Sasural Simar Ka 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 12th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Everone is in the living room.
Mausi ji says to Uma okay i won’t eat the cake give me the biscuits. Uma serves everyone the biscuits.
Roli and Simar enter the kitchen Roli says I think Sid is angry with me . They see Shaureya there he says wow now the husband is angry with you too. I am the evil that nobody can change. I loved that apology. I know you both are down with the burden of lose but when the enemy is saing something listen it carefully. Won’t you ask why am i doing this ? The way you insulted me and my sister I am not gonna pardon this family for that. I won’t leave you two.

Scene 2
Soniya asks his employee what about the interviews ? He says I did a lot of interviews today but couldn’t find a guy like Siddhant. She says

I pay you to follow my orders. I need a guy as qualified and eligible as Sid.

Scene 3
Roli says to sid are you angry ? He says asking something you already know is useless. He says I came back home yesterday leaving my job breaking the trust of my brother. I needed you at that time but I found that you were so busy spoiling my sister’s life. I miss my friend. You taught me to share things but you have backed off yourself. I miss my friend. Roli says I am sorry reaching for his hand. He backs his hand off and says I should be sorry for expecting so much. He leaves the room.

Scene 4
Mausi ji says to jhanvi wow shaureya is giving you surprises since last night but the best gift is this ring shaureya gave you and your mother india has made you the cake. Jhanvi is about to blow the candles Prem says wait wish something. She saysi just wish that my love with shaureya always gorws. She cuts the cake. Everyone wishes her. Jhanvi says Pari bhabhi why are you worried ? She says I am just worried about the shop. There was no profit today. So many sweets are spoiled due to this reason. Achna says don’t worry next year will bring you a lot of success. Jahnvi says she is right you will earn so much. Smile because you look cute that way. She makes her eat the cake.She makes roli and simar eat the cake too. Everyone gives her the gifts. Sid asks her where is our gift. She says i forgot it in the car. Let me bring it. Its dark outside she is rummaging in the care for the gift suddenly someone comes and holds her from the back she thinks its sid but she understands later that its someone else. She starts screaming Sid’s name. He says where will you go who will save you. She says how dare you touch me. He place his hand of her mouth and hrows her one the floor. She turns back and couldn’t find anywhere there.
Roli comes in the house crying. She hugs sid’s name He asks whats wrong ? Shaureya says whats wrong roli bhabhi ? She says when I was taking out the gift someone came from the back and held me and said in a weird voice till when will you be safe from me ? Sid says who can do this ? Simar asks are you okay ? She says yes. Sid says let me look for him prem and all others go with him too. Rajhinder says we should inform the police. Mata ji says yes he is right. Roli says no its jhanvi’s birthday we will inform the police tomorrow. Sid and all others come in and everyone asks them could they see anyone ? Sid says no. Prem gives her the gift. She gives the gift to jhanvi. Simar says now when roli is showing the courage why are you all so scared please smile. Everone smiles.

Precap- Shaureya’s eyes are covered with a cloth and he has to find jhanvi. She says you said you can find me wityh closed eyes now do. He says till when you will be safe from me jhanvi. Roli got startled finding it to be the same voice she heard outside,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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