai(she winked at laksh teasingly)
Laksh:leave about us..ask bhai nd ragini..
Uttara:sanskar bhai???but we knw na laksh bhai that sanky bhai boring type..
Laksh:boring type ??uttara u dont knw about bhai..he tho king of romance..
Laksh:kya saying truth only..
Uttara:let him say na bhai..
Laksh:u knw whenever i saw them,they always in romantic..
Ragsan looks at eo nd recalls their cute moments..
Laksh:see again they goes into their world..
All giggles..
Ragini(composed):vo..i need to get fresh..
Saying she goes..
Sanskar(to escape from them):i too need to get fresh..
Uttara:do u both get fresh same time(she teased him)
Sanskar:uttara(he gares at her)
Uttara:areh i just askd to knw..
Saying he goes..uttara swalak smiles..
Ragini comes out from washroom nd sees he was lost in thoughts..she says in mind what he is thinking so deep ,is he thinking about his girlfriend???..if yea tujhe kya farak padata hain ragini..stop thinking about her nd sanskar..she took a deep breath..sanskar brks hos thoughts nd looks at ragini who looks at him with stern face..
Sanskar:are u ok
Ragini comes to room after having some chit chat with ap ,suji nd pari..she sees one packet on bed..she knws what is was that saree which sanskar bought for his gf(as per ragini thought)..she heard sanskar voice who just entered room..
Sanskar:thats for u..
Ragini eyes sparkled seeing..
Ragini:is it for me!!
Sanskar:i told that only naa..
Ragini:haan..but i thought
Sanskar:what u thought..nd what about
Ragini:vo..vo..kuch nay
Sanskar:no kuch tho hain ..tell
Before she could speak ,suji called sanskar..
Ragini:vo..maa is calling ..go
Sanskar nodded nd goes..
She took the Saree nd recalled sanskar words that whoever wears this saree she looks like an angel..
She smiles madly thinking about sanskar but she stopped when reality striked to her mind..
Sh says to herself what im doing,y i was overjoyed when he gave me saree..y im thinking about him always..then what about laksh..u loves laksh then how could u think about sanskar..stop ragini..plzz stop thinking about sanskar..she closed her eyes..
Sanskar(came):ragini ,come lets have dinner..
Ragini:u go..i will come later
Sanskar:areh come naa..all are waiting for u at dining..
Ragini:i told u naa..y r u irritating me..plz leave me alone
Sanskar in mind what happend to her suddenly..
Ragini:y are u still standing here..go
Sanskar:kya everything fine..are u ok..
Ragini:its nothing matter to u sanskar..stop bothering about me..
Sanskar fells clearly shown in his face..ragini looks at his face nd she could not able to take..
Sanskar doesn’t say anything..
Ragini(held his hand):vo..i..i..
Sanskar:thats ok
Saying he about go..
Ragini:dont be angry on me nd dont go anywhere like u went in shimla..plzz dont be angry..
Ragini:give a smile naa
Sanskar smiles…
Ragini( smiles):chalo..we will have dinner..
Sanskar nodded nd says in mind
These girls naa cant be understood at all ,god knws when ,when they feel happy nd when they feel angry nd why..
Ragsan came..
Ragini:where is swara
Ap:she gets a call so she went..
Suji:see..ur sister is coming
Ragini smiles looking at
Swara who is descending stairs ,swara suddenly missed balance nd slips..her leg got twist ,she winces with pain..laksh rushed towards her followed by all family…
Laksh took her to chair nd made her leg fine..
Laksh:are y mad ,u should have careful naa..what if anything happened to u
Swara:kuch nay hua fine laksh..
Laksh:stop it..i always tell be careful be careful ,y dont u listen..
Ragini looks at him..she can clearly see the love towards swara..she gets hurt but pain visible in his eyes..
Ragini in mind he loves her so much..if i separated them ,will i get same love from laksh??will he accept me??he told many times that he cant live without swara..

