Nazar 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ansh takes Piya’s side

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Nazar 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chitali says to family that we have to do something to save Vedsheree. Mohana says Piya is devik, she can stop fire and water. Chitali says yes you are devik, please save her. Ansh asks her to do something. Piya says I am sorry but I cant do it, I will find a way, she leaves.

Saanvi sees call from unknown number, she takes it, Nishant says Saanvi.. she cant hear him and says he is trying to contact me.

Mohana comes to Piya and says you have no way to making Vedsheree fine. Piya says she is your sister. Mohana says when I dont care about my son then why sister? I wont tell how she can be fine, she leaves. Piya calls Saanvi and asks if she found something? Saanvi says book just says that nitin mani is dangerous for humans. Piya says let me talk to Nishant. Priest takes call and says I think herbs can help us. Ansh comes to Piya and asks if she found something? Priest ends call and says to Saanvi that we cant tell Piya about Nishant. Ansh shouts at Piya and asks why she is not using her powers to make Maa fine? He calms down and says sorry I am worried for her. Piya says I am sorry I couldnt help Vedsheree. Ansh says we will find a way. Mohana comes there and says she should have a way. Piya says priest have told a way.

Piya throws herbs on Vedsheree and says they are cold, it will stop melting. Ansh says she is still melting. Piya says its not working. Ansh cries and says Vedsheree cant leave me like this. Piya cries. Chitali says she will be fine. Piya leaves from there.

Piya cries. Mohana comes to her and says you lost? your herbs couldnt do it, Devik can save Vedsheree, they think that you are devik and can stop Ansh from going to evil side. Piya says I am not devik anymore but I am stopping Ansh with my love. Mohana says when they know that you are not devik but sarpika then they will hate for your betrayal. She leaves. Piya says I want to tell truth to Ansh but right now I have to find a way to bring Vedsheree back. I should think like Sarpika. She calls Saanvi and asks which creatures can save people from mani? Saanvi reads book and says one creature is Sarpika. Piya looks on.

Scene 2
Family sees that Vedshere have started freezing again, they calm down. Ansh sees blood near Vedsheree. They all turn around to see Piya in snake avatar, all are stunned. Ansh turns around and sees her. He sees blood dripping from her hand. Ansh says Piya?

Saanvi sees house freezing and asks what is happening? A snow call is created infront of her and sees triangle on it. Wall breaks down.

Chitali says to Piya that you are not devik and snake? Mohana says devik cant be snake, Piya’s real truth has come out, she is a sarpika and hide that from us, she have cheated us, she is responsible for Vedsheree’s condition and cant save her, she is poison, she can bite us, she cant live with us, you are understanding? Ansh says yes I understood that she is sarpika and not devik so cant save Vedsheree but still trying to save her, she stopped her from melting, we would have lost Maa if she was not here, she might not be devik but she is still Piya. Piya lovingly looks at him. Mohana says you cant see her betrayal? Ansh says I see her love, she brought her truth out for Vedsheree, she thought about her first. Mohana says she is poisonous snake. Chitali says Ansh is davansh too, its not his fault and same goes for Piya and if its about danger then you should leave this house first.

PRECAP- Shekhar says to family that Priest said that we can make Vedsheree fine one the longest night of year. Avi says it will take too much time. Shekhar says we have to think something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba.

    1. Can u pls try to udate daayan(&tv) today?

  2. Ooshi

    Just following the serial. Let’s see what more they can do to drag and spoil the serial.

  3. Pehlay toh update 10.00 say pehlay ati thi…Ab next day aati hai …WHY??

  4. Love the show specially the way Ansh support Pia today

  5. Ansh’s support will do wonders for Piya’s strength and confidence. The way he said “Mohana Maa”, has risen a suspicion in me, that Ansh, is slowly slipping out of Mohana’s grip, and more towards Piya’s care for him and his family.

  6. Chaitali behave as Vedeshree. The way she speak to Mohona was wonderfuland amazing. Ansh support Pia ?????.

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