Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 42

Hello friends… here with next part.

Arjun and ragini goes to nearby café. They ordered coffee.

Arj: we will directly go to home with satwik. Little time left for school to leav.

After having coffee they were sitting in car and waiting till school leav.

School bell rang.

Ragini get excited and get down from car. She went near school. She saw both her kids coming together. It was like dream for her to see them together.

They came near her.

Sat: sanskruti. She’s my mom. Mom, she’s my new friend sanskruti.

Sans: I know this aunty. hello aunty.

Rag smiles.

Rag: do u want ice cream beta.?

Sans (widen her eyes): yes aunty. I love ice cream.

Rag: both of u come with me. U only select which flavor u want.

Sans: but my brother still has to come.

Sank: di.. where r u going leaving me?

Sans: m here only. Meet aunty. satwik’s mom. She’s very sweet. Aunty he’s my bro sanket.

Sank(smiles): hello aunty.

Ragini’s face fell seeing him.

Sank: di.. mom came.

Rag looks there. Nitya was coming.

Nit: hi kiddos. Wat r u both doing here? I told u to wait near gate.

Sanskruti introduces ragini to nitya. Both says hello.

Nit: I think we met before.

Rag: yesterday only. Near princi cabin.

Nit: oh ya.

Sank: mom. Dad not came?

Rag looks at nitya.

Nit: no beta. He’s busy in his office. Lets go. Bye ragini.

Rag: bye.

Nitya went taking both with her. Ragini was trying hard to control her tears. She was not able to see her daughter calling mom to other lady.

Arj: ragini. Shall we go?

Rag: she called her mom. Did u listen? But m her mom arjun.

Arjun side hugs her and takes her along with satwik.

At home ragini told everything to sharda. Sharda got emotional seeing ragini.

Shar: happy now? U saw ur daughter.

Rag: ha maa. U know she looks very beautiful.

Shar: of course. Y not? She’s ur daughter. She must b beautiful.

They smile.


Few days passed. Ragini daily used to go school to meet sanskruti. She also talks with nitya if she meets her. Ragini felt nitya gud girl. But she cant see sanskar with any other except her. Sanskruti and sanket soon got close to ragini. Ragini considered sanket also among them. Satwik was very happy seeing that he got 2 new friends.


Mrng sans and sank were having bf. They were talking something.

San: wat my both kiddos r talking.

Sans: papa. My new friend’s mom is very sweet. We both like her a lot.

San: really? Who’s ur new friend? U never told me?

Sans: his name is satwik.

San in mind: satwik? Is he my satwik?

Sans: and uncle(arjun) also very gud.

San: uncle?

Sans: ha. He comes with aunty sometime.

San: he’s not my satwik.

San: wats her mom name?

Sans: name? we forgot to ask. We call her aunty only so we forgot her name. next time I’ll ask her name and tell u.

San smiles: its ok. I just asked.

San in mind: for a moment I thought its ragini.

He moves from there.


Next day in ragini’s office her boss called meeting. All gathered.

Boss: there’s a gud news to all. Soon we r going to become partners of maheshwaris. Arjun, ragini. Its coz of ur details which u had submitted. On those bases only they decided.

All clapped.

After meeting.

Rag: arjun. As our boss said, sanskar will come tmrw to our office?

Arj: yes. But u remember rite that u have decided something. U wont fall weak.

Rag nods.


Night after dinner sanskar goes to room and closes. He looks at ragini’s pics.

San: m feeling like u r around me. Is it coz I heard satwik’s name? m alone ragini. M just living for kids. i need u most. Pls come back to me. Make every one wrong by coming back. All tel u died. But still my heart says u r alive. Is this feeling of love or u r really near to me.

He slept in that room only talking to her pics.


Sans: papa, papa where r u?

Nit: wat happened beta?

Sans: m searching papa. Don’t know where he is? Did he go to office?

Nit understood that he must b there only.

Nit: u go and get ready, I’ll see him.

Nitya goes near that room and knocks. Sanskar woke up and saw himself sleeping holding ragini’s pic. He opened door slowly.

Nit: sry sanskar. I dint wanted to disturb u, but sanskruti is asking u. so I came here.

San: no. its ok.

He closed the room.

San: can I ask u something?

Nit: ??

San: u never went inside this room. Y?

Nit: coz here ur and ur wife’s memories r there. I don’t want myself to b the third person between ur memories. If I see her, then I may feel jealous that she got most loving husband or I may feel myself guilty as I snatched her place.

Sanskar looks at her.

Nit: shall we go now or else ur sweety wil keep on shouting ur name.

They smile and go.


At ragini’s office all were making arrangement to welcome sanskar. Arjun was also working. He looks ragini sitting quite. He signs her to smile. She smiles little.

Rag: how to face u sanskar? But I hav to. For my son I hav to. Don’t know how wil u react after seeing me. Its time to come face to face.

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