Hello IKRS Family, I know I need to complete the pending ff, but time lacking is really an issue for me as work sucks and also personally I am feeling unwell …..So all these things are keeping me apart from Tu to write something and finally I wrote something for vidha and I don’t know whether this is good or bad…….I was planning to write as One Shot, but due to time issues i break this story in middle and you will next one by tomorrow itself as tomorrow is Independence Day and I will certainly update this one… Pls read and drop your views… And friends, We are really missing our sujiee’s magic on this page, so we need to support her here as much as we can……Sujiee, hope you’re doing well and when you gets time then pls drop a msg in PM as it will really motivate me and moreover lalitha and janice will get happy to hear from you…..Pls take care of your health ,patakhagudi………And guys pls read this one and drop your views …..Thanks a lot for reading….

A small but fair room is in the lime light and curtains of the windows have been opened…..As soon as the sunlight flashed on face, Dhaani wake up from the bed…..

” You look better this morning. Hope you’ve slept well…..” [ A man’s gentle voice was heard and with much shock dhaani opened her eyes and stares him]

Dhaani : You!!! Why are you here ?

Man : Come on, this is my room…..I am staying here almost 5 years…..

Dhaani turned her eyes here and there and looked herself………She finds her outfit’s right sleeve was hanging improper and with much fear she adjusted it ….. Man turns his eyes during this and he takes a deep breath…..

Dhaani : You intentionally did it, I know…….

Man ; What ??

Dhaani : Don’t be so smart, like you don’t know anything……Viplav you mixed something in my soft drinks last night and brought me here so that you can use me physically….And you..

Viplav : Shut up [ Viplav screams and gets shocked] You have misunderstood things……Dhaani, it was me who brought you from the party because you was not conscious about what was happening with you and …..

Dhaani : [interrupts] Enough, Better you tell this to any other girl whom you brings to bed like these …….

Viplav : Dhaani [ Viplav raise his hand to slap, but folds his palm and looks at her eyes] You’ve mistaken things……..That guy Vishal, I felt something he was doing wrong with you yesterday night and I was worried for you…..

Dhaani : Oh Pls, No need to show any sort of concern to me…….Vishal and I really makes a great pair onscreen and our show’s TRP is going so well……And let me tell you, he is not like you who misbehaves with his co-star just like you…….

Viplav : Dhaani, What I told is right, I don’t have any evidence to prove the truth, but trust me you will come to know his real colors soon…..

Dhaani : Pls Viplav, Just leave me, already I lose much because of you, finally I have raised a bit at my career and now I really can’t compromise on it…….And what you did with me….

Viplav : Dhaani, Stop it…….I haven’t did anything wrong with you, you fell unconscious at the party and I find you in green room and I tried to wake you up, but nothing worked and I brought you here …….

Dhaani : Why ? You should have told vishal…..

Viplav : He was not there, dhaani when you fell down……I mean just before this incident I find you both at the corner table and he was forcing you to have some soft drinks and….

Dhaani : Ridiculous!!! So you have started spy work also ?? I mean why you are still bothered for me ?? It’s already finished and you blamed me before the whole cast and crew and demanded a replacement from the director of our show…..I haven’t forgot it….

Viplav : Dhaani, I do agree that I talked too much day because you was not in your character, I mean already 10 takes went and still you were not performing the scene and you skipped dialogues also…

Dhaani : But viplav , you were aware about why I was feeling so much desperate , you know naa ??

Viplav : I know because you have some family issues and the way your parents quarrel with each other and they didn’t understands you, all these things have affected your mind and you told me these things because…..

Dhaani : [interrupts] Because I trusted you, Viplav…..And when my parents ignored me and they never realized how their sole daughter was feeling alone in that home and what she was missing from them, she started adapting herself to the certain characters which she finds in films and gradually she realized she can act and she started facing lights and camera….. Playing those kind of stuffs , I was leading a kind of relief from everything like at least there I was able to show various emotions and sometimes as a homely daughter, sometimes as a cute girl, sometimes as a bold one and so many roles which I played in just 3 years in various shows and finally I got the recognition when I got the offer for “Desire in Love” the show which made you and me as the rising stars which brought fame, money and our friendship which grow up and almost we were started feeling much to each other….But I realized those desires can come true on screen only, in reality they will not blossom any more…….

Viplav : Dhaani, Pls…..I feel much guilty for that……

Dhaani : [interrupts] Let me complete viplav…….The time when I thought you will give shoulder to me and  will pacify me , you was not there…..I find you as the actor, the renowned star Viplav Tripathi who is so much obsessed with his profession that he can’t value anything over it…….I was not star, I was staying as Dhaani only and when the whole crew blamed me I won’t get hurt…..Because I felt as you knows me you will stand with me…..But before the whole crew, you said the producer and director that if it continues then it’s better to search for a replacement ………I find that I have been thrown from screen as well as from your life……You know how much it had hurt me ?? 

Viplav : Dhaani, I admit that was not fair, but as per the situation’s demand the producer and the entire set were eager to finish the shooting as early as possible as they have nothing to do with our personal lives……And when director said me they are thinking about replacement I was …..I was….

