Arrange marriage love – Ragsan – 4

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Both were not getting words to speak. Sanskar was gathering courage as if he was going to prepare for a war.

San: do u want to ask something?

Rag was silent.

San: down side all our elder’s r fixing marriage date. Soon we r going t married. U can ask me if u have any kind of questions.

She was still silent.

San in mind: I think I shud make first move.

San: can I ask u something?

Rag nods head.

San: do u like joint family or living only with husband after marriage?

Rag(slowly without raising head): I don’t have any prob with joint family. Even I love being together. It makes our bond strong. It increases love towards eachother.

San gets happy by her thinking.

San(hesitating): do.. u…. ha.. have.. any…… (he stops)

Rag: if I wud have bf then I wud have not said yes to this marriage.

San: sry.. actually. I just want to clarify. I don’t want anyone to bind in unwanted relation. Sry if it hurts u.

Rag: don’t b sry. U can ask me anything. U have rite to ask.

San: not only me. U too.

Rag slowly raises her head and looks in his eyes. They share an eyelock. It broke by birds voices.

Rag: wat made u to say yes for this marriage?

San: to b honest .. first of all I don’t go against my family as I know my family always wishes best for me. And second is……. rite now m fully agreed as I liked ur thinkings abt my family.

Rag: wat do u expect from ur wife?

San: we don’t marry for any expectations. We marry to spend life with eachother happily.

Ragini was feeling happy.

San: will u answer for the same?

Rag: i do expect.

He looks at her.

Rag: I expect that my husband shud treat equally between his parents and my parents. That’s it. I love my parents.

San: from now onwards ur parents r my parents.

Rag smiles.

San: anything else u want to ask?

Rag: no.

San: then can I say that from now u r my fiancé.

Rag blushes.

San: I don’t have any prob to marry u.

Swara and maya came.

Swa: is it over or still u need time?

Ragini glares at her.

San: lets go maya.

Maya and swara went. Sanskar was also moving his wallet fell down.

Rag: suniye.

San turns.

Rag: ur wallet.

He takes it and smiles at her.

Downside all were waiting for them.

All sit in their place.

Shar: ragini beta.

Rag looks at her and tell yes by eyes. Shar gets happy.

Dadi: can we fix the date.?

Shek: ji. Why not? We asked pandit ji. He told next week is gud for engagement. On that day we wil fix marriage date. Wat u say?

Dadi: its gud. We don’t have prob. We wil leav now.

Shar: pls have bf and go. Now we became samdhi.

All agree and do bf. But ragini was inside only during their bf. San got sad that she’s inside.

All left.


Shek: swara, bring ragini here. she might b in her room.

She went and both came together.

Shek made ragini sit in center and both side shar and shek sit.

Shek: ragini. R u happy with this marriage? Did u like sanskar? U can tell us whatever u feel.

Rag: dad, he’s not bad.

Swa: oho.. rani ko raja pasand aa gaya.

Shek: swara.

Saw: ok sry. U both sat her either side. Wher shud I sit.

She sits down infront of ragini holding her both hands.

Rag: after talking with him, I felt he’s gud. I liked his thinking.

Shar: u don’t have ny prob na beta?

Rag: no mom. After all u both always choose best for me. I love u all.

Shek: we just want ur happiness beta. Nothng is more than that for us.

Swa: then shall we celebrate it?

All galre at her.

Swa: wat? Today no scoldings. It’s a big day. Meri ragini ka rishta pakka ho gaya. Party to banti hai shekhar.

Shek: lets order something here only. Swara.

Swa: yes boss.

She ordered.

Soon they got ordered food.

She opened the cake from it.

Shar: ragini. Come cut the cake.

Rag: cake? Y now?

Shek: we r celebrating ur happiness. Come on.

Ragini holds knife. She takes swara and shar shek hands also with her. Then all together cut cake and feed each other.


@maheshwari mansion.

Sanskar was feeling restless. He was just changing his sides on bed. Just then mohit and maya entered.

Mohit: I think mere bhai ko nind nai aa rahi.

May: ragini ka jaadu jo chal gaya.

San: shut up u both.

Moh: shut up to us ha? Maya. Don’t give her number then. Lets go back.

San excitedly: number? Ragini’s?

May: ya. We thought u wud like to talk with her. If u don’t want, then ok.

San: ok ok . sry for telling shut up. Give me number pls.

Moh: maya. Chalo de dete hai. Its not gud to make him wait more. But one condition.

San: ??

Moh: u shud talk with her now only.

San: wat? R u mad?

May: ya. We r mad. But condition is condition.

San: its nite. She might have slept.

Moh: no baby. Love birds wont get sleep after first meet. See urself only. How u r behaving. as if some precious thing u lost.

May: say whether u’ll call her now or not?

San cant win over them.

San: ok fine. Remember when ur turn comes I won’t leav. Badla to pakka lunga.

Moh: later on we will see. Call her now.

Maya dialed number.

San: how did u get her number?

Maya: from swara. Don’t tell anyone. No one knows in home. If dadi come to know then we gone. Its ringing. Take it.


Ragini saw an unknown number on her mob. Swara looks at mob then at ragini. She gives mischievous smile to her.

Rag: it means ?

Swa: yes. U r thinking rite. Now reciev and put on speaker.

Rag: wat?

Swa: yes. Don’t wry. In first call only ur private talks wont start.

Rag: idiot.

Swa: reciev fast.

Same convo here too happens and san puts it on speaker.

San: hello.

Rag: hello.

San: its me.

Rag: ji pata chala. Kahiye.

San(widen his eyes): how do u know its me? (he thinks may b her heart says).

Rag: swara told me.

San face fell. Maya sign him.

Maya audible to him: ask abt dinner and all idiot.

San: had ur dinner.?

Rag: ji. Urs?

San: ji had.

Maya: idiot. Ji kyu bola?

San: sry. I mean had.

Rag: then?

San: then?

Rag: y u called?

Swara slapped her head: idiot girl. He wants to talk to u.

San: nothing simply. Ok then. Gn.

Rag: ok gn bye.

San: bye.

They cut call.

San: its really tough to talk with her.

May: u both r going to marry. Then wat tough. It happens first time.

They heard some noise.

Moh: kahi dadi to nai ayi?

Ap: so u guys talking with my bahu without telling me?

San blushes: nothing like that mom.

Ap: my cute son. M happy to see u like this.

Again they heard some noise. Its dadi this time. Allstood up.

Dadi: wats going on here? its too late. still u dint sleep?

Moh: actually … dadi. I came to take my t-shirt which I gave him mrng. Ok gn dadi.

He left.

May: I came to take my phone. By mistake I left in his bag. Gn. Bye.

She too left.

Dai: (at ap): wat abt u?

Ap: maa ji. He had not took his dinner properly. So I came. Gn maa ji.

She also left. Dadi turned to sanskar.

Dadi: u got tired. I hope u don’t have any prob with this marriage. Its late. sleep now.

She went. Sanskar looks at his mob. Kissed his screen wher he put ragini’s pic.

Hope u liked it.

Love u all…………..

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