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  • Happy New Year🎉🎊
  • It may be lengthier, so please read it patiently.
  • Sorry for using real names.
  • This OS is divided into 5 acts. And acts are sub-divided into scenes.
  • No hatred towards Rhea Sharma or Erica Fernandes.

Act – I : The Opening

Scene – 1

The smile of a girl is shown. The smile on her lips described her sweet and loving nature. Rhea is shown and she is dressed as bride.

She goes down and adores the groom who is none other than Shaheer. The wedding ceremony starts. Shaheer and Rhea are lost in each other’s eyes. Shaheer is going to fill vermilion in Rhea’s hairline.

Soon someone starts calling Rhea. Pooja comes in her room and says “Offo! This girl will never wake up early. Rhea, wake up.”

Rhea is in her sleep and is saying in her sleepy mood “Maa, why you always wake me up whenever I see fairytales in my dreams.”

Pooja : Obviously, only Shaheer will come in your fairytale dreams, right?”

Rhea : “Yes, Maa. Who else will come?”

Pooja : “Rhea, now come out of your fairytale and live in reality. Today you have to go and give an interview, na?”

Rhea recklessly says “Yes, Maa. I will go and get ready. But I have to go to Nainital for giving interview. And I don’t wanna leave you here and go there and do job.”

Pooja : “Beta, for achieving something you have to sacrifice some or the other thing.

Rhea : “But there is one happiness for me that Shaheer will be there too”

Pooja nods. And smiles.

Scene – 2

A young boy is resting on his bed soon he hears the notification sound from his mobile phone. He takes the phone to see what message came. He soon get up and his face is unveiled. Obviously you know who he is! It’s Shaheer. He gets excited as soon as he reads the message. He calls someone on the phone and tells, “Hey! I am going to Nainital for playing a Cricket Tournament there.” He continues by saying “It’s going to be a very special trip for me as this trip is going to take a beautiful turn in my life. And you know Rhea and Erica are also coming there as Rhea had applied for an interview there and I had invited Erica for this trip.I’ll introduce both of them to each other I am so so excited to meet her after so many days. I had told her that I am also coming there.”

Scene – 3

A woman is sleeping on her couch with the book kept on her face. Just then Supriya comes and sees her. She starts telling “Oh My God, you are sleeping this way?” The girl in her lazy mood answers her “No, Maa. I was just taking a nap.”

Supriya : “Oh! Whatever, now go and wash your face and come. Today you are going to Nainital also, na!

Girl suddenly removes the book from her face and her face is revealed….. Erica. She says “Yes, Maa. I will go and get ready soon.” Supriya worriedly asks her “Erica, I know Shaheer is a generous person, but still do you believe that he loves you?” To which Erica answers “Maa, I know Shaheer very well. He is a big chhupa rustom. He don’t share his feelings this much easily. But you see our destiny is matched. I and Shaheer are going outside for our respective works, but still it’s our destiny plan that we are going to same place.” She tries to assures Supriya.

Act – II : The First Meeting

Scene – 1

Shaheer is sitting at the resort’s café waiting for both the ladies. Soon Rhea comes. Shaheer is delighted to see her. He stands up to welcome her. Rhea gets overwhelmed seeing this gesture. She thinks “See, how much he respects me. These shows the depth of his love.” She walks towards him. Their conversation is as follows ;

Rhea : “Shaheer, How are you? And moreover Congratulations for Your selection in Uttarakhand Cricket Tournament. And where is your Tournament? Is it near to here?”

Shaheer : “Oh My God! Rhea, how much you talk? Calm down, calm down. Wait, let Erica join us.

Rhea asks Shaheer in a confused tone “Who is Erica?”

Shaheer starts to say something but meanwhile, Erica comes. Erica sees them talking and is thinking “Who’s this girl talking with Shaheer?” Just then Shaheer sees her and asks her to come by gestures. Erica walks towards them.

Erica starts by greeting. Erica asks Shaheer “Who’s she, Shaheer?” Rhea also asks the same from her eyes. To which Shaheer replies “Okay, first let me introduce you both to each another. Pointing at Erica, Shaheer says, “Rhea, she’s one of my close friends. We met in college and we hang out often. And Erica, this is Rhea, She’s my childhood best friend. Our mothers are very good friends.” Both Erica and Rhea says the same dialogue which is “Oh!”. They both look at each other but nevertheless the jealousy can be seen in both of their’s eyes.

Erica : “Hi, Rhea.”

Rhea : “Hello, Erica.”

Shaheer : “Please have your seats.”

They all sat on their respective chairs. They both look into each other’s eyes with rivalry and somewhat possessiveness. Shaheer starts conversation by asking them about their orders. Erica says, “I wanna have some hot chocolate”. Whereas Rhea says, “I would like to have Cappuccino.” Shaheer calls the waiter and says him to bring one cappuccino, one hot chocolate and one Cold Coffee. Rhea and Erica are shocked. They both say in same timing “We too need Cold Coffee.” They both stare at each other. Shaheer is surprised and says the waiter to bring 3 cold coffees. Erica and Rhea were actually thinking that Shaheer would order, what they ordered. They have a loads of conversations while drinking coffee. Shaheer says “Lemme go, and pay the bill.” He goes from there. Rhea and Erica stares at each other.

