Falling In Love Again @RiAnsh #8 Another Link?

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here goes this episode…

And forgive me if you do not like whom I made Riddhu’s parents…

11 AM

Vansh: Wait till Dad sees this!

Riddhima: But what is so interesting in this picture, Vansh? Have you seen them before? Do you know them? Does Uncle know them?

Vansh: First, tell me one thing, how old were you when you were left at the orphanage? When Ar… your mother, umm, died?

Riddhima: Seven

Vansh: What!? Yaaayy!! Do you remember anything from your childhood? Anything? Fragments, maybe?

Riddhima: Ya… Some important things…

Vansh: What things? Favourite games? Friends?

Riddhima: Ya… Daddy used to play violin for mumma and me… and we all used to bathe in the rain… and Daddy always used to ask me to close my eyes in the end… I didn’t know then why he used to ask me to do that… (chuckles) now I know… And! And! Daddy’s friend! His children! We used to play together! They always used to pay us a visit! Every week! I used to get along well with Uncle’s son… But I don’t remember anyone’s names… (sad) Not even Daddy’s name… How will we find him?

Vansh(very happy): Consider it done!

Riddhima: What? How…

Vansh: Riddhima your parents are…

Riddhima: My parents are what Vansh?

Vansh: I’ll tell you in front of everyone! Not here!

Riddhima: What? Vansh!

Vansh: Come with me! Everyone will be so happy!

Riddhima: Vansh!

Vansh holds her hands and takes her inside where everyone is gathered.

Ishaani: What happened Bhai? What were you both discussing so long? (teasing)

Riddhima: I have to tell you all something…

Pradeep: Go on Beta!

Riddhima: My parents are alive.

Everyone is shell shocked! 

Daadi: Such good news! Let’s call them right now!

Riddhima: Daadi… You don’t understand… Umm… My mother had left me at the orphanage, she had died, leaving me just a letter, a picture of my parents and my name… one day, I stumbled upon my father at a mall… he was with someone else… that lady was very good in nature… I didn’t want to hurt them… I did not want them to know that I am their daughter… I have never contacted them… I don’t even know if they’ll accept me!

Vansh: Riddhima! They will definitely accept you! They miss you very much! They even started a music company in your memory! They celebrate your birthday every year!

Riddhima: But how do you know all this!?

Pradeep: Yes! Vansh? How do you know this?

Others wonder the same.

Vansh: Because we know Riddhima’s parents!

Everyone: WHAAAAT!!?

Vansh: Ya, you guys won’t believe me! Riddhima is the daughter of… Deep Uncle!

Everyone: WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!?

Vansh: Ya! She is the only daughter of Deep and Arohi Raichand! She is the heir to the Raichand group of Industries! She is our childhood friend! She OUR Riddhima! Riddhima Raichand! (How did you like the surprise, guys? And please don’t judge… I am keeping the personalities of the characters different from season 1)

Riddhima (with tears in her eyes, absent minded): Riddhima… Raichand.

Uma walks up to her and gives her a tight hug. Everyone joined her. Everyone is crying. All are emotional.

Sejal: Okay! Now! Let’s cut to emo crap! Riddhima has parents to meet!

Pradeep: I’ll call Deep right away! He’ll be so happy! My friend! My best friend! His Riddhima is alive! We found her!

Vansh: But, Dad! Don’t tell him on the phone! Call him here to meet us!

Pradeep: Yes, I know! I’ll call Deep, you all prepare for his arrival! My friend will be coming to my home after 3 weeks! And that too for such a special gift (keeping his hand on Riddhima’s head)!

Riddhima is still standing shocked.  Vansh, Aryan and Ishani are her childhood friends! (If you are thinking about Siya, then let me tell you, she wasn’t born then)

Vansh comes over to her. He doesn’t say anything. He softly holds her hands and takes her to his room. He makes her sit down. She starts sobbing miserably. Vansh gives her a tight hug. She doesn’t stop crying but still feels comfortable in his arms.

Vansh: Shhh! We have found your parents, sweetheart! Come on! Stop crying! You look like a fancy waterfall when you cry!

Riddhima: Waterfalls are beautiful… and peaceful! I am certainly not at peace right now!

Vansh: Ok… then you look like a joker when you cry!

Riddhima: Jokers make others laugh… they make others happy! I made my parents wait for me for so many years! I made them cry!

Vansh: Shh! Hey! Don’t feel guilty! It wasn’t your fault! You can never be the reason for someone’s sadness! You have the heart of an angel! Don’t feel guilty! You weren’t wrong! The circumstances were difficult!

Riddhima feels lighter now. For the first time, she has poured her heart out in front of a person. For the first time, she felt that there is actually someone whom she can rely on. She was in an emotional turmoil. Suddenly, she gets conscious and pulls back.

