Desh Ki Beti Nandini 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 28th January 2014 Written Update

Nandini,Rajveer and GD at flag hoisting..They Salute the Flag.All are happy to see Nandini there they tell her that they were disappointed to hear that she was busy.Nandini says that she managed it with right planning.Party members praise her.

Dadisa praises Nandini looking at the arrangements says she liked how Nandini done everything in Rajasthani style.GD,Uttara are stunned.Dadisa tells Nandini now she has to complete the rasam.They leave the place.

Rajveer reads the cards in which their guests wish and praise Nandini.Nandini smiles listening to those wishes.He thinks that she is wasting her time and Nandini thinks she likes doing them for her husband…pauses and says that credit goes to him coz he helped her.He tells her that she is his…pauses

and says his Best friend and he can go any extent for her friendship.Nandini tells him to stop this discussion and to go n change his dress.Nandini falls a sleep.Rajveer comes there and sees her admiringly.BG …Rabta song…He covers her with bed sheet.

Next morning …Daidsa asks Uttara who was about to leave to read headlines of Newspapers.Uttara reads …
‘Nandini Rajveer Raghuvanshi won hearts of Guests’
‘A common girl Nandini proved that she is special’
‘Nandini is a perfect example of duty…’ Uttara chokes..
she tries to make excuse.Dadisa tells her that they also wrote Guests were praising Nandini and she is perfect Bahu.Rajas asks her what was her purpose to ask Uttara if she already read the news.Dadisa tells him that it was meant for everyone else in the house and Praises Nandini by saying that she managed arrangements there and then hoisted Flag.Rajas Congratulates Nandini.Uttara tries to taunt Nandini saying if their friends like Nandini’s cooking then next time she has to cook for them.Nandini replies that she will teach her how to cook.Uttara tells her if she needs to cook she will learn it from her Mom.Nandini agrees says she needs to learn from Chachi.Dadisa says that no one managed to do what Nandini has done. Uttara leaves.Dadisa tells Nandini to take a day off and tells Rajveer to take her out to some beautiful place.Rajveer insists Nandini to get ready to go out.Nandini agrees.

Nandini sees a paper ad of a Music Competition.She thinks may be Rajveer wants to participate in that and Calls a number given there in the ad n finds out procedure for registration.She thinks that he should participate.Rajveer becomes restless waiting for Nandini.Nandini gives instructions to servants and cooks in kitchen.Rajveer comes there asks her to get ready.

Rajveer and Nandini start from their home with bodyguards following them.They discuss where to go.They try to fool their bodyguards.Nandini tells him how to get rid of them.Rajveer drives following her instructions.They stop their vehicle on road and Nandini leaves a sticky note in the car.they take a auto rickshaw.Their body guards reach there and finds the sticky note.

Nandini and Rajveer in a park.BG …Aada Ishq song.

Precap: Rajveer,Nandini at a Ice cream stall.
Nandini receives anonymous call.Caller tells her he knows can give her information about shooter.

Update Credit to: eshi

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