Erica : “So, your name is Rhea, right?”

Rhea : “Do you have hearing problem? That you couldn’t hear what Shaheer had told you my name.”

Erica is stunned by her behavior but soon she replies “See, I don’t have any personal conflict with you. But see, I hate those girls who wander around Shaheer.”

Rhea : “So, what do you mean? Am I wandering around Shaheer or you?

Erica is fuming but hits her back with her savage reply “Shaheer is mine, he is forever mine. No one can snatch him from me. So, it will be better if you understand it at the earliest.

Rhea is shocked by her reply. And says “Oh! Really? You are just his college mate but I am his childhood friend.”

Soon Shaheer comes and both of them stops their argument. Shaheer asks happily “So, it became a close friendship, right? I knew it, girls become friends in only few seconds. I am so glad that you both became understanding and talkative friends to each other.” Erica and Rhea gives Shaheer fierce looks. This goes on.

Act – III : The Increasing Jealousy

Scene – 1

All are sitting at a restaurant waiting for food to come. Rhea and Erica became huge rivals to each other. Shaheer is telling them “Hey! Do you know I am gonna propose someone this trip. She is a special person in my life.” Shaheer smilingly looks at both. “I know her since very long time.” Erica is thinking “Obviously he is talking about me. Because he knew me since long time. But if this chudail Rhea comes between? No, no I won’t let this happen.” Erica gives a fake smile. Whereas Rhea starts thinking “I know, Shaheer, about whom you’re talking. You know me since such a long time not long time, but from childhood. I know you gonna give me a surprise. But, Shaheer please don’t let this Erica come between us.” Shaheer goes from there to attend a phone call. He disconnected the call and sees the girls from a far away distance and smiles. It’s not clearly described that on whom he smiled. Erica starts troubling Rhea by hitting her legs inder the table with her legs. (You should know what I mean, The legs fight under the table) Rhea is troubled and is red in anger. She soon starts hitting her back. The Leg Fight goes on. Meanwhile Shaheer came. They stop their fight. But as soon Shaheer comes, Rhea starts crying. Erica is shocked.

Shaheer : What happened, Rhea? Are you fine?

Rhea : My foot, Shaheer. It’s hurting.

Shaheer sees her foot and is shocked. And asks her how she got the injury. He slowly keeps her leg on his lap and starts applying water on her feet. (As obviously there will be no ointment in restaurant) He starts consoling her. He helps her to walk towards their car. Erica is extremely angry seeing all this. She takes the fork and injures her hand. Meanwhile Shaheer comes after settling Rhea in the car. Shaheer noticed blood on Erica’s hand. He is shocked and he takes Erica’s hand in his hand and says “Erica, you too got injury. Let’s go. We’ll go to hospital and doctors will dress yours and Rhea’s wounds. Let’s go.” He applies some water on her hand. Seeing this, Rhea gets jealous. And Erica smirks seeing Rhea.

Scene – 2

Erica holds rose in her hand. And starts removing its petals by saying “He Loves Me.” She keeps on chanting this phrase. Someone knocks her room. She goes and checks it. She is delighted to see Shaheer at her doorsteps. She excitedly says “Shaheer, you here? Please come inside.”

Shaheer says “No, thanks. Erica, please you and Rhea go for the interview, na. She’s having interview and she’s telling me as she’s feeling nervous. But I can’t because, I have the practice match today. You are a good friend of her, so please go with her. Okay? Thanks.” He goes. Erica is, at first angry but soon she starts smirking and thinks “Chalo! It’s good that she I am going with her or else she would have taken my Shaheer with her. Now see, Rhea.” After sometime they are shown sitting in a car at the back seat. It’s a cab. Rhea sees Erica with fierce eyes. Erica looks at her and says “Ohhho! Your plan got flopped.” “Which plan are you talking about?”, Rhea asks her sarcastically.

Erica : “Oh! Don’t act innocent now. I knew your plan. You thought that you’ll ask Shaheer to come with you and he’ll accompany you?”

Rhea : So? Do you have any problem?

Erica : “See, Shaheer is just mine. He is going to propose me. He is just mine. So please maintain distance from him.”

Rhea : “Ha.ha… I got scared. You think I’ll listen to you? And by the way who told you that he is gonna propose you?

Erica just gives her a sarcastic look. There heated argument goes on.

Scene – 3

Shaheer, Erica and Rhea are in a golf course. They are enjoying while playing the golf. The jealousy can be still seen in both of them. Erica does a goal and she and Shaheer both exchange a hi-fi. Seeing this, Rhea is enraged seeing this. Rhea hits the ball with so much force, that it goes very far away. Shaheer sees this and is surprised. He goes for picking up the ball.

Erica asks Rhea “Jealous, aah? Rhea replies “Jealous, my foot!” Erica gives her a broad smile. Rhea exchanges it with a fake smile. Shaheer comes. The game goes on both of golf and jealousy.

