Sadda Haq 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 10th April 2014 Written Update

Vardhan asks Parth if his parents would take that money. Part who is in front of him is not the kid Parth who worked hard and earned money. This is Parth is a loser who found a shortcut to earn money. He asks him to take money and he’s not just giving like that, he will have to earn it. He offers him his lab assistant position. Along with studies, leading the Dream Team, he will have to work as well now. Parth now takes it and apologizes him for his behavior. Vardhan tells him to be sorry when he can’t fulfill his responsibilities. If he gets less sleep due to extra responsibilities, then he won’t feel sorry for him.

Sanyukta is frustrated as she is not able to find the right solution. She’s destroying her design when Parth comes there and calms her down after explaining her a lot. Sanyukta decides to start her design from the scratch as if base is strong, then finishing will be correct and faster too. While they are working on it, she sees Parth’s hand bleeding. Parth says they are making good progress so forget everything else. Sanyukta still shows concern, and then he goes to do aid.

Now Randhir comes in and calls her a second ranker. Sanyukta grabs his collar and argues with him. He shows errors in her design. She says, you’re right. And honestly, I can’t believe you came to help me. He says, you’re right. You need help, and that too very badly because there are still many loop holes in this design that she won’t understand being a second ranker. Sanyukta asks him if he came to help her or insult her. Randhir says everything has a price, he will help her, but on one condition. Sanyukta refuses to agree for any terms and says she will get help from other classmates, if she can’t do it herself. He asks her to think again. She asks him what he wants. He says the condition is, while he works on the design for next 3 days, she will have to dressed up like a traditional girl and behave like how a girl should behave. He asks her, her ego or her father’s factory? She asks him why that condition because she’s a girl? He says, no, because she’s not a boy. She refuses to agree. He asks her to rethink and gives her until evening time, after that she can forget that he offered a help.

Parth gets employeement letter and he’s very happy. He visits a boy who is polishing shoes just like he used to in his childhood. He gives money to his parent and in return, asks the boy to go to school every day. The boy hugs him.

Sanyukta is trying to find the solution with YoYo, Jiggy, Kastuki, Sahil, but they all find it too difficult. Jiggy says they will need a genius to improve design more than what Sanyukta did already. They all leave. Sanyukta remembers Randhir’s words.

Randhir seems to have already started working on the design. He says to himself, more she tries to take help from others, she will find it more and more difficult. No one can help her, only he can.

Kastuki is talking to her mum. Jiggy keeps hugging her. She gets mad and pushes him away third time. Jiggy takes her phone and disconnects. Both fight. Kastuki leaves.

To thank Vardhan for giving his support, guidance to him and bringing back on the right path, he polishes his shoes against his will. Parth tells him to take it as thank you. He’s glad that he found such a mentor. Had he found him before, he would have never gone on the wrong path. Vardhan asks him to stop showing his sentiments and go back to class. Instead thanking him, work on the Dream Team competition because that is what counts. After Parth leaves, Vardhan says he’s proud of him.

Investors are asking Sanyukta’s dad for money. Ankit tells them they didn’t say anything when they were profiting. His dad asks him to stay quiet. Sanyukta calls at her house and asks for her mum. Ankit gets mad and puts the phone down. Sanyukta hears his dad conversation and investors asking him to give money within 2 weeks else they will use legal ways. Sanyukta cries.

Precap: Sanyukta gets ready in a traditional dress, bangles, etc like Randhir told her to. She walks in the college and boys can’t stop looking at her. She comes to Randhir and he too is stunned and clean bowled.

Update Credit to: Tina

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