Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 9)

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In RM ( Rathore mansion)-

Boys are planning for Girls. Girls are watching Conjuring 2 .

Siya : It is a horror movie. It seems like comedy.

Shree : Ya , Siyu didi look at ghost. It is so funny.

Anu : Exactly!

Sona : Right.

Kaurwaki check some files in her room.

Kaurwaki ( in mind): Today I waste so much time. I have lots of work which was pending.

Boya are talking with each other.

Yagya : Close the lights.

Yog : Yug, Ready to show Ghost is not funny.

Aicchik ( tensed) : But closing the lights are not in our plan.

Yug : Don’t worry , Bhaiya added this.

Aicchik : Elders have disturbed with this .

Yagya : So what ! They said nothing. Chill.

Aicchik : It was necessary to close the lights.

Yog : Ya, without darkness our plan will flop.

Yug : Bhaiya , You closed the lights & we go to frighten them.

Yagya closed the main switch. The whole mansion in dark. Kaurwaki is scared of sudden darkness. All incidents of her past flashed in front of her eyes. Tears were rolling down on her cheeks. She start sobbing.On the other side girls are watching movie whille Yug get up like ghost . Yagya come downstairs when he heard sobbing from kaurwaki’s room. He enter in room.

Yagya ( tried to find her) : Miss Rathore, Where are you?

He notice a figure and move toward her . She open her eyes & hug him tightly. He was shocked with her sudden action . He realized that she is crying. His shirt collar soaked her tears. He was shocked to see her crying because he never saw a brave girl like her who fight with the terrorist, slap Rahul in front of society & win the match.
He placed his hand on her hair.

Yagya : Kaurwaki , Are you okay? Is anything troubling you.

But there was no answer from her.

On the other side-

Sona : Who off the lights?

Siya : Vrisha( kaurwaki) had done this. It ‘s too late & she have some work.

Anu : Hmm …….you are right.

Yog come in front of them. They look there & shouts at the top of voice. In the same moment, Yog on the lights & boys start laughing while girls are in a shock.
Kaurwaki realized her state & pushed him. He parted away & look at her.Her eyes were filled with tears which shows lots of pain. Her face become pale. Then, he noticed her open long hairs . Her hair strands swayed on her face. He is mesmerized by her beauty because first time he saw her in open hairs. He realized that he forgot about her condition.She swiped away her tears.

Yagya : Kaurwaki . Are you Okay?

Kaurwaki : Miss rathore for you( in stern voice).

Aicchik : Why are you crying. Are you afraid from dark.

Kaurwaki : It doesn’t matter to you. Why are you in my room without permission.

Aicchik : I want to help you.

Kaurwaki : I don’t need anyone’s help. Just leave from here.

Yagya : But……

Kaurwaki : I said leave.

Yagya leave from there. He come downstairs.He lost in his thoughts.

Yug : Bhaiya ! Where were you.

Yog : You miss the scene here.

Girls are fuming in anger.

Siya : Shut up ! We were not scared.

Yog : Oh really Then we were scared from ghost.

Sona : I complain to di, Where were she.

Yagya remember about her condition and he feel guilty .

Yagya : OK guys This is done. I agree that boys & girls are equal.

Yagya : What happen to you bhaiya?

Yog : Boys are better.

Yagya : No more discussion about this.

He leave from there and all are shocked.

In Morning-

All were enjoying their breakfast. Kaurwaki come there in a black indowestern kurti pair up with leggings . Her hairs were in a braid. Yagya look at her & smile seeing her attitude.

Yagya(in mind) : I really don’t understand what type of person she is ? I am glad to see her back in her avatar.

She join the table but ignore Yagya . Yagya notice her.

Yagya(in mind) : Why she is ignoring me?

She done her breakfast and leave for office. Yagya look at her in disbelief .


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