“Hey” Shesh smiled at Ragini who just opened her eyes. “Shesh” she grabbed the quilt and covered herself. “What happened Angel” he walked to her. “What are you doing in my room at this time?” asked she a bit scared. “Actually the new servant sent by Sita, Gulabo had to leave so I thought let me get your coffee. And moreover I was just admiring you sleep like a small baby” he spoke as he sat beside her when she sat straightened.

She smiled at him weakly. She was in confusion. They had not discussed anything of that sort then where did Raman go and did he leave Sanskar alone? So many confusions in her mind. She looked up and found Shesh staring her. “I will freshen up” she moved to the other side and walked to the washroom.

She turned the shower ON.


“Sanskar I think someone is coming” Raman disturbed them and Sanskar pecked Ragini’s forehead and assured her and walked from there. Ragini slowly walked to her room and closed it and lied on her bed.

Flashback ends.

“Angel are you fine?” Shesh’s voice brought her out of the thoughts. She looked up from the plate on which she almost killed the food due to her thoughts. She just smiled at him. Shesh wiped his face from the napkin and walked to her.

He held the spoon in her hand and took the food and fed her. She jerked and looked at him surprised. She has to force herself to have the food. He smiled and wiped the little food near her lip.

“Have food on time and tablets on time. I don’t want anything happen to your kid.” she jerked to his deadly whisper.

Her world stopped spinning she felt. Her eyes widened and heart started galloping and sweat formed on her forehead.

She swallowed the food and spoke “Shesh” “Shh angel. First food” said he and she had to have the food. As he made her eat all the food and placed the glass on her lips; she drank the water looking at him.

He wiped her lips with the napkin and got up to leave. She held his hand and he stopped. “You knew…” she spoke with a low voice.

He turned and banged the table with his hand and leaned to her. She jerked and looked at him horrified. It was worst than the worst nightmare. His presence so close to her with his blood shot eyes made her heart beat race with more speed. She took more air and hyperventilated looking at him.

His eyes turned soft and he wiped the sweat on her forehead and her eyelids followed his finger which traveled on her forehead. He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes.

“I love you. I still do. And I will do till my last breath” he said and walked from there. She let a huge lump of air which was trapped in her throat and relieved her a bit. She looked around there were no signs of any person in that huge mansion.


“And we lost their track too” said Tarak looking at Adarsh helplessly. “I told you Adi not to involve that dumb girl in this mission but you never listened. Now I lost my son also due to her. I warned her not to get close to my son but she never listened to my warnings. And….” he was interrupted by Adarsh “Dad please. We have lost track of three people now and you are just fretting over Ragini’s skills as a secret cop” Ram’s face was revealed.

******Flashback ******

“Excuse me” a voice made Shesh’s eyes widened with shock. He turned after placing the water glass on the table back. There she was standing with her messed up hair and morning face. She had the same shock on her face looking at him. She was pulling her dress down to cover her legs and his eyes moved to her knees. He turned immediately.

“Actually I don’t have any dress which you can wear but if you don’t mind in the room on the right side cup board there is new dress which I haven’t worn. You can wear it till I arrange a dress for you” he spoke. She rubbed her hair and walked inside to get freshen up.

Shesh left the breath he was holding from a minute. “Angel” he whispered placing his hand on his chest to relax his thumping heart.

She searched for her phone as she came out wearing the pant and shirt after freshening up. “Where did it go” she tucked her hair behind. “You are searching this?” asked he and she jerked and stood horrified. She turned and found the phone in his hand. She was so nervous.

What if he had checked her phone. She was looking at him blank. “One bad habit I don’t have is poking my nose in someone’s personal life. So unless you want me to know something I will not know it” said he as he handed her the phone.

He placed the phone in her hand and walked out. She sighed with relief. She looked around. She opened the sensor in her phone which tracked any cctv cameras. There was none. She texted Raman immediately in the code language she was trained.