Act – IV : The Climax

Scene – 1

After two or three days. Erica and Rhea are in their respective rooms. A call comes to them. It’s a group call. Its Shaheer’s call. They both gets delighted but thinks that why Shaheer called them both at the same time. He tells them to come in a park which is located near to their hotel. Both gets excited. Rhea thinks “I know Shaheer, why are you calling us. You wanna propose me. And to show that Erica.” Whereas Erica thinks “Now Rhea will come to know her place in my and Shaheer’s life.” They both reaches the park. But there fight is unstoppable. Shaheer too comes there in a car. They both are on cloud nine to see him with a rose. But he goes and first opens the next door of car. Erica and Rhea are confused. He gives his hand to the girl sitting in a car and get her out of the car. That girl was looking too beautiful.

He brings the girl to Erica and Rhea and says “Erica, Rhea, I said you na this is a very special trip for me. It’s special because of her”, pointing at that girl. They both are still and blank. He sits infront of that girl and speaks the following words ;

“Are you ready to become queen of my heart? Are you ready to become Mrs. Shaheer Sheikh from Ms. Ruchikaa Kapoor?” Erica and Rhea are shocked, trying to control their emotions. Shaheer continues “Will you marry me, Ruchikaa?”

These words which came out from Shaheer’s mind shattered Erica’s and Rhea’s dreams. Ruchikaa says “I will, Mr. Shaheer Sheikh. I will.” Rhea and Erica’s faces becomes small. They are trying to look here and there but their emotions were visible, not to Shaheer but to each other. Erica says “So this was your special girl, Shaheer?”

Shaheer says “Yes.” Rhea and Erica were left speechless. They both says “Congratulations, Shaheer” in one voice.

Shaheer says, “Ruchikaa, I was telling you na, I am going to meet Erica and Rhea after a long time. They are Erica and Rhea.” Ruchikaa greets them.

Act – V : The Post – Climax

After 1 year ;

Erica is on a call. She is speaking “No means no. I said you na, you have to come in our engagement ceremony. Parth will be really too happy. You have to come. I know you’re a busy news editor, but still. You have to come. Okay, Bye.” Rhea keeps the phone and smilingly says to herself that “This Erica, also na, she’ll always invite me. Yeah! Erica, I will surely come. After all, you’re your best friend.” Erica thinks “Lemme invite Ruchikaa and Shaheer too.”

P.S. ; Thanks for reading this odd story🙂

  1. Shesha485

    Loved the sweet OS from you on this new year. To be fair, I was just smiling in the whole OS. Especially I liked when Erica and Rhea are at loggerheads for Shaheer. Their leg fight and ordering cold coffee is extremely hilarious. Their monologues are again funny. Loved the introduction scene and surprised to Supriya as Erica’s mummy. Finally at the end game, I guessed he won’t propose to both and he would propose any of his other costars, but never expected he would propose his real wife in offscreen. Erica and Rhea reactions are worth watching. The pics were perfect. Loved the climax where Rhea and Erica become buddies. 🥰🥰🥰

    1. Zingo

      Thank you so much, dear. I am happy that you loved it. I was not very well satisfied with what I wrote. But after you seeing the comments, I am extremely happy. Thank You 😊

  2. This one shot is one of a kind❤❤❤❤
    I liked that competition between Erica and Rhea for Shaheer🥰🥰🥰
    It was hilarious!
    The expressions of the two when he introduced his fiancee was awesome👍👍👍
    Liked this a lot😍😍😍😍

    1. Zingo

      Thanks Shivani for writing such valuable words. It means a lot to me☺

  3. Jasminerahul

    Surprised to see supriya as erica’s mom.cold drink scene was hilarious.The jealous erica rhea hitting each others legs was funny.seeing shaheer caring 4 rhea erica hurting herself like a fool was funny.Erica rhea fight was very funny,Finally shaheer proposing Ruchika before them was superb.ha ha.Nice to see Erica rhea as best friends now.Happy that Erica got Parth.But no one for Rhea?I wish she also got someone.nice pics

    1. Zingo

      Thanks a lot, Jasminerahul. Surprised to see your comment. Glad that you loved this os. Actually, I wanted Rhea to be more career-oriented in this os, thus I made her a successful news editor. I think she is quite young than Erica. By the way I had a option that I could pair her with Avinesh Rekhi, but I dropped that idea due to this reason only. Thank you so much for commenting🙂

    2. Jasminerahul

      it’s ok.i just asked as rhea was mad 4 also she doesn’nt have anyone

  4. Radhakrishn

    The fights of the lady was funny. Feeling happy for Shaheer. As Jasminerahul said I too wish Rhea gets a partner. Btw, is this the end??

    1. Zingo

      Thank You, Radhakrishn. I am happy that you read and loved this os. As I said, I wanted Rhea Sharma to be first successful in her professional life, thus didn’t made any partner for her. Yeah! It was a short story about how two girls desire for prince charming Shaheer, but as destiny planned he is for Ruchikaa. Thus this is the end. Thank You😍

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