Will he move on with me..dso many questions im her mind..sanskar looks at her nd taps her shoulder..
Sanskar:are u feeling jealous
Ragini doesn’t say anythingm.she goes to her room..
@Next morning
Ragini was in kitchen , while thinking about swalak..sanskar who just woke up nd coming to kitchen for coffee ,he saw when milk which ragini kept on stove gets overflow ,ragini was in deep thoughts ..sanskar about to shout ragini name but its too late..milks fell on her hand which she kept on that slide..she jerks nd winces with pain..
Sanskar(rushed to her):pagal hogay tum..where are u lost..
He make her keep hand under tap..
Ragini looks at him..
Sanskar:what are u thinking keeping milk on stove..u should have be careful naa..
Ragini looks at him amazed as she saw the same love nd pain ,which laksh had towards swara when she got hurt..the same way he is feeling for her..its clearly visible in his eyes how much he concerned about her..
He took her to room nd applied ointment..nd blows air..ragini keeps on looking at him..
Sanskar:is it paining much
Ragini doesnt respond
Sanskar:ragini..u again lost..
Ragini(jerked from her thoughts):hmm
Sanskar:is it paining much
Sanskar:i knw what u r thinking..ut was about laksh right..
Sanskar:u no need to tell ,i knw..
Ragini kept quite..
Sanskar:where is maa badimaa
Ragini:all went temple
Sanskar:ok..u take rest
Ragini:thats ok ,i will get coffee for u
Sanskar(glares at her):no need..u sit quite
Ragini:do u make coffee
Sanskar:i dont knw how to make
Ragini(smiles):thats y im telling u..i will do
Sanskar:are u mad..ur hand is not well
Ragini:i have another hand naa..i will manage..
Sanskar:chup kar..
Just then laksh who just woke up comes to ragsan room…
Sanskar:didn’t u go temple
Laksh:no..i didnt want to sacrifice my sleep for anything..ragini can u give coffee
Ragini:haan laksh
Sanskar glares at ragini ,ragini pouts..
Sanskar:her hand is not well..cant u see
Then only laksh noticed her hand which has bandage..
Laksh:kya hua
Sanskar:she burnt her hand..
Laksh:areh u both sisters cant be careful..
Sanskar:ok..chalo ,i will try to make coffee..
Laksh:kyun u want to kill me with ur coffee
Laksh:kya laksh huh..i knw ur cooking skills..
Sanskar:im not that bad at cooking..
Laksh:stop it u knw day all went to somewhere leaving us alone..he cooked food later ,i was in hospital for 2days..
Ragini laughs..
Sanskar:dont laugh
Sanskar:laksh..u r talking too much..stop it..
Laksh:areh let me tell bhai..
Sanskar closed his mouth nd take him out of room along with himself..
Ragini smiles..her smlie faded nd thinks their bonding,not only she is going separate swalak ,it will brk sanlak bond it correct to brk all relations being selfish..she questionee herself..
Sanskar comes inside room nd looks at ragini nd ses she again lost in thoughts..he doesn’t say anything ,he goes to washroom to get fresh..
Ragini now thinks about sanskar ,how he care about her nd all..
Sanskar came nd sees her again lost..
Sanskar(gets angry):how much u think about laksh..
Sanskar:i knw ,u need to tell..always think about him..i dont understand y u loves him that much..he is such a idiot ,he rejected u nd choose ur sister over u..nd he is very lazy ,careless nd irresponsible towards his career..he is not perfect for u..(im sry laksh fans ,actually i dint mean that)..
Just then laksh came calling hom bhai..
Sanskar widened his eyes..ragini smiles seeing his expression..
Laksh:kya hua ,y are u both looking at me like this
Sanskar:did u listen anything
Laksh:what??i didnt..i just came..kya hua..
Ragini:i will tell u laksh(eyeing at sanskar teasing)
Sanskar nodded as no
Laksh:tell ragini
Ragini:he said
Sanskar:kuch nay laksh..u go i will come..
Ragini:i stay laksh..
Sanskar pleaded her through his eyes..ragini nodded as no..sanskar pouts..ragini smiles..
Laksh:will u both stop talking through eyes..nd will u tell what exactly happened..

Sanskar:its our personal
Laksh:achaa u go..i will come
Saying laksh goes..sanskar takes a sigh..
Ragini:i never think ,u would be talk about ur bro like this..very bad bro..
Sanskar:hey i love laksh..u are mistaken me..i said he is not perfect for u..he is perfect for himself nd he is perfect for swara..swara is correct person to made him responsible..he is not suits u..u cant handle him..
Ragini:how u tell like that
Sanskar:i stop this going to laksh..
He turns to go ,ragini held his hand..sanskar turns at her..
Ragini:then who is perfect for me..
Sanskar in mind mein..
Ragini:bolo naa
Sanskar looks at her expressing his love towards her..ragini eyes met his’s..they have a eye lock..
Sanskar(brks d eyelock):vo..i have to go
Ragini:u didnt ans me
Sanskar:u have to find the ans..
Ragini:i dont want find ans..i want to find the man who loves me madly..
Sanskar smiles
Ragini:will u help me to find..we will both together find..ok
Sanskar smile faded..
Ragini:can we find him soon
Sanskar gives her annoyed look nd goes..
Ragini smiles..


Plzz watch karnasangini on ttv..its wonderful show plzz watch

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