Desire to the Throne_A Saga – Episode 1

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Recap: The princes’ and princess’ are introduced.

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Scene 1

Gurudev comes to King Surya. The Queen, Rajmatas, princes’ and princesses’ are present. All pay their respect to gurudev.

Gurudev: Maharaj, I came here to tell you an important matter.

King: Go ahead gurudev.

Gurudev: Prince Arjun had to go Digvijay to the northern part and has to get indulged in war.

Rajmatas are shocked.

Nakshatra: Gurudev, he came only now after his gurukhul life.

Bhoomika: Yes gurudev, does he need to go now itself? He can go later right?

Gurudev: No, he has to go immediately.

King Surya feels sad and bows down his head.

Arjun: Gurudev, I’m ready to go. Matas and mamaji, don’t worry. I will come after winning those countries and I will make our flag to fly there.

King: We know that beta. You are the strongest. But our concern is, you came just now. How to send you?

Arjun: Adithya will take care of you all. Give me your blessings. I will win and come.

He somehow convinces everyone. All agrees after much discussion and reluctance.

Gurudev: Arjun, you cannot go like this. Change your attire like a sage. Maharaj, send your army’s to the other side of river. Prince will travel alone and then he will join with the troop.

King: But why should he go like this?

Gurudev: This is also an important lesson. One king has to deal with any kind of situations.

Arjun agrees. He changes his attire. He seeks blessings from Rajmatas, king and queen. He hugs his brother and sisters. He leaves with a heavy heart.

He come to the river bank. He sees just one boat. An old man cleans that boat. Arjun goes to him.

Arjun: Do you sail this boat?

Old man: Beta, do you want to go that side?

Arjun: Yes.

Old man: I cannot come since I’m not feeling well. I will ask my daughter to row the boat.

Arjun: What? A girl?

Oldman: Don’t judge her. Her boat rowing skills are exceptional and they are more than a man.

Arjun: Then call her. I need to leave immediately.

Old man calls Panchali. She comes. Seeing her, Arjun is mesmerized in her beauty. Panchali sees him and thinks.

Old man informs her to leave him aside of the bank. She agrees and ask him to come and sit in the boat. She starts to row the boat. Arjun doesn’t take his eyes off from her and admires her. Panchali notices this.

Panchali: Shall I ask you something?

Arjun: Yes. Please.

Panchali: Are you prince Arjun?

Arjun gets shocked. But he doesn’t show it off.

Arjun: What are you blabbering?  If I am a prince, I should have come here with my troop and attire, right?

Panchali: If you are not Arjun, then why do you have same mole on your feet like our prince?

Arjun notices that.

Arjun: It’s just a mole. Why others don’t have it?

Panchali: Others can have a mole. But this mole is special. This chakra shape mole indicates bravery and the one who has this will become a great chakravarthi in future.

Arjun: Oh lady, you know these many things? You also know a lot about me.

Panchali: That means you are prince…

Arjun: Arjun.

Panchali leaves the stick and falls in his feet and pay her respect.

Arjun lifts her.

She gets shy as his hands touched her. Arjun notices this and smiles.

Suddenly it starts to rain and a big cyclone occurs.

Arjun: Panchali, where are we now?

Panchali: We are at the middle of the river. Usually cyclone doesn’t occur often in river but this river is slightly deep driven. So, we have to be careful. Don’t worry, I’m there. I will protect you.

Panchali rows the boat tactically. Seeing this bravery and courage of her, Arjun is surprised.

Arjun: Panchali, I’m surprised seeing your bravery. From now, you will be called as Samuthrkumari. (Daughter of an ocean)

Panchali gets happy. Suddenly a big wave occurs and hits their boat. The boat gets turned upside down.

Panchali: Prince, take this piece of wood and float on it.

Arjun: And what about you?

Panchali: Don’t worry about my life. Yours is more important.

Arjun: I can’t leave you like this. Come let’s go together.

