Desh Ki Beti Nandini 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 23rd December 2013 Written Update

Rajveer and Jeena are stunned after Gayatri’s announcement while Nandini and her family members are happy. Gayatri tells the media that now she hopes no one thinks that it was a political stunt. For her, her son’s and daughter in law’s happiness matter the most. Inderraj steps back now. His son tells him that everything went wrong. Inderraj says no as he sees anger and shock in Rajveer’s eyes. He reckons a storm is going to come.

Gayatri goes to Nandini parents and does her sweet talks which makes Rajveer even more angry.

Rajveer tries to go to Gayatri, but he is stopped by the media who ask him different questions about his marriage. When he’s asked where he plans to go for honeymoon, Jeena gets angry and leaves from there.

Ritu introduces her friend to Rajveer, but he doesn’t show much interest and leaves from there. Ritu asks Nandini if she fought with Rajveer even before marriage. Nandini says he must have some work.

Jeena is crying outside. Rajveer comes there. He tries to calm her down, but she gets mad at him and asks him not to touch her. She says he gave a very good gift to her for such a long relationship that they had and now she shall gift him something too. She asks him where he wants to go for honeymoon and she will sponsor tickets. Rajveer says he had no clue about this as he was told that engagement is just for show off. Jeena tells him if he really loved her, then he would have spoke inside and when his mother can break her promise, then why not him. Rajveer agrees with her and tells her that he will prove today how much he loves her by going back to London for ever. Jeena gets happy and hugs him. He tells her to pack her bags and he will meet her at the air port.

Inderraj is leaving and he sees Rajveer. He adds fuel in fire. Gayatri sees it and comes to them. She tells Inderraj to eat and then go. Inderraj says in 3 days when and if Rajveer gets married, he will eat then. He leaves. Rajveer looks at Gayatri with anger.

Nandini’s family returns home and they are relieved as everything went fine. They say they were scared for a moment when that audio recording played. Nandini too says that she was scared, but she has full faith in Rajveer. Nandini’s bro and sis go outside to get gifts. Nandini’s parents share an emotional moment with Nandini.

Gayatri is sitting alone. Dadi comes to her and says for the first time she was happy with Gayatri’s decision. Gayatri tells her, but you hate Nandini, right? Dadi says yes, but she is Rajveer’s choice, and Rajveer’s happiness matters most to me. Dadi leaves from there and Rajveer enters. He takes his anger out at Gayatri and says he listened to everything that she said, but she broke his trust and because of this he has decided to go back to London.. and this time never to return again. Gayatri says everything happened in front of him and she had no other option.. and after elections, she will break the marriage. Rajveer says enough and doesn’t listen to her at all. He leaves. Gayatri recalls her husband’s death and promise that she made to him about making Rajveer run the country. She then recalls Inderraj’s words that Rajveer is not going to last in politics for too long so it’s better if she shuts PRP. She takes out a gun and points it at her head. Rajveer is about to drive, and he gets a call from Gayatri who reminds him about doing her funeral. Rajveer is shocked and then a bullet is fired. Rajveer runs in and is shocked when he enters study room where Gayatri was.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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