Death day – Ragsan – Part 7

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Ragini reached hospital. She entered his cabin. He was in OT. He left his mob there only. She took it dialed number. After sometime samay enters cabin and saw ragini waiting for him. He hugs her and abt to kiss her but she stopped him.

Rag: I want to talk to u something important.

Sam: say.

Rag: don’t take me wrong. But whatever between us was not love. We shud stop here and end.

Samay looks at her confused.

Sam: wat do u mean by stop, end?

Rag: in our relation only u loved me. I never loved u. I tried, I thought seeing ur love, in future I may love u. but I realized that I’ll never love u. coz I love someone else. I don’t want to lie u and cheat u. I never felt like loving u. as u said there’s no relation without love. So it’s better to break up.

Sam was just looking at her.

Rag: I hav something for u. come in.

Manvi enters inside. Samay looks at her amazed.

Sam: u here?

Rag: I only called her from ur mob which u left here. She loves u a lot samay. For my sake, give one chance to ur relation. She’s perfect wife for u. u try to b perfect hubby for her. M sure u can do.

Samay eyes got filled.

Sam: ra..g.. i… (he cudnt speak further)

Manvi keeps her hand on his shoulder. He looks at her and again looks at ragini.

Rag: m sry. But pls for my sake .. will u..?

Sam: of course. First time u asked me something. I’ll definitely give chance to our relation.

He hugs her.

Sam: I love u ragini.

Rag: I love u too samay, but as a friend. And I hope u. not only u. u both will b with me as my best friends forever.

Samay side hugs manvi: of course.

Manvi too smiles at her.

Ragini leaves from there.

Sam: m sry manvi.

Man: its ok. U came back to me. That’s enough for me.


Ragini happily left hospital. She called someone and said to meet at xyz restaurant.


Ragini reached reataurant and sits on a chair. She again goes in FB.


‘happy birth day ragini’

Ragini woke up from bed: mom. Thanku.

She hugs sharmishta: happy birthday to u also mom.

Shar: lets celebrate. We have party to nite. Today we will celebrate my daughter’s 6th bday.

Evng ragini was cutting cake with shar. All guest were there. But her father shekhar still not came. All guest left. Ragini was sad.

Shar: don’t wry beta. Ur dad will come soon. U go and sleep.

Ragini went to sleep. After 2 hours she woke up hearing voice of shekhar. He was fighting with sharmishta. He was drunk.

Shek: its my fault that I married u. useless lady. Daily I tell u to leav my home. Again u come in front of me. I hate u.

Sharmishta was crying sitting at a corner. Ragini was seeing this from her room.


Mrng ragini woke up herself.

Rag: mom dint come to wake me up.

She goes to kitchen but she was not there. She searched all over home, she saw her in store room laying on floor.

Rag: mom . wake up. Wat happened.?

She started to cry. Listening her cry all neighbors comes and sees that sharmishta died taking sleeping pills. They informed police. Police takes shekhar with them and left.

Rag screamed: I hate u dad. I hate u.

FB ends.

Some one comes and sits in front of her chair.

Man: how r u?

Rag: m fine dad.

(yes its shekhar)

Shek: still u dint forgive me? I called u so many times in mrng to wish u. but u dint reciev. I know that m responsible for ur mom’s death. I suffered a lot in these years. I was stupid that I dint realize ur mom’s love for me. But I lost her. But I don’t want to lose u. whenever u ignore me, I really feel hurt. Pls forgive me beta.

Rag: its ok dad. U realized thts enough for me. I was angry on u just coz I lost my mom coz of u. and m sry that I dint do my duty of daughter. I always ignored u , hurt u. m sry.

Shek: no beta. M sry. Thanku for forgiving me.

Both smiles. They spend sometime.

Ragini left from there to confess her love to sanskar.

Rag: mom. Wherever u r. I know u r seeing me. Mom m very happy today. I fixed everything. I made my relation good with dad. I make samay realize his love for manvi. Till now I was living without any goal, without any love. But today, I found my love. I love sanskar very much mom. He also loves me. Today I’ll confess my love mom.

She stops and sees time. Its abt to 8. I shud leav now to kill Tom.


She reached hospital and goes near ward of Tom.

Rag: I hope still that police is not dead.

She saw that Tom is fighting with that police. Ragini goes to help police but till that Tom kills him. now he looked towards ragini. She got panicked. She takes her gun out but Tom pushed her and gun fell far. He took rod. Ragini struggles with him. she gets hurt on her body. She saw gun of that dead police. She took it and fired on Tom continuously.
There was a silence. Tom was in pool of blood. Ragini slowly goes near him and made confirm that he’s dead. She smiled and left that place.


She reached her hostel.

Rag: finally I killed him. now tmrw will b 6th june for me. I’ll b out of loop.

She was happy like anything.

Rag: but before that I shud confess my feelings to him. he’ll b shocked knowing that I knew his love for me. M so excited. Wait wait I cant tell I love you like this. No arrangements. Nothing.

She looks around. She collects some things from her room like color papers etc. she decorates room in available simple things. She called him.

Rag: he can come at any time.

She heard his voice.

San: ragini. M here. open the door.

She got happy. She sees herself once and switched off lights and opened door.

San: ragini. Y its dark. Switch on the lights.

She switched on. He looks room decorated with papers, pens, files and few colored clothes in different ways.

San: wats this ragini?

Rag: surprise for u.

San: surprise? Me?

Rag: actually.. u had to give. But no prob. M giving.

San: ragini m not understanding.

Rag: see there.

She shows him wall which is covered with a cloth. She removes it. It was written I love you with different color sketch pen.

San gets shocked: wats this?

Rag: sry. I dint had much time. So did arrangement like this.

San: m asking abt …

Rag: I love you.

San: ??

Rag: don’t u know?

San: ??

Rag: I know that u love me.

San: wat??

Rag: don’t b shocked. I know u love me. And u dint tel coz I was with samay. But let me tell u that I don’t love samay. I love you. I cleared my relation with him.

San: ragini. How did u..?

Rag: now u’ll stand like this only or propose me?

San with teary eyed: I love u ragini. I love u the most. Will u marry me?

Rag: yes yes yes.

Both hug and kissed each other’s forehead.

Rag: oh no.

San: wat happened.

Rag: I forgot to bring sweets. For this special moment I don’t hav sweets also.

San: don’t wry. U decorated room like this without anything then I know u can do anything.(smiled)

Rag smiled at looks at room. She saw fridge. She sees inside and found only few fruits, juice, cup cake and jam. She took them.

Rag: lets celebrate in this only.

San: of course my dear.

First sanskar keeps cup cake in between and keeps a candle and lightens it.

San: I hope today u will celebrate ur bday.

Rag: yes. Coz m very happy and u r with me.

She blows candle.

San: happy birthday to u ragini.

He feeds her cake. Then both cut fruits and feed each other with their hands.

Rag: I love u sanskar. Love u so much.

San: me too ragini.

Rag in mind: now tmrw will b 6th june. M out of loop.

She happily sleeps.


Next mrng ragini woke up smilingly thinking its 6th june. she found herself again in sanskar’s room. She gets hell shocked. She see date. Its 5th june. she gets her dad’s call. She was very much shocked.

Rag: how it can b possible. I killed Tom. He’s dead. And I was happy after spending time with sanskar. Then y m not out of this loop. ?

She cried.

Rag: wait. Let me think. Everytime time resets after my death only. I was abt to out of this loop after killing my murderer. It means Tom is not killer. Time resets means i got killed. But how? Who?

Precap: real killer is …………..?

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