Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 1: Friendship

It’s the first time I gathered courage to write down a Fan Fiction. I hope y’all like it and I also hope I will be able to keep y’all glued to my updates.

The episode starts with……

At around 6:00 in the evening a girl is sitting on a beach; watching the waves crashing the shore, the birds flying, the people roaming and waiting for the sun to set. But most importantly she’s waiting for someone to arrive there, as promised. And then a person comes from back and covers her eyes with it’s hands. She says, “Aryan…, I know it’s you. You can never arrive on time. I know you this much since past three months. Now remove your hands.” Aryan says, “Sorry Riddhima, I would have come early but…..but……actually my car broke down.” Riddhima(in a sarcastic tone) says, “This is exactly the same excuse you gave last time, don’t you have some better one’s ? I would be glad to hear something new.” Aryan(with a smile on his face) said, “Okay….. Fine… I went to buy a gift for you. Here’s it. Open and see what’s inside! I am sure you would love it.”

Riddhima gets happy after seeing the gift. She takes it and unwraps it. There’s a small, cute teddy bear inside, which holds a heart and on the heart it’s written ‘Sorry’. Riddhima says, “I like it, but the sorry is of no use you are not going to arrive on time the next time also.” Aryan ignores this line and asks, “Didn’t you get something for me? After all we completed three months together.” Riddhima says, “Ofcourse, I did.” She opens her bag and removes the gift. Aryan takes it and unwraps it. There’s a watch inside. Riddhima starts smiling. She says, “From now on you will not be late.” Aryan and Riddhima start laughing. Aryan says, “People celebrate marriage anniversary, we celebrate friendship anniversary. Cause we are unique.” Riddhima just then gets a call, she picks it up and says, “Alright! Aryan and I will come there in 30 minutes. Calm down! Don’t worry we will manage” Riddhima says to Aryan, “We need to go, Sejal needs us.” They leave in Aryan’s car and head towards Riddhima and Sejal’s house.

They reach there and find the door open. They get scared and rush inside. They find the whole house messed up. Nothing is on it’s correct place. They worry for Sejal and call out for her. Sejal with a big, bright smile on her face comes out from her room. Riddhima asks her, “What happened in these 30 minutes?You were scared on call and now? Say something now… we were worried for you.” Sejal is yet not in her senses. Aryan takes a glass full of water and splashes it on her(Sejal’s) face. And says, “Come on Sejal. Say something atleast. What happened?” Sejal answers, “What do y’all think? You guys keep talking and don’t even allow me to answer. Y’all need to permit me to breath atleast.” Riddhima thinks after getting this idiot’s call and hearing her voice I lost my breath; wondering something happened to her and here this person……..

Sejal says, “I am happy because we got a contract to plan a party for Mr. Vansh Raisinghania, He’s one of the leading businessman. And it’s a chance of a life time for me and you(Riddhima). I am scared because if something bad happens in the arrangements then we would be left nowhere. Riddhima asks her, “But, what’s the event?” Sejal says, “It’s his Mom’s 50th birthday. It’s after two weeks, he booked us in advance so that we don’t take any other client.” Riddhima says, “I hope we will be able to do it and not ruin anything.”

Aryan speaks up, “You need to think positive also in life There is no harm in positivity. I am happy you both got this contract. But why are you thinking that something bad will happen? It can also go smoothly.” Sejal speaks up, “Stop giving us life lessons! All you need to do now… is to help Riddhu and me in the event. Leave all your business work aside for sometime and help us. Understood?” Aryan nods Yes.

  1. FF was just amazing. Excited to see riansh first meet and your writing skills are damn good.I have question are you going to upload on daily basis?

  2. Amazing!!😉 really lovely story🥰
    Best of good luck for your upcoming updates
    Kindly write your ff’s quite long with precap
    Thanks keep us updating…!

  3. Written really well and the start was great.❤️

  4. Nice episode…waiting for the next ff👌😉

  5. Kaivalya

    Well scripted and good episode waiting with lots excitement for upcoming 👍👍👍

  6. So nycly written!!! I can’t believe that u hv written a ff for the very first tym…The story is intriguing & I would genuinely love to c more of it..Keep it up!!

  7. Waiting for riansh first meeting…

  8. Very nice ff but it must be lengthy

  9. Naira U Singh

    Nice one 👍

  10. Very nice …You do write very well …Waitning for next 1 …Will you upload every day

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