Riansh (A pure love story) Part 4

Hello guys, I am back… Thanks you for showing so much love to my fanfiction

So let’s start

Angre – As you all know I and siya are dating from past 1 years and we love each other madly and I want to marry siya

Vansh – Of course angre I am happy that my siya will get a husband who is a very good person and angre you are just not my right hand U are my small bhai.. Go ask siya if she agrees than you and siya & I and riddhima will get married in same day

Angre went and bend on one knee and asked



Everyone was happy that there will be two wedding on same day

Dadi called panditji and ask what’s the best day to get married in these month and panditji said after two days and all were excited but at the same time they were tense that how all the arrangements will be done

Riddhima – don’t worry guys I am a party planner my team will plan everything so tommorow will be engagement/sangeet than day after tommorow mehendi and on the third day in the morning haldi and in evening marriage

All got relaxed and went to their room riddhima was about to leave but vansh pulled her by waist and said

Vansh – where are u going??

Riddhima – To my room vansh.. plz leave me vansh anyone can see

Vansh – Riddhima in morning u didn’t kiss me but I will get my kiss soon

Riddhima – challenge

Vansh – yes

Riddhima – So you have to kiss me until haldi or else u will not get kiss till 1 month

Vansh – challenge accepted

Riddhima went blushing

In riansh room

DadiΒ  was packing riddhima stuff and riansh entered the room and got shock

Riddhima – Dadi what are u doing? Why u are packing my stuff

Vansh also asked same question

Dadi – u and riddhima are getting married now u can’t stay at same room riddhima u will stay at my room

Vansh – why dadi we are just getting remarried and you are giving punishment to me

Dadi and riddhima burst in laughter

Dadi – Vansh stop now, you come riddhima

Riddhima winked at vansh and said bye to vansh and went to dadi room with dadi

Vansh was upset

Vansh POV

Just some time sweetheart I will kiss u wait and watch

Everyone slept peacefully


Next morning

All were busy in marriage arrangement especially riddhima and riddhima went to kitchen to taste food but vansh pulled to and took her to his room

Riddhima – Vansh what is behaviour??

Vansh – What riddhima my first job romance and also the challenge u gave me let’s complete the challenge

Riddhima blushed

Vansh pulled her by waist and pinned her to wall vansh got very close to riddhima both was feeling each other breaths and riddhima was blushing

Riddhima – Vansh leave me

Vansh – no way

Vansh kissed riddhima forhead, he kissed her cheeks and eyes.. he was about to kiss riddhima red juicy lips but dadi came and said

Dadi – Riddhima vansh what u two are doing vansh u can’t stay away just for two days

Vansh and riddhima was shocked and both panicked

Riddhima – Dadi I have many work she ran out of room in shying way

Dadi pulled vansh ears and said do some work your engagement is in evening and u are busy in romancing

Vansh – sorry dadi

And he also went fastly and all got busy in work

Vansh was in his room and he thought to share this marriage news with his bestfriend so he called his bestfriend

Vansh – Vyom where are u, u haven’t met me since Month

Vyom – sorry vansh I will come tomorrow

Vansh – great but there is a good news for you

Vyom – what??

Vansh – I will say it to u tomorrow come tomorrow as fast as possible

Vyom – okay bye


Precap – engagement/sangeet πŸ’ž

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