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gauri bhadrakali chapter 3.

before you start reading this, this passage contains abusive language , so kids , you should stop right there , (unless you think you can handle it of course , who am i to stop you ) and people who have a tiny tolerance level , this is not the place for you , i do not mean to offend anybody but this is
just my opinion that i’m stating ,but i’m sorry if it does offend you .

i am so sorry guys , i literally just disappeared for a good three months , i deserve all the hate in the world at this moment , but wait , i have justification , the first two months i had my boards going on and the next i was just settling into college you guys , bangalore is great , new friends , new life , im loving it , i missed you guys so so much , i have to personally fall at a few people’s feet for making them wait for so long and not replying to their direct messages too , anyways , ill be posting regularly , kind of … ish :3 from now on , love ya’ll . i’m shutting the f**k up and starting now.
(also , small change , its bhavya , instead of somu , don’t get me wrong , i love soms , but i like bhavya too , so instead of hating , i’d like to give it a shot) you guys , ill be altering episodes between omkara’s and gauri’s life , until they meet , which they will , pretty soon . last time , it was in the oberoi mansion , and now back to gauri .

recap: omkara’s drinking condition , shivaay and anika’s life , gauri , jhanvi and daaksha’s relationship .(you might have to pay a visit to chapter one to brush up what happened earlier)

gauri was out of breathe once daaksha had put her down , she was breathing very harshly holding her knee , daaksha was out of breathe , he was holding his stomach and laughing , she glanced up at him , his smile , his eyes , those expressive eyes , suddenly her brain took her back to two years back , when she pretended to be chulbul , when omkara first hugged her and they were laughing, she felt a sudden pull in her heart as if somebody was clenching it really tight , it was not the first time , she had felt so , but she knew how to get over it , it was like drowning in water , except it was not water , it was om , she was drowing in omkara’s memories , suddenly she remembered , and told herself , “gauri, just take deep breathes , slowly , …. in …. out … in …. out “ and there she was , back to the real world , with no om , only her world of happiness , at least thats what she taught herself to believe , all this while daaksha was waving his hands in front of gauri , she blinked suddenly when she heard shu saying “anybody home?” and she knew she had to lighten the mood , she so brushed herself up , put her hands behind back and started walking around daaksha until she was behind him . *slap* one slap she gave , on his bum , “nobody except your dead grandmom shu” , she said and stuck her tongue out and ran towards her car . she picked her handbag up while her shu opened the gates , she drove , towards daaksha , and when she reached him , he swung the door open , swiftly picked gauri up in one strong motion , nothing in a romantic manner , but he picked her up like a sack and dropped her at the opposite seat like a hot potato , and said “i’m driving today” while gauri rolled her eyes sarcastically and said , “shu i cannot argue with the ones i love” and buckled herself up for the half an hour ride to their restaurant.

as her brand new audi r8 ( Like This ) rolled out like butter , she couldn’t help but notice that she had made such a good purchase with the car as the speakers came alive with the music … you just want attention , you don’t want my heart , maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone else , hey you just want attention , i knew from the start , your just making sure i’ll never get over you … charlie puth started to sing , that instant daaksha changed the song because he knew what was going on in gauri’s mind , he knew that her stupid mind would somehow find its way back to that a*sh*le omkara , the thought of omkara boiled daaksha’s blood , he had sworn to give omkara a piece of his mind , if ever they came across each other . how could that blo*dy motherf**king bastard treat his gauri , his sister , his best friend , in such a manner ? breaking daaksha’s thoughts gauri said “ shu , i feel so homesick , lets play some indian music , …chippak chippak ke chalthi hain kabhi kabhi do rahain , jude jude ho jaise ke laga hain jaise gum , gauri sang , and nudged shu on his shoulder , shu gave her the what the f**k ? i’m driving!! look … shu paused for a second , and started singing … doube double hothi thi jo kabhi kabhi thakleefain , kisi ki sang main chalse se hui half se kam … making gauri laugh out loud , because daaksha went sooooo much out of scale , he dint know how to sing , but the fact that he did it for her , made her love him more , … then they began singing together , ho tera mera mera tera kissah rangeen , kabhi kabhi chalthi hain kabhi kabhi rukhthi hain kahani bedhangi … and started laughing , the chorus began , and they were taken back a memory lane as to how they had met , … kashmir main , tu kanyakumari , north south ki kat gayi dekho duri hi saari , kashmir tu main kanyakumari fifty fifty har situation main hissedhaari …