Vansh: And why do you become so… so…

Riddhima: So… what?

Vansh: Well! I was trying to lighten your mood and you were twisting my lines!

Riddhima: But you managed to lighten my mood anyway! You don’t need to say anything for that! Your presence alone is enough.

Vansh feels touched by her words. They both keep looking at each other. When someone knocks on the door.

Vansh: Come in!

Sia: Riddhima, you okay?

Riddhima: Ya! I’m okay!

Sia: By the way, Bhai… this is the first time you haven’t reminded me not to knock! I told you na! You’ll need privacy when my Bhabhi comes!

Vansh: Shut up Sia!

Riddhima looks at Vansh’s flushed face while she herself blushes. Sia notices it.

Sia: Guys! You have an entire lifetime ahead of you to stare at each other! But Riddhima! I want to ask you one thing!

Riddhima: Shoot!

Sia: You never allowed anyone to see what was in that box of yours! You only told us that your mother left you some memories! If you had shown it to me earlier, then we would’ve known all this earlier!

Riddhima: Sia, why are you thinking of something that never happened?

Sia: That’s not what I wanted to ask! What I wanted to ask is, you never allowed me or Sejal in when you were remembering your parents, then how come Bhai gets the privilege? It is unfair yaar! He wasn’t even your fiance at that time!

Riddhima: Well!… you guys never watch movies all night with me, never play with water with me, never-

Sia: -That is not a valid excuse! I am upset!

Sejal(coming in): Me too!

Riddhima looks at Vansh with pleading eyes.

Vansh: What is this childishness, Sia? She was more comfortable with me so she allowed me! No big deal! Now, come on! We have a lot of work to do!

Meanwhile, Pradeep calls Deep…

Deep: Hello, Pradeep, my friend, I saw the news! Is it true? Vansh finally moved on? He loves someone?

Pradeep: Deep! Calm down, my friend! It’s a long story… Come over today! I have a very big and very special surprise for you! You have to come, Deep!

Deep: Do you ever give me an option? I’ll come over at 3 pm.

Pradeep: Excellent! And don’t forget to bring Bhabhi and Rakshit!

3 PM

The entire family is eagerly waiting for the Raichand family. Riddhima and Vansh are in the garden. It has become like their hangout place now. They are walking hand in hand, not speaking anything.

Sia, Sejal, Ishani and Aryan are looking at them from a distance.

Suddenly, Riddhima lies down on the lawn, not leaving Vansh’s hand. Vansh falls beside her because of this.

Vansh: Ouch!

Riddhima: What happened? Sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you… I just wanted to lie down here…

Vansh: It’s okay, Riddhima! I know you can never hurt me! And I am fine.

Riddhima: No! You are not fine! Look! A stone has pierced your palm! Do you think you can hide it from me? (tears start coming up in her eyes.

Ishaani hears this and tries to go but Sia holds her back saying, “Let them manage, Riddhima will take care of it.”

Riddhima: Come, we need to clean and bandage this!

Vansh: Riddhima, I’m okay! It’s just a pebble!

Riddhima: Get up and come with me! Now!

Vansh liked the way she commanded him like she had a right on him.

They both go inside. Riddhima brings the first aid box. Vansh sits on the sofa while Riddhima slowly tries to take the stone out of his hand. He winces.She looks at him concerned. He nods. She continues. Then she applies antiseptic on his wound. He hisses. She glances at him and blows on his wound to ease his pain. He keeps looking at her. She puts cotton on the wound and bandages it.

Unaware of them, Deep and Tara are watching all this. They both smile looking at them. Just then, Pradeep, Uma and Daadi come there.

Pradeep: Deep! My friend!

Riddhima and Vansh look at them startled. Riddhima looks at her father emotionally. Vansh notices it.

Deep: Pradeep! How nice to see you!

Uma: Come, let’s sit.

Everyone assembles in the living room. Rakshit also comes there after parking the car. ( If you are confused… Rakshit is Tara and Deep’s son)

Uma and Tara are sitting on a sofa. Pradeep and Deep are sitting next to them. Rakshit and Aryan are standing behind them.Ishani, Sia, Sejal, and Daadi are sitting opposite to them. Riddhima is standing behind them holding Vansh’s hand.

Deep: Pradeep, you had called me here for some surprise… what is it?

Pradeep (giving him Arohi’s letter to Riddhima): Look at this…

Deep and Tara read the letter, Rakshit also looked at it. All three get tearful.

Rakshit: Uncle, where did you get this?Is my Di alive? Did you find my Di? Uncle, where is she?

