Desh Ki Beti Nandini 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 11th December 2013 Written Update

Nandini says photo is correct, but everything else is made up. Her phone rings. Her mother is against her going to PRP office again, but Nandini’s father supports Nandini and says she can’t stop working because of media. Her mother gets angry and leaves.

Rajveer comes to Gayatri and gets angry for involving Nandini in all this. He says he did everything she told him, he forgot his dreams, and still this. Gayatri says she had to do because Rajveer went to meet Jeena in spite of her saying no. She had to do because Jeena is a daughter of a criminal and if public finds that out, then all their effort until now would go waste. Rajveer is concerned about Nandini’s image and her parents. Gayatri says public doesn’t remember anything for too long.

Media will bring new issues tomorrow and public will forget about Nandini in few months. After that Nandini can find a good guy and get settled down.

Nandini returns home and is parking her scooty. Her friend comes there and talks with her. Some ladies come and start insulting Nandini. Nandini tells them she hasn’t done anything wrong and there is no reason she should be ashamed of. She says they can say anything to her, but requests not to say anything to her parents. Neighbors leave. Nandini walks into her house and her mother is standing there. She drags Nandini in and starts lecturing her. Nandini’s father tries to defend her, but her mother asks him not to interfere today as all this happened because of extra freedom that Nandini got because of him. She tells Nandini no matter how good a guy is, you don’t go out with him unless you’re married. Society is just waiting for a chance and they got it. She says if Nandini didn’t go for dinner, then all this would have never happened. Nandini tries to defend, but is slapped by her mother this time. Her mother warns her if she goes to Rajveer’s house again, then Nandini will have to see dead body of her mother. Nandini is shocked and comes to her room and cries.

Jeena is questioning Rajveer about Nandini. Rajveer says nothing is serious. She says his photo is with another girl in newspaper and any sensible girl would question him. She asks him who he wants to see his photo with, Nandini or her. Until he decides, she says to him to stay away from her. She leaves. Rajveer then says it’s all dirty politics and you became part of it. He then receives a call from Nandini. Nandini says she knows he’s not wrong, but she is a normal girl and doesn’t get politics of big people. She says she just cares about her parents and they are very hurt after this news. Rajveer says he will see what he can do.

Pappu, whom Abhay used for Project Pandey, comes to Inderraj and tells him everything. Other hand, Abhay comes to Gayatri and tells her that Pappu cheated them and told everything to Inderraj. Gayatri is very worried and doesn’t know what to do to save their image. She is sure Inderraj will take advantage of this and once public comes to know about it, they would think PRP doesn’t care about general public at all. Abhay says he has a plan which is engagement of Nandini and Rajveer. By doing that, they can build very strong relationship with the public, and by this Inderraj’s politics career will end as well. Gayatri doesn’t agree that. She says she just can’t make any girl their daughter in law. They are Rajputs in end and cannot think about family with no status. Abhay says he is just saying engagement, not marriage. They can keep marriage date after elections, and then they can make an excuse and break the engagement. Gayatri still doesn’t agree as even until then, they will have to treat Nandini’s family as their rishtedaar. Abhay says he was appointed to make sure Rajveer becomes PM and one no, and he can lose his seat. Tomorrow Gayatri may have to regret that why she said no. He tells Gayatri she has 4 hours as Indeeraj has arranged a press conference after 4 hours in which he hopes to put the end on PRP. Gayatri gets thoughtful..

Precap: Rajveer comes to Nandini’s house and asks if he can talk to Nandini. Somewhere else, Gayatri puts a proposal of becoming her daughter in law in front of Nandini.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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