My first love -Twinj ff Episode 5

Hloo frnds. Thank you so much for ur support. Actually I decided to write only few episodes, but due to your encouragement,  now I want to write more…. Once again thanks for all….. Let’s start the story …….


Next day kunj came early to office and saw twinkle place empty. He saw yuvi place and to his surprise it was also empty.

Kunj:kaha rah gayi ee dono abhi tak aaya kyu nahi….

He was watching outside from his window just then he saw twivi was coming on same bike. Twinkle was sitting hugging yuvi from backside. Kunj blood boiled by seeing them. He brushed off his thoughts and sat on his chair. Twivi entered the office by side hugging each other. And their dresses also coordinating with each other. All the employees are throwing compliments as lovely pair, perfect couple etc. Those were heard by kunj who came for rounds. His was seeing yuvi with anger. If eyes can burn people then by now yuvi will be turned into ashes.

Afternoon in canteen, yuvi was feeding twinkle with his hands. They are behaving as perfect lovey dovey couple. Kunj was observing them. When yuvi  removed the left over food from corner of her lips, smoke is coming out from kunj’s nose and ears. He immediately left from there. He called the manager and asked him to shift twinkle desk into his cabin. When twivi came back manager informed it for them. Twinkle without any argument shifted to kunj cabin. While working both twinj were stealing glances. In evening yuvi came there with two coffee mugs in which one is empty.

Twinkle : mera coffee kaha…

Yuvi : jaan…. Sharing….

He poured half of the coffee into twinkle’s mug and started his flirting. They are observing kunj expressions though he was acting like concentrating on his work but they are getting the burning smell. Kunj can’t take anymore he came to them and throwed yuvi out of his cabin. Twinkle asked kunj why he made yuvi out. Before he answer his phone is ringing he talked to them and was looking hell happy. He cutted the call.

Twinkle : what happened sir

Kunj : twinkle we got the raichand’s project…

He hugged her and kissed on her cheek. She was startled by his action. Later he realised what he had done. To avoid the awkwardness..

Kunj : Miss. Taneja be ready by tomorrow 8am we are going to shimla for two weeks.

Twinkle : par sir mai kal yuvi ke saath date….

Before she complete her sentence kunj interrupted..

Kunj: work comes first…. So be ready…. And say to yuvi that he have to handle all the work here in my absence and if there is any fault then the consequences will be worse for him. And go home and start packing.

Twinkle explained everything to yuvi.

Yuvi : tum dono akhele shimla jaa raha hai aur mai yaha saara kaam dekhna hai… Twinkle pakka badla loonga tum se…

Both went to their homes. Yuvi was helping her in packing and teasing her. Finally packing finished and both slept there only…


I know it was too short. Sorry….


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    Another amazing chapter dear. Loving this FF.
    Please do continue. 🙂

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