Kumkum Bhagya 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Neha and Tarun decide to rekindle Abhigya’s love

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The Episode starts with Abhi asking Neha to come. Neha asks him to listen to her once. Abhi makes Neha and Tarun sit in the car and signs Pragya to sit as well. Pragya nods her head and sits in car. Abhi starts the car. Tanu tells Aaliya that Disha fought with her and Mitali talks to her in loud voice. She says they told that Abhi don’t love me and I am just his name sake wife. Aaliya says it is fact. Tanu says they even say that you didn’t marry yet. Aaliya says it is fact too. She says we gave them chance to speak and we shall let them know that we are back together and will give strict reply to them. She says time has come to make them remember their value in the house, and they shall lower their eyes infront of us and shall close their mouth. Abhi thinks Pragya shall think that I am not doing

wrong and thinks King will get out of lock up. Pragya thinks his intention is right, but his way is wrong. Their car is stopped and a guy tells that they can’t go with this way as a big tree fell down. Abhi asks about the other way. Guy tells that the other way is dangerous and dacoits were there. His wife tells that there is a ghost there. They ask them to go back.

Abhi brings Neha, Tarun and Pragya back to the farm house and sneezes. He asks Neha and Tarun to sleep in different rooms.. Pragya thinks if his sinus problem started. Abhi thinks she must have forgotten that I have sinus problem. Pragya thinks to make kada for him, and thinks why will he drink from my hand. Tarun secretly comes to Neha’s room. Neha hugs him and cries. She says I should have listened to you and eloped with you. She says we shall tell everything to chucks. Tarun says may be we will not meet again after tomorrow and asks her to make him go with a smile. Neha hugs him and cries. He sneezes and thinks weather is getting bad. Pragya comes and asks why is he standing near the window and asks him to come. He asks why she gives him order always. Pragya says as you don’t listen to straight words. They argue. Abhi asks what did she bring? Pragya says she brought kada.

Abhi says I would like to drink poison from your hand and refuses to drink kada. He refuses and keeps aside the bowl. Pragya says fine then and pretends to call someone. She says I asked him to drink kada, but he didn’t listen. She asks him to talk. He refuses. Pragya says she will put call on loudspeaker. Abhi says he don’t want to talk and argues with Pragya. Pragya gives call to Abhi and he asks who is on call. Suwarni Dasi is on call and scolds him. She asks him to drink kada. Abhi says I will drink and asks her to sleep. He sits to drink and make faces. Pragya gives him angry look. Abhi asks her not to think that he will drink for her. Pragya asks him not to think that she made it with love and says she was talking to Dasi when she asked him to make kada for him knowing his sneezing problem. Abhi says it is good that you didn’t make it by yourself. Pragya argues. She sits and makes him drink kada. Allah wariyan…….

Tarun tells Neha that they shall make Pragya and Abhi remember their love so that they can understand their love. Neha says we have to rekindle their love to save our love. Tarun says exactly. He says he will think. Neha says she will go and check them. She says she is getting, good, romantic feeling. Tarun gets romantic and holds her hand.

Pragya remembers bringing kada for Abhi when they were together. A fb is shown, Abhi refuses to drink kada and says the one asking to drink shall be jailed. Pragya asks him to drink quietly. Abhi says I have a condition and says if you want my breaths to go on a long live and if you want me to fight with cold and sinus then you have to give me kiss. Pragya says ok and asks him to drink. Abhi says I heard ok, but nothing happened. Pragya says ok, I will kiss you. Abhi says I will eat bowl also now and drinks kada. Pragya says very good and is about to go. Abhi stops her. Pragya says you asked kiss that day. Abhi says lets stamp the place where you didn’t kiss. Pragya asks him to close eyes and kiss above the eyes. Abhi opens the eyes and asks where is the kiss? She says I kissed you. Abhi says I get angry on the persons who cheat? He is about to kiss her. pragya says cockroach is there. Abhi says this devil will not stop and covers themselves with blanket. Allah wariyan plays….fb ends..

Pragya smiles. Abhi says still your kada taste is same and says it is a torture. Pragya gets upset. Abhi thinks if he told much.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. “We are back” says Aliyah. She didn’t get the memo, the two murdering imbeciles never left. They have kept busy, regardless of Pragya, meting out their ugly, arrogant and cruel nonsense on anyone and everyone else. They are who and what they are without the presence of Pragya. Weak-minded, heartless, soulless monsters, they are. The clown suits they often wear, reflect that truth. Aliyah looks more hopeful than confident in her little comeback speech. Perhaps someone should tell the writers …oh darn, that should be Miss Ekta… that the first one, two, three etc times of this scene, of Pragya giving kada to Abhi was cute the first time. Sweet the 2nd time. Loving the third time. Now it’s just redundant. Could you not imagine another household scene where caring and love is shown? Do not the writers …really it’s Miss Ekta… have ANY life experience whatsoever? Is this the ONLY memory of being cared for, that MIss Ekta has of ‘love and care’ in her past history? After all, in a healthy home there are several acts of love and caring which occur daily between family members. Come on writers …really Miss Ekta… stretch that ability of yours, even just a little. Didn’t any of you experience a healthy home? The actors worked the scene beautifully. They have had a lot of experience doing this. I suspect that the actors are capable of so many more types of scenes. And to think, this will likely become a FB. Oh! Here’s the cherry on top of it all!! There’s a FB included of a similar scene! OMG Miss Ekta! Really?? Are you THAT (nasty swearword)?
    Then we get another lecture about what ‘love’ is all about, yet Aliyah and Tuna Salad (thx Naz, for the appellation) are featured right at the beginning of the show. As usual, the music remains the most prominent offering. This is the fault of the script. Writers, we know you can do better! Can’t you demand Miss Ekta loosen her chains on your staff, just a little?

    1. Honestly, in regards to the last sentence, of my comment, it should read ‘work staff/employees’. Sorry, I didn’t catch that and it’s too late to take it back. The image it may invoke, is a bit much. Completely unintentional.

  2. So once again the two evils aliya and tanu will be ruling kumkum bhagya with their threats and crime and all the actors will be reduced to extras… Guess all the actors should quit kkb because kkb is all abt evil and the the lead actors are tanu and aliya.. They ruled for the last 4 years and now again for the next few years the viewers will be forced to tolerate them. Hope this time their time is up and they are punished.. But that’s wishful thinking..

  3. Here we go again with the two evil not so sisters n pragya need to make up her mind wat she really wants

  4. Well…the truth does indeed offend so that’s why Aliya thinks it’s time to remind Disha and Purab of their place in the house. The way Aliya says that we are back together kinda sounds like they are in a lesbian relationship,..no disrespect… any two women who says that to each other would cause anyone to think so, although I know she means that it’s time for some thunder. As for the couple who would be voted best couple at zeetv awards, so predictable that they would be holed up in a farmhouse, even I would get romantic if I was in a farmhouse with the right person….and the chit chat starts but before anything good could come out of the scene, there comes a cockroach.. What a waste, maybe we’d see something tomorrow, under the blanket.. Thanks Akituster, you are most welcome….btw I hate Tuna salad, seriously…if it’s really a dish.. I enjoyed you comment yesterday pertaining to the Iphone ..that piece made me laugh.. I’d stick with my Android.

    1. lol no disrespect . Aliya clams Tuna down and tell her . that everything will be ok and tuna believes and smile . That is sickening

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