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MAHESH: ARAV where were you.
ARAV: Nowhere dad just went to see the house. You tell any work.

MAHESH: YES I want to tell you that we had fixed……

Just then Riddhima, Reema, Siya and Simar came to the hall.

MAHESH: GOOD that you all also came I want to give you a good news.
RIDDHIMA: Yes dad tell.

MAHESH: So I was saying that we have fixed ARAV’s marriage with my best friend’s daughter JANVI MALHOTRA. ( sorry to those who thought someone’s entry was VANSH’S entry. )

ARAV: WHAT!!! but dad you should have asked me first before fixing it.
RAKHI: NO IFS NO BUTS Arav we have fixed your marriage and you had to do it and THAT’S FINAL.

Arav and Simar see each other with painful eyes. Tears were continously flowing from their eyes. Simar broke their EYELOCK. And run to RIDDHIMA’S room. And start crying bitterly.

SIMAR ( to herself ): WHY GOD!! WHY!! Why always me. Why you always take my test. I am not that strong. Why my love story ends like this without even starting. You knows that I was so happy to know that my Arav ji is coming so that I can tell him that I love him so much. But it’s ok maybe I don’t deserves anyone’s love😭.

Saying this she went out of the room and went to the hall. In the mid of the way she met with Arav.

But she stopped him by showing her hand and said with teary eyes.

SIMAR: SHAADI MUBARAK ho MR. OOSWAL. Have a happy married life.

ARAV: Please listen to me….

Without saying anything she went to the hall.
SIMAR: REEMA, SIYA LETS GO TO THE HOME. ( Guys only these three had came to the bhawan.

RAKHI: But bache thode der aur ruk jate naa.

SIMAR: NO, aunty. We will come later.
They went from there to RS MANSION.

Arav was in his room sitting on the floor crying bitterly.

ARAV: Why always me?? Why god why you snatched love of my life my Simar why. Will she start hating me? Will she never talk to me? Will she hate my presence. NO!! NO!!!!.
AND he started throwingeverything in his room.
Ridhvan ( Riddhi and Vivan) came to his room and get sad to see their bhai in this condition.

ARAV: How can I calm down ridhhu, Vivan. How mom dad can do this?? HOW!! How can they think that I will marry a girl that I don’t even know, love is far away.😭
Simar, Reema and Siya entered the mansion. And Simar without saying anything to anyone goes to her room. And start crying bitterly throwing herself on the bed.

Reema and Siya came there and tell her to open the door.

Simar was feeling that her life, her love  is being snatched by that girl JANVI. JANVI was going to take her Arav ji from her. Simar was totally shocked and broken that time. She was unable to think any thing.

SIMAR( to herself ):Why this always happen with me?? Why?? Simar because you don’t deserve anyone’s love, because Arav was not yours from starting. He’s now someone’s else and this is the DAMN TRUTH. Accept it Simar accept it warna you will regret it…….

PRECAP: RIANSH meet and their moments. ( most awaited thing is coming ). SIRAV’S confrontation.

To be continued…….

That’s all for today guys hope you liked it.

Guys one more thing, guys I’m not that good in writing sad scenes and all in fact I’m not good in writing but I’m trying so if there is any mistake so plz forgive me for that. And I’m glad that you all are loving my ff❤.

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