Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Reema and Aarav’s haldi rituals begin

Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav looking at the file. Chitra thinks Reema’s truth can’t come out like this now, else my plan. Aarav is about to see Reema’s pic. Vivaan closes his eyes. Someone comes and congratulates Aarav. Aarav says I will meet in 5 mins. Chitra comes there and takes the file, asks him to enjoy the day and not to see the file today. Aarav goes. Chitra asks Vivaan to come with her and takes him from there. Lalit asks Roma to mind her language and says she is my mother. Roma says your mother wants my daughter’s alliance to break. Lalit says it is enough. Shobha tells that she has no rights on her mother’s house, but she has right on her house, tells that you can’t go from here. Raghav asks Shobha to let Roma go to her mother’s house and tells that she shall be there. Lalit asks Shobha to let Roma go and says she don’t go often there. Shobha says she might agree if Roma apologizes to her. Lalit asks her to apologize to her. Roma apologizes to her. Raghav asks her to let her go. Shobha asks her to go and says if anything wrong happens then I won’t let you stay here. She goes. Roma says your mother is jalkukdi and says my mother’s devotee is strong and everything will be good during her sister’s marriage. Chitra asks Vivaan what is all this and shows Reema’s pic. Vivaan gets shocked. Chitra asks are you listening to me? Vivaan says nothing, it is a misunderstanding. Chitra asks him to look at her eye and say that he has nothing to do with Reema, before this alliance was fixed. Vivaan thinks of Reema and his meeting and their plan to elope from there. Chitra shouts. He says sorry and says yes. He says actually Reema and I…Chitra asks him to be quiet and says whatever was it, I don’t want to know and nobody shall know about it, especially my Aarav. She emotionally blackmails Vivaan and asks him to forget whatever was there between them, tells that it was past. She says you shall not let your past overpower Aarav and Oswal family’s happiness. She asks Vivaan if he will bury his past in his chest. Vivaan nods his head. Chitra says all proofs and witnesses shall be wiped off.

She burns Reema’s pic shocking him. Vivaan cries seeing Chitra burning Reema’s pic. Chitra signs him to smile. He smiles.

Aarav comes to Badi Maa. Badi Maa asks him to see what his sasural people have sent, says they have sent gold for my diamond. She makes him wear it happily. Simar says this is the marriage functions invitation and reads that first there is haldi, mehendi, and stops says she can’t tell sangeet infront of badimaa. Badi Maa asks then what? Simar says then baraat ka swagat. Aditi comes there and asks if she is looking good in this saree. Aarav asks her to be happy in skirts and dresses. Aditi says I will make your wife wear all those things. Badi Maa tells that Reema and Aarav shall not meet now and they shall meet only after the marriage. Aarav promises her. He goes with Sandhya. Badi Maa asks Simar to make sure that haldi rasam happens nicely and says today’s kids don’t know anything. Simar says she will personally take care that the rasam happens nicely and turns to go. She gets tensed.

Simar 2 makes Reema for the haldi ceremony and does her make up. Reema smiles. Simar also smiles and makes her wear the shell jewellery with yellow flowers. She tells Reema that there will be no bride in this world like you, says you are looking a beauty queen. Reema imagines winning the Ms. India Pageant and getting the sash and the crown.

She smiles and thinks of herself as Ms. India 2021. Simar 2 asks did you say something and reminds her that today is her haldi. Reema says let me get ready, Aarav’s family must be coming. Simar 2 says I saw you serving Ms. India’s website and asks if it is the reason of your trouble. Reema nods yes and tells that Devesh has filled Ms. India form for me. Simar 2 says you had fight with him. Reema says he was guilty and that’s why he filled my form to compensate for his mistake. Simar 2 asks her to refuse. Reema says but this opportunity will give wings to my fly. Simar tells her about her limitations. Simar, Sandhya and Aditi come to Avinash’s house. Roma comes and hugs Reema. She says she is looking beautiful and takes her outside. Simar 2 takes her mobile and says I will not let any problem come in Reema’s life.

Precap: Indu tells Simar that Simar 2 is very simple and we didn’t know about her preference of husband and sasural. Simar says even I asked her, but she didn’t tell me. She asks Simar to tell openly. Simar 2 dances and hugs Simar. She sings sasural simar ka…Badi Maa comes there and asks her to stop the dance. She says this marriage will happen, but I have a condition. Simar 2 has to pay a big price.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Listening the music geetanjali devi I mean badi maa will never accept simar 2 . Don’t know what will she do waiting for upcoming episode

  2. @rishi why??

  3. @Surabhi if you watched from the first episode you will know that geetanjali devi hates music for some reason for Example when she heard her sing from the radio she broke it and when she was in the studio she heard her sing and told them whenever she comes she doesn’t want to hear music and she doesn’t know that it was Simar 2 that was singing.

  4. Nicole ehizokhale

    right now Iam wondering what big price that Geetanjali devi wants simar 2 to pay because she doesn’t know that simar 2 was the one singing on the radio in the beginning.

  5. Yeah but I am very much excited to know why geetanjali devi I mean badi maa hates singing so much. I think it is also related to shobha and badi maas husband. Don’t know when will the truth will come out

  6. The big price is she will have to marry Vivaan.

    1. No I don’t think so….bcoz Badi MAA hates songs and she won’t make a singer her granddaughter-in-law

  7. Yeah that is impossible. .haha.

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