two years past.
.gauri jhanvi and gauri’s mother (lets name her asha , since im not aware of her name in the show) come out of the france airport.( Like This ) they were so broken , all the tears in jhanvi’s and gauri’s eyes had dried up , two lifeless souls , and asha taking care of them , trying her best to not give up their souls to depression just as yet , “wow , kithna bada hain yeh , hamara airport tho iski ek terminal thak nahi aayega , hain na jhanvi ji , ham us cab ko bulathe hain , aapke dosth ke wahaan ruk rahe hain na hum ?” asking so , she pulls jhanvi out of her chain of thoughts , “arehh asha ji , haan , hum mere dosth ke ghar jaa rahein hain , uska ghar colmar par hain , cab se nahi , hamein train se jaana padega , ek chotta sheher hain , hamare liye perfect hoga , hain na gauri ?” gauri is suddenly pulled out of her transfixed thoughts about the last few occurrings at the oberoi mansion , flashes of her throwing the divorce papers on omkara’s face , walking out without saying anything , jhanvi slapping omkara and telling him that he is no different from tej , because the way tej treats jhanvi and the way om treats me is almost the same , omkara’s expressionless face , it looked more like , he was helpless , how she couldn’t feel anything but sad for him , at the same time , her mixed emotions of leaving behind her marriage in the place of her self respect . unknowingly she nodded . but asha and jhanvi both knew that her mind was not in place .

at the peak time they did not even have time to pack their clothes , everything happened too quickly . jhanvi thanked her lucky stars that she did earn a lot of money in her earlier days before tej asked her to stop working , hence they had money for their initial expenses , not a little , but they had a lot since jhanvi did not have to spend on anything as everything was at a fingers snap back at the oberoi mansion , jhanvi and gauri held each of asha’s hand and they felt so strong , even though different situations it was , jhanvi and gauri realised that they were both passengers travelling on the same boat .

they then boarded the train , they dint have to worry because the trains were safe , france was safe , they looked at the scenery outside , and slowly fell asleep (Like This ) realising that their decision was not so bad after all , a night later , they were woken up by the ruckes around them , jhanvi had a mini anxiety attack thinking that they had missed their stop , but she glanced outside , and it was written , colmar. her heart came to its normal pace , it was a one hour halt at colmar since it was the last stop , she looked at the timer in the train , it had been 20 minutes since their arrival at colmar. she looked around herself and thought , i may have left one thing in my life , but only to earn something else , i know there is going to be a void in my life , but i have to live , i am a fighter , i am a survivor , i am strong . she woke gauri and asha , gauri rubbed her eyes cutely , they woke up and their vision was a little blurry , once their eyes started seeing and their brains started processing , they had their mouths open , colmar was so f**king beautiful , this was the prettiest place that asha and gauri had ever been to. after getting out of the train , they looked around , suddenly out of nowhere a hand was thrown around jhanvi , “jhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnsss “ jhanvi turned around with an almost heart attack to look at her childhood best friend arya . jhanvi had tears in her eyes , after all , their 20 years of friendship spoke out through jhanvi’s eyes , that one minute of eye contact had spoken volumes and volumes , she hugged arya and began crying , crying loudly , arya hugged her tight and protected her with an invisible force field of love . asha couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of arya’s and jhanvi’s relationship as jhanvi had begun getting close to asha too , the basic instinct that says : my best friend is mine!