Panchali agrees. They both hold the wooden piece and floats in the water. The waves hit them and takes them somewhere. But Panchali was little happy. From her childhood, she has heard many stories about Arjun’s beauty and bravery. So, she had developed a crush on him. But she has not told this to anyone. Due to this reason, she gathered more information about prince. She will eagerly listen to the people who tell about the prince. So, she identified him so quickly. She was on cloud nine in the boat. But the weather destroyed it. Now she is floating with the prince. Arjun also feels something whenever his hand touched Panchali’s hand. They both continue to float.

Scene 2

Swastika’s suyamvar invitation is sent to all the kingdoms. King Surya also receives the invitation.

King: The prince is not here. We should decline this.

Minister: But Maharaj, we have Adithya. He and Arjun are moreover same age. Just difference in months.

Adithya is not interested in attending this.

Sita sees him.

Sita: Bhai, are you not interested?

Adithya: No Sita. I’m not interested in wedding. I have a dream girl.

Urmila: Dream girl??? Who is she? Which princess is she?

Adithya: She is not princess. I always wanted a wife who is equal in bravery to men. I don’t want a beauty princess. I want a bravery princess.

Mandavi: Bhai, you could tell this to dad.

Nakshatra: Yes, I agree with the minister. Adithya should attend.

Bhoomika: But didi, it will be unfair to Arjun.

Nakshatra: No, it is not. We have a good relation with this kingdom. If we turn this down, it will cause a wreck in the relationship.

Adithya is worried hearing this.

Sita: Why are you worrying now?

Adithya: I worry for the kingdom. I’m planning to attend atleast for our kingdom.

Sita smiles.

Gurudev enters.

King tells him the situation.

Gurudev: Adithya, you must go. I have heard about the princess. She is blessed with both beauty and bravery. The princess is so brave and she is equal to men.

Adithya is surprised. The princesses’ gets happy.

Gurudev: Does, they mentioned about the princess name?

King: They have mentioned but the letter got damaged in rain. The name is erased.

Gurudev: Adithya, you should definitely need to participate in this. Go and get ready for your journey.

He agrees and thinks about the princess. Queen and the princesses’ except sita go with him to make arrangements.

Gurudev: But there is a confusion?

Nakshatra: Gurudev, what confusion? please tell us clearly.

Gurudev: They have two daughters. One daughter is a beautiful and silent girl. She spends most of the time in doing pujas and helping the needy one. The other one is brave girl as I told you before. But I don’t know who is the elder one. The name is also erased.

Bhoomika gets tensed. She leaves the sabha immediately. Nakshatra follows her.

Nakshatra: Why are you tensed?

Bhoomika: Didi, I feel something wrong is going to happen. It’s about Adithya’s life. I feel if we are taking decision in a hurry.

Nakshatra: Don’t worry choti. We will go to our astrologer and enquire about the daughters.

Bhoomika gets relieved.

Adithya come there. Both Nakshatra and Bhoomika blesses him. Other elders too bless him. The princesses’ wish him best of luck. Sita does his tilak. He leaves.

Queen Sunaina, Bhoomika and Nakshatra goes to astrologer’s house. He welcomes them.

Astrologer: What a surprise? Nations three golden daughters have come to my house?

Bhoomika: We have come here to enquire about our children’s future.

Nakshatra: First tell us about Adithya.

Astrologer sees Adithya’s kundali.

Astrologer: He will become the great king of the nation. His wives will be a huge support system for him. But?

Bhoomika: What but?

Astrologer: His first wife will be worshipped as a goddess in this kingdom. She will bring all good things to the kingdom. Her son will also become the greatest ruler and will be a loving kid to everyone. Her son will extend our kingdom to more regions and will be celebrated worldwide. He will be a boon to this kingdom. But prince’s martial life with her will be a roller coaster. Prince will have two wives according to his kundali. His life with second wife will be good. They will be the most loved couples. Their love will be celebrated everywhere. But sometimes the situation will make her as a negative even though she does good. Her kid will be a bane to this kingdom. If she gives birth first, then this kingdom will get demolished.

