Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th January 2014 Written Update

Rajji goes to the guest house and Parmeet follows her there. She gets down from the rickshaw and goes to the door. Parmeet follows her inside the gate and hides himself behind some trees. Rajji rings the bell several times. Bani maata is doing something in the house.. she travels the entire house 3 times in slow motion before opening the door. Parmeet is watching closely to know who opens the door and who is Rajji there to meet. Just when the door opens in very slow motion, Parmeet can see a person standing at the door.. and it is none other than.. ready for this guys??.. thanathanaaa.. iiitttsss a servant!! Yeah.. it’s a servant who opens the door and Parmeet sees him. Bani also comes there but Parmeet is unable to see her from his view point. He wonders whom Rajji was meeting there while Rajji goes inside and the door closes.

Bani maata is again in her bechaari abala naari’ tearful mode as soon as she sees Rajji and again Rajji has to console her! The sketch of the guy with the scar is on the table. Parmeet is roaming around the house to find some answers. The guest house is full of glasses for walls and windows. So, he tries to find some spot in between the glass from which he can spy on Rajji and the person who is helping her against him. But all the windows are covered with curtains and he is unable to find anything. Rajji does notice that someone was outside a certain window but again thinks nothing of it. The sketch on the table suddenly flies of and falls on the floor. Parmeet tries hard to see through an unclear glass window and understands that there are 2 people in the room.. he is obviously looking at Rajji and Bani. He tries to look clearly and sees that the glass is broken just a time bit. He fits one eye through it and he is able to see the sketch of the scar face! He thinks to himself that he would immediately alert the guy and make sure they never find him. He leaves from there.

Soham is in his room when Balbir and Ramon come there with the property papers again. Balbir asks Soham why he wanted him to bring the papers and Soham casually says that he wants to sign them. Both look very happy and urge Soham to sign the papers quickly. Soham asks for a pen and Balbir more than happily gives it to him. Soham takes the pen and signs on all the property papers. He tells them that they were always right.. that he was unable to concentrate on his wife and the baby because of these distractions of property and now he has written it all to Balbir. He suddenly says that anyway that is what Balbir always wanted. He says that he always wanted the money and property and he doesn’t care about anything else including his son. He loves the property and that was the reason for his coming to India from Canada as well. And anyone who wants something so badly must be given. Balbir and Ramon’s expressions are of disbelief. Suddenly Soham changes his voice and says that they are not getting anything. He tears the property papers and throws them away. Balbir tries to convince Soham that he loves his son and not the property but Soham is disgusted and leaves from there.

Parmeet tries to call the scar-face but he is unable to get through to him. Desho and Sarab come to Bhullar house and talks about the Therwih(13th) are on. Rajji and Bani light diya in front of Durga ma and are praying when Anuradha comes and says that the guy is caught and he is willing to testify against Parmeet. She tells Bani to become strong as the time to send Parmeet to jail has arrived as well as the time for her to go into her house. Bani maata is again sad about sending her Parmeetji to jail! Anu and Rajji again pep-talk her that she should become strong and do the right thing. Bani is reluctant.. that’s what I got from her expressions anyway!

Parmeet comes home and sees Desho and Sarab, greets them and goes upstairs. He comes with a long face again and says that he will do anything for Bani’s aatma shanti. Rajji interrupts him and announces that he had done enough already and now whatever needs to be done, they will do. She again tells everyone that it is because of Parmeet that Bani is not in between them. Manpreet and Parmeet warn her against saying these things again in front of Desho and Sarab. Rajji says that it is important that everyone believes her today and that she has proof this time. She cues the scar-face and he enters the house.

Precap: Desho and Manpreet are disgusted with Parmeet for killing Bani!

Update Credit to: Hima

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