Desire to the Throne_A Saga – Episode 3

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Recap: Panchali and Arjun marry. Avantika and Adithya consummate.

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Episode 3

Scene 1

Swastika feels some bad and strange feeling in her heart. She worries and searches for Avantika in the palace. But she does not find her. Even her friends don’t know about it. She goes to tell this to King and Queen but they are busy in suyamvar arrangements. Swastika worries. She falls asleep while thinking about Avantika.

The Next Day!!!!

Queen comes to Swastika!!!

Queen: Swastika, wake up. It’s time for suyamvar.

Swastika wakes up and feels excited.

Swastika: Ma, where is Avantika? She is nowhere seen.

Just then Avantika’s voice is heard.

Avantika: Didi, I’m here.

Swastika feels relieved.

Queen: Avantika, make her get ready.

Avantika agrees and goes to make her ready.

Swastika sends all the servants out as she needs to get ready only with Avantika.

Swastika: Where did you go last night?

Avantika is shocked.

Avantika: Didi, I went to guruji’s home and came late. When I came, you were sleeping.

Swastika: Really? But why did you go there at that time?

Avantika: To meet his daughter.

Swastika: But why?

Avantika: Didi, today is your suyamvar. It’s your day. Enjoy this day. Don’t worry about me.

Swastika: I worry about you more. Till now, I took care of everything for you. From clothes, jewels to food everything. But from today, you have to do everything on your own. Be strong. You also have to take care of mata and pitaji. They don’t have a son. Only we have to take care.

Avantika: Didi, you worry a lot. Relax first. Enjoy this day.

Swastika smiles.

Avantika thinks of last night and feels bad.

Avantika (to herself): Sorry didi. I made a mistake by sleeping with him. I wish yesterday’s night doesn’t create any storms in our life. After your wedding completes, I’ll leave to some place. So that no one can search me. He will be just yours.

Avantika then thinks how she came to palace this morning.


Avantika wakes up and finds herself undressed and then remembers the night. She worries and dresses up quickly. She writes on the stone nearby stating,

“Marry my sister Swastika orelse you won’t see me alive. And don’t search for me. Be happy with her. Take care.”

After writing this, she goes from there and come to the palace.


Swastika: What are you thinking?

Avantika: Nothing didi. Look at this jewel.

Swastika and Avantika get ready!!!

Meanwhile, Adithya wakes up and blushes remembering the last night. He searches for Avantika but doesn’t find. He then sees the writing. He worries.

Adithya: Oh no, Avantika is very stubborn. She will do what she thinks. I love her and want her to be alive atleast. So, for her, I’ll marry Swastika.

He gets up and goes to palace. He then gets ready and goes to Mandap.

Prince’s of different kingdoms are present. King welcomes everyone. Then he asks Queen to bring Swastika. She is bought to the mandap. Adithya searches for Avantika but he doesn’t find her.

Queen thinks that she warned Avantika not to come here as that could cause any commotion.

Suyamvar starts. The competition is archery based. Many prince’s try but fail in the process. Swastika prays that Adithya should succeed.

Adithya come to the spot. He remembers Avantika. Then he sees Swastika who look at him lovingly. He smiles seeing her.

He succeeds in the competition and looks at her proudly. Swastika is happy to the core. Even king and queen are happy.

King calls Swastika and ask her to put garland on Adithya.

Swastika comes to him. Adithya and Swastika have an eyelock.

(Ek Dil Ek Jaan plays)

Swastika puts garland on him. The servants bring another garland and give to Adithya. He too puts on her.

Guruji: This wedding will bring a significant change to the kingdom.

King: Guruji, by good or bad way?

Guruji understands some bad is going to happen along with good things.

Guruji: Time will answer that. Now enjoy your daughter’s wedding.

Adithya (to himself): Why I’m not able to think of Avantika whenever I see Swastika. Am I attracted to her? Now she became my wife. I don’t know what the feeling is this?

Avantika sees this from far and gets happy. She cries.

Avantika: I feel happy as my sister got her love and also sad as I lost my love. But I’m happy for them both. Hereafter, I won’t be here. I’m going.

She removes her princess attire and adorns a sadhu clothes. She goes out of the palace through secret way and goes to a forest. She thinks where to go!!!

Scene 2

Urmila and Shruthakirthi come to Sita and Mandavi.

Urmila: Didi, someone sent you a letter.

Sita: Who?

Shruthakirthi (in naughty tone): From prince of Ayodhya.

Mandavi: Didi, this is great.

Sita: Mandavi, what great is here?

Mandavi: We all know that your heart is stolen by Ram.

Urmila: That too by hearing just his stories.

Shruthakirthi: Now he replied to your letter.

Sita: Stop pulling my legs. Will you give that to me? Did anyone got to know about this letter?

Urmila: No didi, I myself went to Guhan Bhai and collected the letter.

(Guhan is a boat driver of Sita’s kingdom. Guhan is very much devoted to King’s family. He respects and treats the four princesses as his own sisters. The girls too respect him. Previously, Sita gave a letter to Guhan to give it to Ram. He gave it to him and also bought a reply letter from him. When Arjun wants to go by boat, Guhan is unavailable since he went to Ayodhya.)

