Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 7)

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Hii dear readers, Niyati here with the next episode. Thanks for your constant support. So, let’s start.

In RM-

All ladies were tried to pacifying Sona but she was continiously crying.

Dadi : Puttar jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai.

Anika : Ha Sona, Tu bhool ja us cheapde ko.

Siya : What! Cheapde.

Shree : Cheapde mean Cheap.

Siya : Oh.

Gauri : Man toh kar raha hai us chirote ko ek jhaap mein deewar me sata de.

Bhavya : Right bhabhi.

Anu : Sona kuch kha lo.

Sona : Please leave me alone for sometime.

They leave from there.

Kaurwaki : What about Sona?

Siya : Usne kuch nahi khaya.

Shree : Aur hum sabko bahar bhi nikal diya.

Kaurwaki : Hmm …… I know this happen.

She entered in room. All ladies peeping from outside .
She move toward her & place her hand on her shoulder. She open her eyes.

Sona : Di, please leave me alone.

Kaurwaki : OK I will go from there if you eat this.

Sona : I am not hungry.

Kaurwaki : You don’t want Chocolate Ice-cream.

She look at her and then Chocolate Ice-cream.She snatch ice cream from her hand & start to eat. Kaurwaki smile seeing her.

Sona : Why this happen to me?

Kaurwaki : You should be thankful that your marriage is not done.

Sona : Are you angry with me?

Kaurwaki : For what.

Sona : Meine aap ki baat nahi mani ki Rahul mere liye sahi hai.

Kaurwaki : I am angry with you because you are crying. Jab sab sahi ho gaya hai toh ro kyun rahi hai.

Sona smile at her and place her head in her lap. She also place her hand on her forehead with so much care just like a mother . In no time , She was sleeping peacefully. She covered her from blanket & off the lights. She come outside. All ladies were shocked to see her behaviour. No one was believe that she was the same girl who destroyed everything . They smiled at her& move towar their rooms. She notice that Siya was not there. She move toward pool area and saw her sit there dipping her legs in water. She place her hand on her.She look at her . Tears were clearly visible in her eyes.

Kaurwaki : Kyun past ko yaad kar khud ko dard de rahi hai.

Siya : Tu toh aise bol rahi hai jaise tu apne past ko bhool gayi hai.

Kaurwaki : Meri baat alag hai.

Siya : Hmm…..Sab teri tarh natak nahi kar sakte.

Kaurwaki : Tu mujhe taane maar rahi hai.

Siya : I am only try to show you reality.

Kaurwaki : Siya, Just stop it here. I don’t want to talk about this.

Siya : Leave this matter. Sona kaisi hai.

Kaurwaki : She is sleeping.

Siya : Hume bhi so jaana chaiye. Good night.

Kaurwaki : Good night.

They both leave from there.

In Morning –

All were enjoying their breakfast.

Yagya : Miss rathore Can you pass the Butter.

Kaurwaki passes it . Yagya tried to irritate her.

Yagya: Jam (then Salt & Chillies.)

She burst out.

Kaurwaki : Khud nahi utha sakte .

Yagya : OK .

He tried to do it but water fall on kaurwaki’s clothes.

Kaurwaki : What’s wrong with you ?

Yagya ( with innocent face) : Apna Mahakali avatar mat dikhaiyega. Galti se ho gaya.

Kaurwaki : Galti ek baar hoti hai.

Yagya : Kon si kitab mein likha hai.

Kaurwaki : You know what Go to hell.

Yagya : Bahut tikhi hai !

Kaurwaki : What?

Yagya : I talk about chillies.

She gave a deadly glare to him & move toward her room.

Yog was talking on his phone. Siya collide with him & his phone was break.Yog look at her and give impossible look to her.

Yog : What’s your problem ?

Siya : ( panting) Cockroach.

Yog start laughing.

Yog : You afraid from a small cockroach.

Siya : Shut up ! Help me.

Yog : You break my phone.

Siya : I am sorry.

Yog helped her. Yagya said from behind.

Yagya : Girls are afraid of every small thing.

Kaurvaki : Excuse me, It is not like that.

Yagya : Oh really.
He shout cockroach and all girls ( except kaurwaki) climb on sofa. Kaurwaki nods her head in disbelief .

Kaurwaki : We prove that girls are not at all lesser than boys.

Shree, Siya, Sona & Anu : Yes.

Yug : Dekhte hai.

Yagya : Aicchik, come in our team.

Aicchik move toward them.

Kaurwaki : I thought you was on my side.

Yagya : Aap dar gayi ki kahi aap haar na jayein. Aicchik humari team mein hai.

Kaurwaki : I am not afraid of anything.

Yagya : Nice confidence .

Yagya : Hum tum sab ko ek din mein prove kar denge .

Kaurwaki : Challenge accepted.

They both walk in opposite direction with their team.


Boys vs Girls.

Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors.Do cooments & Keep supporting.

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    Superb update

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    thanks alekhika for your constant support.

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    thank you so much anaya. Keep waiting I will disclose it early.

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