Jodha Akbar 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 12th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
jodha is mourning infornt of kahna and says why exam for me everytime, i gave exam and passed but this is extreme, when girl become mother its proud moment for parents but my husband insulted me why you allowed him to do that.

Scene 2
ruks is in thoughts, hoshiyar says dont worry you will give heir and says what if jodha dont become mother, ruks gives a tight slap to him and says never say that again i cant think of killing jalal’s child, i have gone through this so i cant think of doing it even for my enemy, i am sad that i would not be mariam zamani, it was in jodha’s fate, never think of this again i am not that cheap, she ask hoshiyar to get lost.

Scene 3
maham comes to jodha and hamida and congratulate jodha and says jodha is going to fulfill mughal’s dream, jalal comes, maham says there is hope in god’s house always, i went to pray for you and look it worked, i am very happy for you, maham thinks that jalal seems to be not happy, maham ask priest to pray for them to save them from evil eye, priest ask jalal to stand beside jodha, she prays for them, jalal stand, after prayer he goes. Maham thinks that jalal is hiding something.

Scene 4
ruks comes to jalal and says i came on kings order as our friendship is over, jalal says i wanted to talk to my friend, ruks starts to go, jodha comes and ask ruks to stop, i want to talk to jalal in your presence, she stays back, jodha ask jalal why he broke his promise, he asked her to follow her religion and for that he went against all minister then why he broke his other promise? He had many other option to fulfill his desire then why me? Its evident that you dont love me then why he did that me. Jalal says i am a king and i dont have to answer for anything jalal thinks you should answer. Ruks says you said jodha is asking something you must answer her. Precap. He says enough, i dont want to talk further go from here, jodha doesnt budge, he comes closer and very angrly ask her to go.

Scene 5
jalal is practising sword fightin and fight very angerly, adka comes to fight, jalal throws him down, then realizes its adkha, adka says you injured many soldiers and ask whether your health is not good, jalal says i am king and i have fight with all odds, adka ask whether you will listen to common people, jalal says its my duty and i will do that.
In court, a thief comes, jalal ask soldiers to cut his hands, all are stunned, second is couple, man says she is having affair with another man, she is pregnant, i was out of town so this child is not mine, jalal clutches his hands and imagines himself and jodha in couple, jalal ask women imagining as jodha whether she want to say something, she says i love someone else and this child is its prove, i want divorce from my husband, husband says i fulfilled my relation with full then why should i give divorce, women says i dont love him and dont want him to touch me, couple fight, man says to have shame people are laughing on you, women says people are laughing on you that you are not a man, man says to jalal that she made fun out of my love, they ask for justice, women says i cant live with one i dont love, jalal shouts stop cheap women, dont you have fear of god that you made physical relation with another man when you are married, this is biggest sin, he ask minister to make sure this child is born then kill this women with stones in centre road along with that man who is equally responsible for this sin, women keeps saying this is not justice, soldiers take her away.

Scene 6
jodha is crying that it is big thing for everyone that a queen is becoming mother but i am sad that jalal did that without my consent, hamida comes and says some big priest came to bless your child lets go, other side maham says to jalal that priest want to bless your child and mughal,s heir, jalal thinks its not my child niether mughal hier, maham can sense tension on jalal’s face. they come outside and thinks looking at each other that you have hurt me a lot.

Precap- Jalal asks Jodha who is responsible for her adultery and whose child is this, Jodha stops him and points a finger at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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