Desh Ki Beti Nandini 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 27th January 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with Dadi sa informing nandini about the rasam n that she needs to cook rajasthani food. GD comes along n says its tomorrow so be ready. Dadi leaves. e leaving, says Nandini you will fail to do your first task as president. Nandini prays to devi maa to give her strength to do both the tasks.

RV comes to study room. Nandini is checking some papers. She tells him about the rasam, rajastani food, culture n so many guests will be coming to their house. She says she need to cook all dishes that she has collected some information from net. n this will be a chance to learn. RV smiles n offers. she denies. He insists. She stares at him admiringly n agrees..

Nandini meets all the cooks n informs them about her task for tomorrow. They say how can you alone cook for 40 guests. Nandini says she’s not alone. They’ll work together. She tries to contact the puppet show organisers but finds all r busy. She is tensed.

she calls rohan for help. rohan gives her a number of some puppet show organiser who worked with them. she smiles n bumps into RV. RV says he called Rajasthan tourism office ppl they’ll come. She thanks him. He says no need to thank. I’d love to help you. Any other work? She says she needs his support that’s it. He wishes her luck n says he has full faith in her strength.

Nandini is in kitchen. Dadi sa comes n enquires about recipes. n encourages her.

next scene:

Nandini meets Rohan who has come to do decorations in the raghuvanshi mansion for the function. the decorations r in full swing. RV too is monitoring them along with her. He hurts himself while adjusting a nail on the wall. Nandini rushes to him. A curtain falls on both of them n BG Adha Ishq starts. GD, Chachi, Uttara gawking at them.. They come out of trance n part ways.

Nandini asks all servants to put the vegetables masala in fridge n sleep. Uttara comes stealthily during night n turns off switch n tears curtains.

Next day:

A shocked Nandini finds masala spoiled. RV shows her all curtains are torn. Dadi asks her to manage everything. She is tensed biut with Sidharth and National Decorator’s help she manages to wrap up the work. Nandini’s mom is monitoring the cooking n asks her to get ready. Before she could leave, GD taunts her that she will be doing the flag hoisting. n leaves. Dadi comes n asks her to welcome Kul Guru ji. RV comes to take Nandini with him but she says.. cant come, should stay here for some more time.

GD goes to the flag hoisting function. She meets the lady netas n says Nandini cant come bcuz of homely issues. GD starts her speech.

There at home Nandini dons her new look. (khaadi saree) n takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi reminds her to be back soon to distribute food among Guruji n guests. She praises her for her smart work. RV comes there. n says I know you are late so I will drop. They smile n leave the mansion.

GD is about to hoist the flag. A car screeches to halt n GD is shocked to see Nandini-RV walking towards her. Nandini smiles n asks GD to hoist the flag along with her.

The episode ends with RV, Nandini, GD n all saluting the tricolor.

Precap: Nandini thanks RV for help n asks him to change. RV says he can go to any extend to maintain this friendship. RV changes n comes.. he sees Nandini fell asleep on his bed. BG plays.

Update Credit to: Priyam

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