Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 23rd December 2013 Written Update

Mahadev is shell shocked seeing Paravti devi unconscious. he puts her down on the ground… Ganesh questions whats happening to his mom and why isn’t his dad speaking.

Saptrishi recalls the same feeling Mahadev wears previously, when he lost devi Sati.. he was depressed and the whole world was almost destroyed. They hope that this time Mahadev won’t let anything happen to Mata Parvati..

Narayan requests Mahadev to stay calm…Mahadev gets reminded of the time when Sati devi immortalizes herself.. But Narayan constantly asks Shiva to be calm and reminds him that he has to take a new form to save Paravti devi.. as Vedynath. (I guess this avtar was already shown somewhere na)

Mahadev gets up with the same feeling…and heals Mata Parvati with his powers.. everyone is relieved to see this .. when Parvati devi stands beside SHiva, tries to hold her face..but she couldn’t feel HIM.. he is sad.
Then Nandi requests Shiv to beat the damru and echo its sounds in them all… but Shiva just looks at him and the next moment he vanishes..
All are perplexed to see this kinda behavior from Mahadev.

What shocks Parvati devi is that Shiva left without his trishul…then Parvati devi too follows Shiva and disappears,..

Kartikeya asks his uncle Vishnudev, what does this mean.. he replies that they knew that something of this sort was coming their way.. but couldn’t stop it from happening… on asked by Ganesha, Vishnuji replies that Mahadev has gone into ‘deep depression’ mode.

Saptrishi say that since Parvati ma is healed by his Vedynath avtar.. how would he be slipping into depression.. Hari replies that Shiva didn’t want to see his wife Parvati devi in such peril cause of him- he couldn’t accept it.

Brhmdev adds.. as Prakriti and Purush are two entities which complete each other- thus Mahadev did everything possible in is capability to help Parvati devi.. everyt ime he would give away his powers in all the Shkatipethas to Parvati devi..even at the end he did penance to balance energies.. but what made him like this was even after so many efforts put by him, he saw Paravti devi in such state.. he couldn’t bear this and thus became devestated.

Indr dev asks how can he go into depression, he is full of enthu, energy, positivity.. Vishnu ji clears to him that Mahadev is a husband too…who loves his wife so much..

Mahadev stands alone in the sun, flashes of incidences in his and Parvati devi’s life which he accepted as their fate..the Sati atmdahan incident,

then the time when she had to endure the pain of losing her child…he had to cut his little Ganesha’s head.. it was their fate again.

and when Devi Parvati had to forcefully take the avtar of Kaali- where she had to emotionally suffer haunt him – all those DARK moments of his life came back in his mind…he realizes his inability to fight those sufferings from reaching her..
Parvati devi arrives and tries to comfort him.. saying that she was not alone during those testing times.. and its teh proof that she is with him. but Mahadev is so deeply upset these words of solace doesn’t work and he asks Parvati devi to give him some alone time.

Indr here.. does foolish talk as always.. that its not a pb Mahadev used to do penance for so many years and there was still balance in the world.. there is nothing dangerous in it. Its their job now to handle the situation or else the world would lead to imbalance state.
Brhm dev tells Indr that imbalance has already stricken the world..

The effects are seen on the earth..the farmers expected it would rain but nothing seems to appear.. they think that god is upset with them.

Parvati devi comes back and shares that Mahadev seeks some alone time.. and his wish should be respected.
She then tells Vishnuji and Brhm dev that she never blame them for what has happened being trikaaldarshi.. they never stopped t from happening.. she knows that they couldn’t have done absolutely anything to stop it.. nobody could have.

Mahadev recalls Brhmdev’s say that whatever happened is not his fault and no one could have stopped it.

Brhaspati the wise guru apologizes on the behalf of all the devtas as the event started its course due to the abandonment of the element devtas from swarga.
Parvati devi shares that she knew something like this would occur.. Mahadev did warn her about this..and no one is to be blamed for it. Now she knows why Mahadev informed her abt this prior.. he had faith in her that she’d get him out of this state.
Paravti devi decides that she’d come what may help Mahadev to get out of the depression.. she holds his trishul in her hand.

Back here Mahadev sees the moon in the sky following him.. so he calls on both Chandr dev and Nagdev forth and he asks them to leave him alone.
Parvati devi, Kartikeya and Ganesha along wid Nandi and others could feel his agitation.

Mahadev firmly asks Chandr dev and Nag dev to leave him alone.
Chandr dev informs Paravto devi that it would be dangerous if Mahadev doesn’t up him on his forehead by 2 days.. as after 2 days Amavasya is gonna occur..
When deviParvati puts bilvpatr on the burns due to SHiva’s anger..
EVen Naradji tries to cool him down by offering to play any rythm he wishes Naradji to play..but SHiva chases him away by shouting at him.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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