“It was by chance that you landed in Shesh’s apartment. And we have re framed the plan. Your mission has already started” she deciphered the message from Raman. There was no doubt that she was hell nervous.

“Hi” he waved at her when she walked out. She smiled at him and sat on the dining table in front of him. He signed the servant to serve her and the servant did the same. She ate the food with her heart racing due to his gaze on her.

“Actually…” she tried explaining him. “Sanskar told me. You were high on alcohol yesterday night and he couldn’t take you to your home. And I did not knew he was talking about you when he messaged me in the night saying he had to leave his best friend in my apartment as he had to drop his elder brother to airport” he cleared her what she did not knew.

“Oh” she said and ate the breakfast. “He also said his other friend will come to take you but I guess he did not arrive” said he and she guessed it might be Tarak. “Thank you” she said and he smiled widely at her.

“Take” said he handing her a shopping bag. “I don’t know what you like but this is what I thought will suit you” said he. She took the bag and looked at him confused. “Change and come I will drop you to your home” said he and Ragini nodded her head.


“I think there was some emergency so they have left for India and they forgot to leave a key” said Ragini looking at the locked door. “You know anyone here?” asked he. She pouted and nodded her head.
“Alright if you don’t mind you can stay in my home till your sister and brother in law returns” said he. “I don’t want to trouble you more” said she. “No trouble at all. You are also my best buddy’s sister I cannot let you alone here just like that” said he and she nodded her head and walked back to his car and sat inside.

Days passed and Ragini grew closer to Shesh as per their plan. Raman always guided her through the coded message.

“What is this?” Ragini asked as Shesh stood in the middle of a the pool where there was a tent decorated and a table under it and the candles and flowers decorated across. He forwarded his hand and Ragini held his hand and walked to the center of the pool.

He pulled the chair and she sat on it and he walked to his place. “Shesh” she asked him showing the decorations. “First thing have food” said he and served her the food which was her favorite. She ate it with nervousness growing inside her.

“Dance?” asked he as she wiped her mouth after the food. She looked at him surprised but placed her hand on his hand smiling. They danced on a slow romantic music. The night was romantic and the stars studded the sky which was visible from the glass roof.

He twirled her and knelt in front of her. Her heart beat was at peak as she saw him with a spark in his eyes. “I don’t know when I saw you for the first time I wanted to call you Angel. You were the first person whose compassion touched my heart. You are the only person whom I want in my life like I want oxygen in my life. Will you be a part of my life and bless me to have a complete life” he held the ring.

She was numb. Her plan was working. But she wasn’t ready to face it. She knew what she had to do next but still nervousness covered her. She nodded her head in yes and his happiness had no bound. He stood up and hugged her immediately and twirled her happily.

He made her wear the ring and kissed her forehead. Something fell on the ground which dragged their attention. Sanskar stood there blank. “Hey Sanky, Thank god you came. I was waiting for you. I wanted you to be part of the biggest day of my life. My angel accepted my proposal. And all the credits goes to you man. If you weren’t there I couldn’t have been blessed with this day”

Sanskar smiled at him and bent to pick the box he had brought as a gift. Shesh hugged him and his eyes fixed on Ragini who was looking at him blankly.


“Sanky please listen to me once. It all happened so suddenly” Ragini walked behind Sanskar. “And you never felt it necessary that you should share it with me? I mean I told you every bit of my life and look at you” he said pointing at her.

“I did not knew he will propose me yaar.” she said helplessly. “But you had feelings for him right? But did you ever felt the necessity to share with me?” he asked crossing his arms. “I did not get a chance Sanky” said she and he frowned. “Oh really what about the time we went for Pari Bhabi’s delivery?” asked he.

“You were busy with Swara…” she controlled herself from saying dee. “Wow what a reason. Actually it is all over Ragini. Dosti dono taraf se nibhayi jaathi hai. You were angry on me for almost a week for leaving you in Shesh’s apartment. You never gave me a chance to explain. Now you have become his girlfriend and you never felt a necessity to share it with me?” he waved his hand in air.

