Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts where it ended Divya and Sid asks Nandini to help them… RV comes there (he didn’t heard anything) he saw Sid there and ask him to join them for Engagement … all goes inside the house where every one waiting… Swaroop take divya to Gautam for engagement… Nandini in tention… Abhay see her and goes to her and ask her why she looking worried Nandini says nothing… Abhay still asking her… but Nandini ignores him and go towards RV… RV also ask her why she looking worried… Nandini ask him about loves important in merriage… RV ask her why she asking all this… Engagement ceremoney starts divya takes the engagement ring but it fall down and roll down towards Nandini… Swaroop ask Nandini to give back the ring but Nandini says she can’t give ring back as Divya loves someone else… everyone shocked… all asks Nandini whom divya loves… Nandini says Siddharth… all gets angry… divya also admitt in frount of everyone that she loves Sid and want to marry him… Sid also accept it… divya’s father says that he will never alow divya to merry Sid… he taunt Nandini about there middle class status… Divya’s brother Rajas insults Nandini says all this happening because of her… RV gets angry and warns Rajas that he will not listen a single word against Nandini… RV try to explaine everyone that status… money are not important if two ppl love each other… and if divya and sid loves each other then family should support them… Gautam’s family angry and mr. suryavanshi says that they wil not do business with Raghvanshi’s and forgett about election fund also… Gd and vikhyat angry… dadisa says that divya’s merriage wij happen where she wants… Vikhyat try to argue bv dadisa don’t listen… everyone leaves from there angryly… dadisa give blessings to divya and sid’ they are happy… dadisa also praise RV for the way he supported Nandini… and also praise Nandini for her courage and hugs her dadisa leaves from there… RV and Nandini going towards there room… RV gets Romantic and he lifts Nandini and says I love you… Nandini also says that she loves him too RV get more close to Nandini bv she stop him and they go to there room… Abhay sees all this… Episode ends…

PRFCAP :- GD’s plan to kill Nandini… GD swith on all buttons of gase stove… send Nandini to make tea for her… Nandini in kitchen about to burn the stove

Update Credit to: divya

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