Dhaani : I know Viplav…..Though I am less experienced to this field I can understand this so called professional ethics and the deal of utilizing actors……They simply wants to run their show and nothing matters them , whereas actors gives life to characters and people accepts them in that way…….But I thought you was different among all those sold actors as you was caring to me and may be my heart dreamed much and ……[ Dhaani burst in tears]

Viplav : Dhaani !!! Dhaani!!! Pls ……[Viplav moves close to  dhaani and touches her cheek, dhaani and viplav look each other’s eyes…..They share an emotional eyelock]

Bgm….. “Khamoshiyan aakaash hai
Tum udne toh aao zara
Khamoshiyan ehsaas hai
Tumhe mehsoos hoti hai kya
Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zara.. haa..

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan” plays….. [ Viplav slowly wipes dhaani’s tear with his index finger…..Dhaani shuts her eyes and viplav looks at her face…..]

In the midst some one knocks the door and vidha quickly stay back their positions…..

Dhaani : Let me see….

Viplav : No, You just sit here….Just a minute… [dhaani nods her head, viplav moves to the front door and opens it]

As soon as the door was opened viplav finds a man with crooked smile and weird eyesight…….

Viplav : Vishal…..

Vishal : Excuse me!!! Shall I get in ?

Viplav : Yeah, pls….

Vishal  quickly enters inside and started shouting …..”Dhaani, Dhaani”

Viplav : Vishal, wooh dhaani…..

Dhaani : Vishal, I am here……

Vishal : You came from bedroom ?? [vishal smirks, viplav stares vishal ] 

Dhaani : Vishal, did you mixed anything in my drink ?

Vishal : Don’t be so silly…….Why I will mix something in your drink ?

Dhaani : Fine, then tell me why you left the party in middle ? Viplav said that I fell unconscious and he didn’t find you ……

Vishal : Oh!!! So that’s the matter…..this guy lifted you in his arms and brought you here !!! Wow, so heroic act !!! You know you guys should have performed this before the camera……Then definitely the show would have reached top…..

Viplav : Vishal!!! 

Vishal : Sh!!! Just hold your tongue down, you are no more a superstar, viplav tripathi…….TRP Charts are so low, you will lose job……Beware of it….

Viplav : Viplav tripathi believes in himself and I am not bothered about the ups and downs ……This happens in acting, over a night you will become superstar and within another night star will lose it’s shine…….[viplav and dhaani stare each other’s eyes]

Vishal : Any ways leave these kind of stuffs and dhaani , I have arranged your meeting with the sunshine productions head who always gives the best in telly world…… 

Dhaani nods her head…. Vishal : Dhaani, I thought you will jump and dance after hearing this news……..But your face is…..Any ways we need to leave……Come on, dhaani… [ Vishal forcefully pulls dhaani to himself and he passes his fingers through dhaani’s outfit] Hey !! How this strip got loosen ?? 

Dhaani : What ?? [ Dhaani gets shocked and viplav fumes in anger] 

Vishal : You looks so hot in this one……..[Vishal keeps passing fingers on her shoulder, viplav rushes near them and started beating vishal]

Dhaani : Viplav……Viplav……Stop it…..Viplav …..Pls…..

Viplav : Dhaani, you don’t know this guy……I told you he was wrong and the way he behaved with you now…..I can’t tolerate him any more…….[Viplav punches on vishal’s chest and among them fight vishal’s phone fell down and dhaani picks it……..]

Dhaani’s finger accidentally gets scratched on phone and the recorded video kick start playing…….. 

Dhaani gets shocked to see the video and she screams…..”Viplav ” and bend at her own knees……She breaks down in tears….. Viplav rushes near dhaani and holds her hand…..

Viplav : Dhaani, Dhaani!!! What happened ??

Dhaani keeps her palm on her face and covers her face with much depression……Viplav takes the phone and presses the play button…..


  1. I m very very happy yaar that u have updated new story about vidha…. Really awesome story…. Thanks reni…
    So here viplav and dhaani are surrounded by misundersthandings… I hope ur next episode also like this…
    U r r8 reni i m also missing sujjies story nd her comments… I hope her all problems get solved as soon as possible…
    Happy independence day reni, janice nd sujie…
    Take care dear…
    Keep smiling…

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot lalitha and yeah tried a different one for vidha and wrote this one….I am happy u liked it… Happy Independence Day dear and we will keep prayers for sujiee, hope she will drop comment on this page …..Love u lots……

  2. Dear Reni,

    I read your update… Wow just fantastic. New subject new story lovely.

    I did reply from my phone yesterday morning, but due to some issues the message never went thru.
    I did reply again in the evening, again the message did not go thru.

    Anyways, loved the story. Now awaiting the next part.

    Please come back soon. K

    Love you always…take care…

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks janice and sorry for late reply i was in kerala for the last few days as part of providing things, clothes etc. to the people who suffered in flood…..our office’s team went there and we stayed in kochin, returned yesterday night only and i am much tired now dear…..will update next one when i gets time dear

  3. Dear REni,

    NO issue all is well. Don’t worry dear we will wait for your update.

    So nice of you all to go personally there to assist the team at Kerala.
    Are you based in Mumbai… your office which city…

    Do reply… Waiting anxiously for some news from you all.

    Take care.. love to you

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks a lot janice dear… no dear am from karnataka and kerala is our neighbouring state…. our office team went there and we stayed there few days and helped them…..we returned so soon as here all pressurized us and we left our work also incomplete… and janice i will msg sujie once i gets time and as soon as finds reply will surely convey here…..thanks a lot for showing love…i hope all are fine…happy eid…

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