after the intial pleasantries were exchanged , they were taken to her car , it was an hours drive to arya’s house . arya made sure she dint invade asha’s and gauri’s privacy , she made sure she dint ask them any questions , but just envelope them with her warmth and love . she knew what had happened as bua ma had called her and informed her of all the occurrings before disappointment in her nephew and grand nephew made her flee back to toronto . an hour later , a huge gate was opened by the security , “areh yeh math sochna ki ye sab mera hain , yeh tho mera beta or mera husband ka hain , i mean , husband nahi , we were never married you know , but i don’t think we ever needed marriage to justify what was between me and dheeraj , all everybody did was judge us back in india , hence , we came here , made a living of our own , and had two kids , the first neither the second one is related to us by blood , but our empire is owned by them , the elder one , he came to us through our study abroad scholarship , we sponsored his education , but through that , he has come upto such great heights now , his name is daaksha , daaksha ran away from his torturous father and drunkard mother along with his brother right after his school education while his brother was still in 8th standard , they are like our own sons , hence we decided to adopt them , even though at such an elder age , and gave them our last name , now we have two sons , daaksha dheeraj prajapathi singh and dhruva dheeraj prajapathi singh .”
jhanvi sadly thought to herself , arya did not even have to get married , nor did she have her own kids , i had both , but for what , to end up like this , i’m so happy for arya , but if only…
suddenly the door was opened for jhanvi , and she came out of the car to marvel at the beauty of the mansion.( Like This ) the mansion was not as big as the oberoi mansion , but it had its own charm , there was a vintage car , arya noticed gauri staring longingly at the car , “oh thats not to be messed around with , dheeraj appointed me with the responsibility of his baby before he said bye to the world 5 years back , yes , before you ask , yes , i couldn’t conceive , hence we had a car for a baby before shu and vuva came into our lives .” said arya , and gauri laughed at her statement and how cool and different she was from everybody she met in her life .

leading gaushavi into the first room , the living room arya said ( Like This )”thank god you guys don’t have any luggage , that would have been such a pain , we will all go for shopping once you guys settle down , tomorrow , day after , the day after that , anytime , im down for it . please sit down , relax , and i’ll get you guys some wine “ asha’s eyes almost came out of their sockets , her shock was well visible on her face , arya saw it , and so did jhanvi , asha was worried as she thought she might have offended arya , suddenly arya burst out into a laughter ,which made the awkward silence in the air vanish . she came and threw her hand around asha and gave her a bear hug and said “dariye math , main pinky nahi hoon” making jhanvi and gauri laugh leaving asha clueless as she had not spent time in the oberoi mansion before , but this instantly made her like arya . a minute later , arya came with a tray or three glasses of wine and one glass of orange juice , and said “feel free , the bottle is right here too” .

gauri took the wine , thought of all the bad memories and downed it in one go , jhanvi and arya laughed at her cuteness. she then made an ewwwww face , she had never tasted wine before , but the pain was too much and alcohol said to her “drink me” soon enough gauri was drunk , she was too broken to speak , all she needed was a distraction . she then asked arya where the room was , arya said “ take a right , you’ll see a staircase , ( Like This) go up the stairs , then take a left , go to the end , and the room in the right is yours . all this information was too much for gauri to process , she just went up the stairs , took a left went to the end and got into the room in the left instead of the room in the right . the thing that drew her to that room was the music , the loud music that was muffled in the room , it was her favourite song , she wanted to dance , sing , cry , she just wanted to let go of her worries . kashmir main , tu kanyakumari , north south ki kat gayi dekho duri hi saari , kashmir tu main kanyakumari fifty fifty har situation main hissedhaari …the music played.

she slowly opens the door , only to see a man , a half naked man , who was taking out his clothes from his cupboard , a really hot man , taller than eiffel tower itself , one of the most handsome one , a dripping wet body , he had just showered , with slow droplets of water dripping down his godly body , everything was in slow motion for gauri , six packs , only towel , tall , handsome , yes ! he was the distraction she was looking for. suddenly two eyes pierce into hers , she wanted to herself to move her ass out of that room and run away , but she was transfixed , staring at him , gawking is the word , out of nowhere , she found herself saying , “hello good looking man ,” you look so good , can i keep staring ? “ if it were the normal gauri , she wouldv’e shyed away , but this is drunk gauri , the fun gauri …