Sita: Give it to me.

Mandavi: Look at our calm and composed Sita didi. Now she became too eager and restless. Urmila, you better give that letter orelse we don’t know what will happen.

The sisters laugh and give it to Sita. She gets happy and goes aside to read it.

Sita’s letter to Ram:

(FB : Ram reads)

“Greetings from Kashi princess Sita,

            Dhasarth Nand Ram, I’m writing this letter to you just to express my gratitude on saving the child from the enemies when you were on your teens. I got to know this from my guruji. He also told much more about your bravery and kindness. From that day, I was eager and hoping that someday I will meet you. But I don’t know when that day will come. I can’t keep this to my heart anymore. Family and people are talking about our marriage as our names do match. But I’m not sure about that. So, I’m writing this letter to express my thank you for that incidents. Continue your good deeds. Take care.


Ram reads and smiles. He tells this to his brothers.

Lakshman: Bhai, it’s so great.

Bharat: Bhai, I have heard from Kaushalya mata that princess Sita will be more beautiful.

Shatrughnan: It will be great if she becomes our bhabi.

Bharat and Lakshman agrees with him.

Ram smiles and thinks of Sita. He writes a reply letter and give to Guhan.


Now, Sita reads it,

“Greetings from Dhasarath Nand Ram,

            Rajkumari Sita, thank you for your praise and thinking high of me. Still now, I have not done anything big. But you have high hopes on me. Thank you for that. Even I have heard a lot of stories about you. People of Kashi treat you as their own daughter and respect you a lot. I have heard about your medical skills and your idea of teaching girls in your kingdom is commendable. I wish you continue your great work for the welfare of the people. Many are speculating that we both will marry. But trust me, I won’t do anything against your wish. If you really want to get married to me, then we will talk about this. Orelse no need of that talk. Take care of your family. Hoping for a reply letter soon. Thank you.


Sita gets emotional reading this.

Sita: How could a girl say No to you Dhasarth Nand. I will be grateful if you become mine. Only time will answer this.

Then she looks sun setting…

Just then servant comes and informs that Arjun is missing.

The princesses get shocked and rush to the King.

In the courtroom,

Nakshatra breaks down hearing about the cyclone and Arjun is missing.

Bhoomika and Sunaina hold her.

Sita: Are you sure about the cyclone?

Soldiers: Yes Rajkumari.

King: Send all our soldiers and search in the river. Search in all the nearby lands. Prince could have reached some other land. Nothing would have happened to him. He is born to rule and make wonders. If he dies, then the astrology also would die. So, I have a strong belief that nothing would have happened to him. Search thoroughly. Even I will to the river bank.

Nakshatra: I am also coming along with you.

King agrees and whole family go to river bank.

Karn is excited hearing the news.

Urvi: Why are you so excited?

Karn: Arjun is dead itseems.

Urvi and Karn’s mom is shocked.

Mom: This is bad beta. You should not feel happy for someone’s death.

Karn: He is my rival. His mom snatched your rights way back then and now her son snatched my rights. So only God gave this punishment to him.

Mom slaps Karn.

Mom: This is wrong Karn.

Karn gets angry and goes. Urvi goes behind him.

Urvi: Karn, listen. If he is your rival then you have to win him with your talent. You should not feel happy like this.

Karn: Urvi stop this. I’m not in a mood to hear all your philosophies. Now Arjun is dead. Adithya is not in the kingdom. It is the right time to tell everyone that he is son of the King and I’m going to get my rights. I will become the crown prince and later the King. You will be my Queen.

He hugs Urvi.

Urvi: Will you marry many women after becoming King?

Karn: Yes….

Urvi pushes him.

He laughs and pulls her back.

Karn: Just for kidding. You will be my only queen and wife. Promise on my archery.

Urvi smiles.

Seeing Karn and Urvi’s talk, Karn’s mom smiles evily.

Mom: Nakshatra, you are finished. My Son and daughter-in-law will rule this kingdom. I will become Rajmata and will throw you out of this kingdom. That will be the best punishment for your betrayal to me. Till then I have to adorn a good image infront of everyone.

She wickedly smiles!!!

!!!To be Continued!!!

Precap: All gets shocked seeing Arjun and Panchali. Adithya and Swastika come to the kingdom. King announces that the crown prince is Adithya which shocks Nakshatra and Arjun. Bhoomika is happy. Subhadra is introduced. Avantika meets Ram, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughnan.






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    finally aditya n swastika got married.sad that avantika sacrificed her love. .made aditya marry swastika n left the place.never expected aditya to start forgetting avantika after marrying swastika.ram’s words to sita in rhe letter were sweet.waiting for sita to inform ram about her reply.karn being happy thinking that arjun is dead is not good.whatever his mom n urvi said was right.sad that karn can’t understand it.karn urvi scene was sweet.please show more romantic scenes on them.shocking that karn’s mom is pretending to be a bechari n she really wants karn to be the ruler.superb pics

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