Riddhima starts getting tears in her eyes. Her grip on Vansh’s hand tightens. He looks at her and wipes her tears.

Deep: Pradeep… I don’t understand…

Uma: Tara, we found Riddhima!

Tara starts sobbing. Riddhima also starts crying looking at this.

Tara: Where is she?I want to meet her… 

Deep: Yes! Where’s she?

Pradeep points at Riddhima.

Deep: Really, Riddhima?

Riddhima nods. She runs and hugs her parents. They cry holding her.

Rakshit: I am also there! You all forgot me!

Riddhima nods at him and he runs towards his Di. There is an emotional reunion of her with her family.

Deep and Riddhima rub their eyes after wiping their tears. Tara and Rakshit smile seeing this.

Tara: Like father, like daughter!

Rakshit: Di! Where were you? We missed you so much! Every year on your birthday, mumma and daddy used to take out all old albums of Arohi maa and you! I always used to see my friends’ sisters and wished I had a sister!

Tara: Shut up! Don’t talk about the sad things! I have got my daughter after so many years! And you are making her cry again and again!

Rakshit: Mumma! She is my Di also!

Deep: She’s my daughter too!

They all start laughing.

Pradeep: Bhai! We are here too! Remember us? I am your best friend! I called you at my house…

Deep: I will forever be indebted to you for this, my friend!

Uma: You can do one thing to remove this debt…

Daadi: Not now, Uma… They’ve just met her…

Tara: I don’t understand… what are you all talking about…

Deep suddenly remembers the news on TV. He turns to look at Vansh who is looking at Riddhima.

Deep: Pradeep… The news…

Vansh: We don’t need to talk about it now, Uncle…

Deep: But is the news true? Do you… do you both…

Riddhima: We are best friends, Papa.

Deep feels elated hearing the word ‘Papa’ from her.

Deep: My child, I just want you to come with me now. At your home.

Riddhima: Papa, Maa, I live with my friend Sejal (pointing towards her) We were together at the orphanage…

Tara feels bad at the word ‘orphanage’

Riddhima: Papa, She’s like my sister… she has always supported me like you all would have… she’s like family…

Tara: She’ll live with us too…

Rakshit: How ironic! First I was craving for a sister and now I got back two sisters together!

Tara and Deep call Sejal. She walks to them trying to suppress her tears.

Tara: Beta, you have been like a sister to my daughter…

Deep: Our daughter!

Tara: Ya! Our daughter! So by that relation, you are also like my daughter na!

Sejal starts crying and hugs them both tight. (Please bear this guys… I’ll give you better episodes tomorrow onwards… I have an exam tomorrow and my brain is working one way right now… sorry for such a boring update… I’ll give you better one tomorrow)

So, basically, Riddhima got her family back and Sejal was her official sister now…

5 PM

At Raichand Mansion

Riddhima and Sejal have shifted to Raichand mansion. They all are at the dining table. Tara brings pizza.

Rakshit: Yaaay! Pizza!

He is about to take one slice when Tara shoves his hand.

Tara: I made it for my daughters! Riddhima, Baccha, do you still like pizza?

Riddhima: Maa, I love it! But how do you know?

Tara: Deep has told me everything about you and Arohi!

Rakshit is still making a puppy face because of pizza. Riddhima notices this. She signs Sejal. They both pick a slice.

Riddhima: I’ll feed my little brother today!

Sejal: No! I’ll do it!

Riddhima: No! I’ll do it!

Sejal: I will!

Rakshit: Offo! You both feed me but make it fast! I want pizza!

All start laughing.

8 PM

Deep: Sejal! Riddhima! Rakshit! Come down, children! We are going to VR Mansion for dinner!

Riddhima: Papa? We just came from there! Why again?

Deep: Baccha, I have to discuss something important with Pradeep… you children can hangout till then!

Rakshit: Okay! We’re coming!

Sejal: I’ll get ready!

Riddhima: Me too!

Tara: Oho! My girls are so excited! Someone special huh?

Both: Maaaa!!!

All start laughing. Deep notices Riddhima blush too. The children leave for their rooms.

Deep thinks, “Beta, I may have met you after so many years, but being a father, I know what my children think and feel. I have to know what exactly happened. I have to talk to Pradeep”

Tara: Deep, I know what you are thinking… and frankly, when I saw them today, when she was dressing his wound, I actually thought…

Deep: I don’t mind their relationship, but, we just got her…

Tara: Let’s talk to them first… and anyways, we have to talk to them regarding Aryan and Sejal…

Deep: Ya… I guess we’ll come to a decision after talking to them only…

Precap: Riddhima feeds Vansh. Deep and Tara look on. Vansh is struggling with his bandage. Riddhima changes it.

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