“uhhhh…” daaksha wondered if this was gauri that his mother was talking about , how can she behave so cutely , i mean i’ve seen better looking girls , but this one , she’s so cute … “ you must be gauri , i’ll show you to your room… its right opposite … suddenly she came into her senses for a minute , turned right around , without a second thought closed the room and fell asleep leaving daaksha really surprised . the next morning , gauri had a severe head ache , she woke up from bed , same clothes , same everything , except there was a glass of orange juice with a ittle note beside it that said , “ this will help , xoxo handsome man”
gauri had flashes of memories of the previous night and wanted to kill herself or like turn into a potato or something.

she then glanced at the clock , it was 1:30 in the afternoon, gauri freaked out and ran downstairs after brushing her teeth . only to find food , it was white sauce pasta with chicken and alfredo sauce , nothing gauri had ever eaten before , she tasted it , and felt heaven in her tastebuds , she loved it so much . “like it ?” came a voice from behind , it was mr. handsome , this was the moment gauri regretted her existence , and she said , “yes , its delightful” mr. handsome suddenly came right behind her and whispered “don’t worry , i’ll pretend yesterday night din’t happen”, gauri blushed in all the colours of red that ever existed , “friends ?” he pushed out his strong hands towards her , she replied imitating his actions… “friends.”

gauri and daaksha looked at each other and smiled as they knew they mirrored each others thoughts at the moment. daaksha said “ we reached” time to start , daaksha and gauri had started a restaurant a year back which became such a huge hit in cormal , in a year they had expanded their business from one city to 8 different cities . they named it “shayari” sha from dhaaksha and ri from gauri , they added the ya because gauri had insisted on it , she said it would give it meaning , but he knew the real meaning behind her wanting the name . the view opposite to their restaurant was the most beautiful , reminding gauri again of how beautiful colmar actually was ( Like This ) as usual , there was a huge line in front of their restaurant waiting for the opening , and an even bigger queue in front of the gol gappa station for which the people of colmar had become really fond of … (imagine the camera pans to the sky or something xd )

precap : omkara decides to get back to painting and poetry and see’s an opportunity at the worldwide poet’s meet at a restaurant called shayari in france and decides to go , another reason being the fact that something is pulling his heart to the place.

the end.

thank you so much guys , i hope you liked the episode . excuse the typing errors and all that.

much love.

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    super.. i was waiting for it..then i really thought that you have stopped..nice episode…

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    Aparna,??Really i feel like dancing after reading your Fan Fiction…Now i am feeling sad for my Stupidity…For writing an unusual love story wala FF of Rikara which is like a miracle…Really many a times i wished to give omkara a Tight Slap seeing humiliations of gauri…????Really gauri should become badrakali in real ishqbaaz too….Also one great thing which impressed me in your Fan Fiction is ,you are giving many pretty descriptions for even small things like stairs,Doors , Cars etc and Links for it…Its really great…Your choice of words and english is very very good++++????????Keep rocking…But one thing i felt bad about was some words..But after sometime i thought its necessary for your ff…I am sorry for copying your idea..??I also decided to write Same type of FF after the current FF ends…..i was not able to comment on first 2 parts and intro as the comment section was closed..Really my FF is nothing when compared to yours…You are doing a great job sister…Keep rocking…Like you i also like bhavya and i love their chemistry..Mainly i like bhavya because of her brave character…And personally i like mansi srivastava a lott…I like bhavyas bonding with anika and gauri in real ishqbaaz….She is the perfect pair for rudy….But one request sister dont let gauri forgive omkara so easily…I want those scenes to happen in real serial too..But the TRP wilk go to 0….???Please update next part soon aparna…????i am eagerly waiting….

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      haha verna , awwwwwww i can imagine my angry lil cutie patootie <3 thank you so so so much love , yes om will visit cormal and will probably meet gauri , idk i havnt thought about it yet , i am writing , but my episodes are usually long , kind of .. ish , so i take like a day or two to write , if i am in the mood , love you <3

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      yes , they will probably meet in the next episode , i mean , i dont know for sure , i havn’t thought of anything yet , thank you so much for your positive vibes man , much love <3

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      happy ganesh chathurthi to you too baby , i missed you so much , i have yet to catch up on your ff bby , thanks for taking time out to read my ff , really means a lot .

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