The ladies get shocked.

Bhoomika: Is there any way to get rid of 2nd wife?

Astrologer: There is no way to get rid as their love story is going to begin in few hours. Nothing could separate them.

Nakshatra: But he went to a suyamvar.

Astrologer: But that kingdom has two princesses.

They get worried.

Sunaina: Is there a way to stop this bad omen?

Astrologer: Yes. Even if he gets married for 2nd time, don’t let them get united. Even though he is not interested in his first wife, make them unite within two months.

The ladies worry and return to the palace. Bhoomika is determined to separate his second wife from him.

Nakshatra: Choti, don’t get tensed. We will somehow manage to stop the second wedding.

Scene 3

Adithya goes to the kingdom at late eve. He looks at the celebration of people.

He also thinks about the princess. He goes to the palace. The king and queen welcome him and makes him settle. After sometime, he gets bored. So, he goes out to see the beauty of the kingdom. He listens the people’s praise of their princess. He thinks that the people love her a lot. He goes to a garden and sits there thinking about the princess. He imagines how she will be. Suddenly a blindfolded girl comes and fall on him. He holds her. She removes her cloth and see him. She is none other than Avantika. She falls for him at that moment. Adithya also gets stunned by her beauty. They have an eyelock.

Ek dil…Ek jaan plays!!!

Her friends come there and call her as princess. They both leave each other. They smile looking at each other.

Adithya: So, you are the princess?

Avantika: Yes. And you?

Just then, her friends come and pull her as it is late already. So, she leaves.

Adithya gets happy and is determined to win the competition.

Avantika and Adithya gets dreams of each other.

Meanwhile, Queen comes to Swastika. She brings Adithya’s picture to her.

Swastika: Ma, who is he?

Queen: He is Kashi’s prince. He will be the perfect match for you.

Swastika look at the picture. She too gets attracted. She smiles and imagines as if Adithya comes near her.

She smiles in shy. Just then Avantika comes in. Queen ask the worker women to take this picture.

Avantika: Why are you taking that picture?

Queen: Avantika, you need to leave to your grandfather’s place.

Swastika and Avantika gets shocked.

They both cry and plead to their mother to not to separate them.

One dasi girl: Avantika, don’t cry. Girls have to get separated from their house when they get married. So, you need to get separated from your sister as she is gonna get marry.

Avantika: I won’t leave didi.

One dasi girl: Then you have to marry the same man who ever your sister marries.

The girls laugh. Queen gets shocked and scolds them. She leaves from there angrily.

Avantika: Didi, leave these girls. I won’t share your life. You know what, I saw a man in garden today. He was like a bright moon. I gave my heart to him. He held me when I was about to fall. When I think about his touch, I feel happy and shy.

Swastika: Avantika, you know what? When ma showed me a prince’s picture, I started to consider him as my husband. I started loving him. My only wish now is he should somehow win the competition. Don’t worry didi. He will win!!!

The sisters smile and hug each other!!!!

Precap: Arjun and Panchali get marry. Adithya and Swastika have a talk. Adithya and Avantika kiss each other.





  1. great episode , loved it ,keep updating [P.S : update ASAP]

  2. Jasminerahul

    arjun going as a sage was interesting.pamchali identifying him seeing his special mole was surprising.arjun mesmerized by her beauty n panchali becoming shy when he touched her was romantic.loved arjun not leaving panxhali alone n they both floating together

  3. Jasminerahul

    the life of adithya predicted by the astrologer is so complicated.the solution which he gave is also difficult.wonder whether it will work out.swastika aditya meeting with ek dil song was romantic. avantika dreaming of adithya is also romantic. avantika n swastika are discussing about the man they love without knowing that its the same person.sad.perfect pics.
    is ram entering the story for sita?

    1. Supriya_r

      Yes. Ram is for sita

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