Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rukaiya ousts Anarkali

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing idol missing. Akbar shouts who has stolen the idol, find out. Khanam smiles. She asks shall I say something if you permit. Akbar says you are permitted. Khanam says I know who has stolen the idol, Anarkali’s khala Jhillan. They get shocked. Akbar asks Khala did she do this. Khala says no, I m not a thief. Anarkali runs and hugs her. Khala says I didn’t steal. Anarkali says we came from small village, we know how it feels when one loses Lord, we can’t steal anyone’s Lord. Jodha says Jhillan can’t do this, Khanam has a misunderstanding. Rukaiya says one gets cheated by doubting on family and believing strangers. Akbar asks Abu fazal to check Khala’s room. Ammijaan asks him to punish Jhillan in such a way that it becomes an example

for everyone. Rukaiya says yes, Jodha did a big mistake by believing her, she maybe a thief, fraud or a spy. Abu fazal catches Khala and gets her. He says I got idol’s jewelry from her room, I think she has sold the idol, all evidence is against her.

Rukaiya thinks no one can find the idol which I have hidden. Khala says I didn’t do anything. Akbar says shut up, is there anyone who can prove her innocent. Anarkali says I will do this. She defends Khala and says my Khala is good, she can risk her life but can’t take anyone’s money, how can she steal. Akbar says justice works on evidence, not emotions, all evidence is against our aunt. Khala says have mercy. Akbar justifies his decision for giving shelter to Jhillain and giving her respect. He scolds her for ruining her trust. Akbar commands them to leave the place and spares their lives. Anarkali runs to Salim and says you called me friend, then fulfill friendship and save my Khala. She hugs Khala and says you are not thief. Khala says I didn’t do any theft. Rukaiya smiles. Khala and Anarkali pack their things and leave. Anarkali runs to talk to Salim. She asks him to become friend and show, save Khala. He asks her to wipe tears, he will help her.

Jodha says I can’t do anything. Salim says Anarkali saved my life, stop Anarkali and her Khala from leaving. Jodha says king’s decision can’t change now. Anarkali asks Jodha to do justice, they are innocent. Jodha cries and goes to Akbar. He says I asked Maan Singh to make gol Bal gopal idol for your temple. She says let it be, where Yashoda got punished here, what will Bal Gopal do here, Anarkali is not Jhillan’s daughter, still Jhillan loves Anarkali so much. He says a mum can get emotional, but a king can’t. She says I m asking my husband to change this decision. He says I can give my life for you, but this decision can’t be changed.

Salim looks on and goes. Jodha asks him to listen. Salim gets upset and goes. Khala and Anarkali leave. Daniyal says you will become queen. Rukaiya praises him and asks him to do what she tells him. She shows a lotus to them. She shows drugs inside and smiles. Salim goes with Daniyal in some boat. Salim says we were going to find Anarkali. Daniyal says yes, I know you are upset, this flower’s essence will lighten your sorrow. Khala and Anarkali get insulted by people. Salim says I don’t want. Daniyal insists. Anarkali sees palace and cries. Salim smells the lotus and gets dizzy. Daniyal says you are going to heaven. He laughs. Salim faints. Daniyal takes a knife and hits the boat to make holes. He bids farewell to Salim and swims away. Anarkali and Khala are on the way in a boat. Anarkali says Khala didn’t steal idol. She prays that Khala gets rid of the blame. She sees Salim lying in the boat. She calls him out.

Rukaiya makes Salim get drunk. Salim slaps Abu Fazal. Akbar shouts Salim….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. could somebody pls tell me who is abu fazal ?

  2. Salim is Akbar and Jodha son,and I don’t understand who are those boys(dhaniyal and other one) always with Salim .
    Rukaiya also had children or not?

  3. Daniyal&Murad r Akbar’s sons but I am not sure with whom. OMG, u never God, he is everywhere, in our heart, soul and with us so saying that just pisses me of. But than again not everyone believes that, to them the statue is a lord and losing is like losing their lord.

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