Ragini looked beyond him. Tarak was signing her and she looked at him annoyed. “That sounds great. Even I don’t want to give any explanation. I’m done actually we are done Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari” she looked at him for a last time. It pained him. Her calling his name broke his heart into number of pieces. The friendship he cherished had broken.

“You will be always my Ghonchu friend” his cracked voice made her die thousand time in that one second. She closed her eyes to let the tears fall. She walked away without looking back. He felt soul less as she disappeared.


“What happened?” asked Tarak placing his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder. He nodded his head. “Where are you Ghonchu” he spoke as he looked at the entrance of the airport as he walked with his trolley. Ragini stopped at the glass door looking at Sanskar walking towards the immigration gate. “Ghajni” she screamed as she had no other way to stop him. Sanskar stopped his steps and turned back.

Ragini ran and hugged him in a bone crushing hug. Sanskar looked at her surprised. He found Shesh smiling at him. He placed his hand on Ragini’s back. “Idiot clown how can you leave without your queen’s permission” she hit him on his chest. Tears were flooding down her cheeks and she sobbed looking at him.

“I hate you so so much you idiot” she cried and again hugged him. The flight announcement made him realize that the golden moment will not last for forever. He dragged her out of the hug and cupped her face.

“I’m sorry” he said in a low voice. “Your highness will you give me permission to board the flight?” he asked and she looked at him without speaking. Her grip on him tightened and he could feel her emotions.

He walked to Shesh holding Ragini’s hand. “I trust you with my Ghonchu. And I know you will take care of her without me saying. She is weird at times..” he laughed a bit through his tears. “But she loves you. Don’t forget it ever she only belongs to you” Sanskar smiled at him. Shesh nodded his head in positive.

“Don’t torture Shesh alright. And finish your studies soon and come back to India. We will annoy Tinker Bell more” said he and held his hand for a high five. Ragini smiled through her tears and gave a high five to him. Shesh looked at her hand which slipped from his hand and joined Sanskar’s hand as though it indicated the future of three.

“Thank you” Ragini spoke as she sat beside Shesh in his car when they were returning to his apartment from the airport. “For what?” asked he. “For making me realize what a relationship means and letting me meet Sanskar” she looked at him.

“I want your friendship to remain a friendship angel and if I let him go without clearing there might be chances that you both will develop your feelings which I don’t want to happen.” he spoke in his mind. “I want your happiness Angel. That’s what matters to me more that anything” said he smiling at her widely.


Days passed and in India Sanskar was enjoying his time with his family and Ragini was collecting the proofs against Shesh without his realization. He was definitely smart but he was blind in love which he had for his angel. She filled his life with a happiness he never experienced all his life.

Though he was a possessive control freak he gave her the space she needed. Shesh convinced Vikram for his and Ragini’s marriage. Vikky wanted to discuss the proposal with Pari and Sumi.

“Shesh” Ragini felt uneasy when Shesh held her from back and kissed her ear lobe. She tried getting out of his hold. “Can’t I hug my fiance now” he whispered in her ears. She smiled nervously and tried getting out of his hold. A tear tripped her eye which did not go unnoticed from his eyes. He came in front of her and cupped her face.

“I’m sorry Angel. I’m really sorry if I hurt you. I did not mean to” said he worried. She hugged him and he looked at her surprised. He kissed her forehead dragging her out of the hug. “I know you are not ready Angel and I will wait for you all my life. And that’s a promise and you know Shesh never breaks his promise” he spoke.

Ragini smiled at her fate. The person whom she wanted to destroy is destroying himself for her. Can life be less sarcastic?

The phone ringed when he hugged her and rested his chin on her head.

“Hello” the phone slipped from her hand as her world had crashed around her. “Angel” Shesh held her preventing her from falling.

I’m really sorry this took a lot of time. Hope you have liked this chapter.  We are nearing the end. Hold your breath for some more shocks.

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