Desh Ki Beti Nandini 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 11th November 2013 Written Update

Rajouri Bhag colony
Nandini reaches home. All colony people surround nandini and starts shooting questions , did Rajveer like their gift or not.?? Nandini says, She could nt meet Rajveer as he was busy and handed over all the gifts to Abhay and sure he will give those to Rajveer.

@Gayatri Devi Mansion,
Servants take the gifts inside, Chachi ji asks what are all those. They answer those were the gifts sent by party people.
Rajouri Bhag colony
Here all start praising Rajveer and rajveer might have seen all the gifts

@Gayatri Devi Mansion,
Chachiji starts to shouts on Kishan ji, why they are giving these kind of cheap gifts presented by aam aadmi and rajveer doesnt like them at all , then orders to distribute gifts to all the servants.

Nandini home,
Siddhart is ready to go for interview. Aanchal prays to Devi maa to bless and feeds him Sugar and curd. Siddhart takes Ashok pandey blessings too. Nandini enters and wishes him saying to go with confidence and also says he will sure get the job. Nandini starts filling positivity to Siddarth hopes. Siddarth and Nandini leaves for their respective works.

Conference hall of PRP office,
Abhay ticks the first phase (Ashok pandey pension task) of Project Pandey as its completed. Assistant informs about Siddhart interview. And Abhay says this is going to be the second task of Mission.

Rajveer playing Piano in his room and talking to someone in call saying only few days left here and he will b back to london very soon. Gayatri devi overhears while crossing and so tensed about rajveer words. Rajveer is busy in his piano playing and singing and doesn’t notics Gayatri Devi.

Gayatri devi in room lost in thoughts. Akanksha enters room and wonders seeing her thoughtful mother and enquires why she is upset. Gayatri devi with tenseful note explains about how to stop rajveer and she cant take it anymore. And says Why rajveer is not able to understand how the situation is and he is not ready to accept. Akanksha says confidently to let her try once last time and leaves room. Gayatri devi with last hope allow akanksha to talk to rajveer.

Nandini home,
Siddharth Pandey interview. Members start asking questions, meantime landline buzzes. It was the call from Abhay. Abhay refers not to select Siddarth pandey indirectly and not to express that the call is about him only.

Rajveer Personnel Room,
Akanksha enters.. She asks rajveer straight forward to stay back in India and his presence is required her. Rajveer denies. Akanksha loses her temper and reminds about the responsibilities as the heir of Raghuvansh Family. Rajveer angrily denies that his future is in Music only. And requests not to force and not to repeat the same thing to stay back in India. Akanksha goes so emotional and agrees she will not talk anything. Rajveer thanks her and appreciates Akanksha that he is leaving india due to the confidence he has on her and she can give a better support to Mother. Akanksha leaves room so disappointed and disapproved.

Nandini Home,
Anchal and others are tensed that Siddharth havnt reachet home yet and his call also didn’t come yet. Meantime Siddarth enters home with a serious face. \All so tensed seeing upon his serious appearance. Finally Siddarth takes out and sweet and conveys good news that he got job. Ritu starts her wish list and everyone congratualtes him. Siddathy explains he got good package of Rs 6 lakh pa. Siddarth assures he will fulfill everyone wish now onwards. Ritu asks for extra pocket money. All are happy. Siddarth goes to Nandini and thanks her the confidence she filled in. Nandini rocks.

Gayatri Devi Mansion, @ Night,
Akanksha explains about her failure to convince rajveer. Akanksha is confused so what to do. Gayatri devi assures that akankhsa is here to support so that’s why rajveer is not taking or realizing his responsibility and need of his presence for Party. Akanksha lost in thought.

Next morning, R’ Bhagh
Siddarth ready to join his bumper job. Ashoke pandey presents siddart a watch which he got as send off gift while retirement. Siddarth takes blessing of mother and father. Siddarth leaves.

PRP office,
Ab hay’s secretary asks, Abhay asked the manager not to offer job. But he got the job. Abhay explains that her doubt will be cleared today evening.

Precap : Siddarth at office on his frist day… Goes to reception and introducess himself
Nandini and rest all discussing about siddarth. Meantime Nandini gets call from Siddarth and screen freezes on her serious face.

Update Credit to: Gayathri_MSK

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