Desh Ki Beti Nandini 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV and Gayatri come in with police. Abhay was about to put mangalsutra on Nandini. He turns his gun to RV and asks him to stay back. RV walks towards him and asks him to shoot him. GD is watching them both. Abhay fires the bullet, GD pushes RV and bullet leaves touching GD’s hand. Abhay was about to fire another bullet, but before that RV beats him and throws the gun away. Police arrest Abhay. Abhay says Nandini is his, RV can’t take her away from him while police is taking him away.

RV frees Nandini’s hands and hugs her. They look at GD and RV rushes to her. Nandini picks up her mangalsutra. RV apologizes to GD and puts a handkerchief on her wound. She asks him to call her maa again which he does. Both hug. GD asks Nandini if she still won’t come closer. She accepts that she was blinded by political power, but not anymore. Her son and daughter in law are most important for her. She wants to live with them and her entire family. GD sees mangalsutra in Nandini’s hand and asks RV to put it on Nandini. He does it. Trio hug and leave from there.

They come home and RV tells everything to the family. Everyone is shocked knowing it was Abhay behind all this. Dadisa shows concern for GD. GD says she’s fine, bullet just touched her hand and left. RV says GD risked her life and saved him, hence, she gave him second life. Dadisa says she got that GD back which her son brought after marrying. She hugs her and says now their whole family can live together. GD apologizes to everyone for her mistakes and now they all will live together happily. Dadisa gives credits to Nandini. GD thanks Nandini. GD gives family’s responsibilities to RV and Nandini. She also says that she has arranged a meeting tomorrow to suggest a candidate for CM’s position.

RV is sitting sad in his room thinking GD will nominate him as the candidate. He says he doesn’t find himself comfortable in the crowd. He hasn’t met GD’s expectations in this matter. Nandini tells him to take it easy, she might have called him a different reason. He has always helped GD. RV’s tension disappears, he asks her how she can think so clearly. Nandini says, when one is in confusion, other has to think clearly. He says she cleared this problem of his, and now it’s his heart’s problem’s time. He hugs her. Nandini asks him what he’s doing. He asks her to listen to his heart. Dadisa comes there. She says she didn’t see anything. She asks Nandini to talk to her parents about Divya’s pag-phere ritual. Dadisa leaves. Nandini tells RV she warned him.

At Pandey house, Divya comes to the kitchen. She tells her mother in law, according to ritual, it should be her cooking today. Her mother in law asks her if she even knows how to cook. Divya says no, and asks her to teach her. Seeing their bonding, Mr. Pandey says he thought he would get to entertain seeing fights between saas-bahu, but here everything is opposite. Divya hugs her mother in law and both smile. Nandini calls her dad and asks about pag-phere ritual. Her dad praises Divya. Nandini tells him to come today only for pag-phere ritual.

At PRP office, in meeting, GD says she has chosen a new candidate for election. She won’t be taking part in that. RV asks her what she’s saying. GD says she has gotten elder now, so it’s better if a young blood takes this responsibility. RV says, but he is not interested in politics. GD says, she knows and she won’t force him. She further says, she’s glad that she’s giving this responsibility in strong and capable hands, Nandini’s hands. Everyone is surprised. GD tells Nandini, she saw her doing good work as women-wing’s president, and she proved that a daughter can run a nation as well along with fulfilling house responsibilities. She has all it takes to run the nation and she’s the perfect candidate for CM. Nandini looks at RV.

Precap: RV is convinced with GD’s decision. He encourages Nandini to join politics. Other ladies also encourage Nandini.

Update Credit to: Simmy


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