Hi guys I’m back with another episode of this ff, let’s begin without wasting time.


Simar, Arav and Riddhima came back to Ooswal BHAWAN, everyone hugged Riddhima.

Simar suddenly feels like vomiting and she ran towards her room.

Arav looked at her concerned, he also went to their room.


He was shocked to see simar was on floor because she fainted.

He immediately called the doctor and told her everything.

Doctor told him to wait outside I’ll check her. He nodded and went outside.

He was passing in the corridor and was waiting for the doctor to come impatiently. Doctor came outside with smile on her face and said.

DOCTOR: CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Ooswal you are going to be dad very soon. Your wife Simar is pregnant ( wahh Niyati di kyaa guess mara hai )

Listening to this Arav’s eyes filled with tears of happiness. He thanked her and Doctor went from there.

He went inside to Simar and hugged her and kissed her forehead, making her smile in her sleep.

After sometime she opened her eyes and sees the most beautiful seen of her life. Her husband was sleeping beside her with beautiful pout on his face, looking like a cute child.

She quickly gave a peck to him, he opened his eyes and they shared an EYELOCK with beautiful smile on their face.

Suddenly she remembered that she got fainted so she asked him.

SIMAR: Arav ji what happened to me why I got fainted.

Arav looked at her smilingly and said.

ARAV: Its nothing serious, I have a good news for you ( she looked at him with questioning look, he continued ) we are going to become parents very soon Simar. We will have a small Arav or small Simar in our hand after 9 months.

SIMAR: Really I will have my own family. I’m growing your child in my womb.

He nodded and she smiled and a lone tear escaped from her eyes. She hugged him tightly showing her happiness to him.


Here Vansh was showing some moments.

Riddhima went to meet him and was talking to him.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh you know what I’m missing you so badly. You are very bad how much you will sleep hmm.. Please get up naa for your sweetheart. Do you not missing me??

Suddenly he started breathing heavily and started moving his hand. Riddhima shouted doctor’s name.

Doctor came there running.


DOCTOR: Miss. Ooswal please wait outside, let us check him.

Riddhima nodded her head in yess and went outside.

She was feeling very restless, doctor came outside and smiled at her.

RIDDHIMA: What happen to him Dr. Sharma?? Is he okk?? Is there anything to worry about?

DOCTOR: Nothing to worry about Miss. Ooswal. He is coming out of coma slowly. Some patients breath heavily before coming out from coma. So relax, maybe he will regain conciousness in 2 hours.

He said while smiling at her. Riddhima was very happy to know that her Vansh will with her very soon.


Riddhima was in Ooswal bhawan, she got a phone call from the hospital.

She picked the phone with the smile on her face.

DR. SHARMA: CONGRATULATIONS Miss. Ooswal, Mr. Raisinghania is out of coma now. He is asking for you please come fast.

RIDDHIMA: Thank you so much for the news dr. I’ll be there in 15 minutes, please don’t tell about this to anyone.

She cut the call and went to the hospital.

PRECAP: Vansh is back , party in Ooswal bhawan.

That’s all for today guys hope you liked it.

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