Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Anarkali dies

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Nazar 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Salim and Anarkali starts their nikah, priest ask Salim if he accepts Anar? He says I do. She says qubool hai. Anar takes off her veil and looks at Salim. Salim smiles at her lovingly. Anar thinks that I am sorry but I have to make you unconscious and leave without looking at you otherwise it will make hope to live, I am sorry, bye.

Rukaiya is angry and says he freed Salim even after he went against king? I wish mother was here and made king take right action, She says to Murad that he made Salim heir again. Murad says king have ordered to bury Anarkali behind wall, She says if this is a lie then it wont be good for you, I will cut your neck. Murad says I am telling truth. She says you have made me happy, I will keep an eye on Salim, you keep an eye on Anar’s death.

Anarkali recalls her moments with Salim, their love and how he loves her. She is getting buried behind wall. Akbar comes there, he says Anar people would say that I took your love and life from you, that I dont have a heart, seeing your sacrifice, my stone heart melted, people take favors from me but you are the only one that did favor on me. Anar recalls her moments in childhood and her mother. Akbar says people will remember you after your death, people write about kings but I am thankful to you and I promise you that your love will be an example, your fragrance will remain here, I gave you place here but now I can just pray for you, I pray that you will be remembered when they talk about mughal sultanat, this world will never forget dastan e mohabbat, my head bows to your love, I am not an enemy, just helpless infront of rules, I am sorry. Anarkali says I pray that you become the best king and my Salim rules the world. soldiers make a wall, last brick is remaining, Akbar sadly looks at her, they bury her fully behind wall. Akbar prays for her. Anar gets suffocated behind wall and huffs.

Scene 2
Jodha brings out Anarkali from behind wall and says you are Salim’s love, I have to save you, she brings her hidden passage and asks Husna to take her to Lahore where she can start life with her love, Husna leaves.

Murad tells Rukaiya that Anar ranaway because of Jodha but she is my hunt, I will take my revenge. Rukaiya says just remember that her death will finish Salim so do it.

Servant tells Salim that Anarkali was buried behind a wall. Salim gets angry on him and beats him. Jodha comes there and says it was true but I saved her and sent her away from hidden passage so he wouldnt know. Salim falls down and says you saved my love. Jodha says she is in Lahore and waiting for you. Salim says you have given me life again. Jodha says its God’s will that I fulfilled my duty as wife and mother both, go to her and be with you love. He hugs her and leaves.

Husna makes Anar sit down in a street and says I will bring something for you to eat. Salim comes there and meets Husna. She takes him to Anar. Otherside Murad comes to Anar and stabs her with knife, Salim comes there and screams Anar.. he hits Murad and runs to Anar. Anar falls down and says to Salim that if I die then I will die in your arms, she closes her eyes. Salim cries and asks her to open her eyes.

Salim is sitting on Anar’s grave and cries. He recalls his moments with Anar and their love. Anar’s words say that love will always remember.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Could this have been the last episode of the serial? ?

    1. I too think so

  2. Don’t know why DMSA directors made this wonderful show end so soon.even show got good TRP.

  3. I read somewhere that; Anar escaped to Lahore and after king’s death; salim remarried her by naming noorjahan

  4. It ended really fast, wish they would have shown how Salim ended up after Anarkali’s death.

  5. Its over….. i didnt expect it to finish quickly. I wish they elabkrated more on their mohabbat.

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