Death day – Ragsan – Part 6

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Ragini called sanskar.

Rag: sanskar. Come soon. And ha. We wil go by cab. There r chances to b caught if we use bike.

San: ok.

Sanskar got ready and left his room.

San: from here I’ll go by bike. Then we wil take cab from her hostel.

He took his bike and left for her hostel. On his way he saw big traffic jam. He asked to a man there.

San: wat happened here?

Man: don’t know. But police r checking something. Don’t know how much time it wil take to clear this traffic.

San: this time only this shud happen. It will b late. I need to go soon.


Ragini is waiting for him.

Rag: sanky y dint u come still. Its getting late.

After sometime.

Rag: I cant wait any more. Its late. if I wait then that killer may kill me till nite. I cant leav this chance.

She left in cab.


She reached hospital. She moved to Tom’s ward. There she shocked to see a police died on floor and tom escaped. She gets scared.

Rag: definitely he’s searching me now to kill. I must find him first and kill. He must b in hospital only.

Ragini started to search him in hospital. She was hiding and searching as she knew Tom also might b searchiung for her. She heard some noise behind her. She was sweating badly. She slowly took outside gun from her bag and turned behind quickly holding gun. But she finds none. She took a deep breath.

Rag: I can’t b weak.

She started her search. While in a turn she saw Tom standing holding a rod in his hand. She got hell scared seeing him and tried to shoot him from her gun. But her hands were shivering and she missed her aim. Tom tried to snatch gun from her. They both started to fight. In this fight ragini shot but missed aim everytime. Now her gun was empty. She threw that and searching something to hit him. She started to run. Tom was running behind her to catch her. She hit by something to her leg and she fell down. Tom took rod and abt to hit her sanskar comes and holds his hand.

San: ragini run.

Rag: but..

San: I’ll manage. U just run.

Rag: let whatever happen, we will face together.

Sanskar fighting wit him pushed him and he fell on ground floor from first floor.

Sanskar was breathing heavily.

Rag: r u alright?

San: ya. But y did u come here without me.? Wat if something happened?

Rag: u care that much for me?

She looks in his eyes with tears filled. He too looks at her. Suddenly he hugs her and cries.

San: I love u so much ragini. From the day one m loving u. even I tried to say many times but cudnt in fear of loosing u.

He broke his hug.

San: I know u love samay. Sry. I cudnt control my feelings.

Rag: don’t say sry. Even i…

Sanskar fell down. She was shocked to see Tom behind him. he had already inserted rod inside sanskar, so he fell down.

Rag screams: sanskar. Get up. Pls get up. U dint hear my confess. I love u too sanskar. Get up pls. u had told u’ll never leav me alone. U cant leav me like this.

She cried seeing him dead. As she saw Tom attacking on her, she took axe from there and hit on his neck due to which he died.

She goes back to sanskar.

Rag: I was feeling very happy to get u but u snatched my happiness by leaving me like this. Pls sanskar.

She sits and cries putting her on his chest. After sometime.

Rag: I cant lose u. whenever time resets everything becomes same. I can kill him again but I want u sanskar. For that I must die.

She sees rope and hangs herself.


As usual she got up in his room. As soon she saw sanskar entering room she ran and hugged him.

Rag: thank god I got u back. M very happy.

San confused: hey ragini b calm. M ok. Wat happened to u.?

Rag in mind: love happened sanskar. With u.

He shakes her.

San: hello miss ragini. Where u lost.?

Rag: nowhere. I’ll leav for hostel now. Thanks for whatever u did for me.

She kissed his cheek and left. Sanskar kept his hand on his cheek and smiled.

Coming out from his room.

Rag: I came to know u love me. I knew y u have not confessed till now. I’ll make everything rite and then will confess and give u shock.

She was smiling and very happy. She saw same blind beggar. She happily gives him more money. And she praised painter for his beautiful painting. She reached hostel and saw megha standing holding cake wishing for her. This time ragini happily hugs her and thanked her for wishing. She gets fresh and decides to meet samay and left for hospital. On the way she goes in FB.


She was having lunch in hospital with samay. Samay was feeding her with spoon. A lady entered cabin that time. She was looking angry.

Sam: manvi? U here?

Man(played by tina dutta): u never expected me here rite? I always wait for u in home and u avoid me by telling reasons. So this was ur reason. I never thought u’ll betray me. And u(towards ragini) , don’t u have shame to b with a married man?

Sam: shouts. Manvi u go from here. don’t create scene in my hospital. We can talk in home also.

Manvi saw all staff looking at them. She angrily leaves from there. As she leaves sam gets slapped by ragini.

Rag( angrily): how dare u to lie me? Being married man, u want to marry me again? I thought u r a nice person. Shame on u to betray ur wife. Now there’s nothing between us. Am going to ur wife to ask sry and will tell truth. I don’t want her to think bad abt me.

She was moving from there but samay stopped her holding her hand.

Sam: pls ragini listen to me once.

Rag: nothing left to listen.

Sam: pls let me explain. Pls, pls, only one time.

Ragini stopped.

Sam: I agree that I lied u. but its not lie that I love u. I really love u. mine and manvi had arrange marriage. I tried but I never loved her. How can I live in that relation where there is no love. When I saw u I found my love. So I thought to divorce manvi and marry u. I was waiting for rite time. Trust me ragini I never wanted anything to hide from u. I really love u so much. Just think abt my love.

Rag lost in thinking. “How can I live in that relation where there is no love.” These words of sam were ringing in her mind. She remembers how her mom and dad used to fight daily. Dad always use to say that he never loved mom. For name sake he is in relation. There is no relation without love.

Rag in mind: he’s rite. There’s no relation without love. If there’s no love between them , then its better to end that relation rather than dragging for name sake.

Rag: ok. But before ur divorce I want to talk with ur wife.

Sam: no prob. U can.

FB ends.

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