Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rukaiya feels insulted

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The Episode starts with Salim talking to the banjara people. The man invites them to the village for celebrations. Salim sees Anarkali. The man asks them to come before robbers come. He asks what’s your name. Salim says I m Jagan, and she is Roopa. Anarkali smiles. The man says your clothes got spoiled. He asks his people to get new clothes for them. Salim asks Anarkali to come, they will spend the night in the village and leave in morning. She nods. Akbar laughs seeing the dead robbers. Khanam looks on. Akbar praises Salim. Abul smiles. Khanam jokes. Akbar says Salim can do anything with ones who badly eye the country. Abul asks about Salim. The man says we didn’t get Salim anywhere. Akbar says Salim is brave, he is never alone, his courage is always with him. He asks Abul to bury the dead bodies. Khanam says Salim has killed many men, but where did he go with Anarkali at this time.

Salim and Anarkali become part of the village celebrations. Salim sees her and smiles. He goes to sit with her. He says you look my wife in this attire. She smiles. She asks where did you learn this language. He says Maan Singh has raised me, so I know this language, I m Jagan, you are my wife Roopa. She smiles. The man asks them to do Laxmi puja. Ammijaan and Rukaiya play the game of chess. Ammijaan boasts of her smartness. She challenges Rukaiya and wins.

Rukaiya gets angry. Salim and Anarkali do the Laxmi puja. Akbar and Jodha also do the puja in palace. Ammijaan says Jodha has given a child to Akbar, and he gave her love, his other wives won’t come here. She praises Jodha. She says its better if jealous Rukaiya stays away at this time. Salim and Anarkali have a talk. Salim says I can convert this lie into truth right away. Anarkali says I can’t see this big dream, I can just pray that this moment stops forever, I was your wife at this moment. She gets emotional. Salim smiles seeing her. Maid says Akbar and Jodha fulfilled diwali rasam, they have sent puja prasad for you. Rukaiya signs Khanam to receive it.

Khanam burns the maid’s hands in fire. Rukaiya looks on. Maid screams. Rukaiya scolds her and asks her to go, she has spared her life. She asks her not to come in front of her again. She says I wish to play a game with Jodha as well, did you get Salim’s news. Khanam says sure, I forgot. She gives the news. Rukaiya says Salim and Anarkali are missing. She smiles and asks Khanam to find them out. She threatens Khanam. Khanam worries. Salim and Anarkali see the people dancing. Anarkali refuses for dance because of Salim. She says you may get annoyed again. He says don’t remind me that day, I have no objection with dance, I objected on the ghungroos, this dance is part of their culture, do you know this dance. She smiles. Salim allows her. Khanam looks for them. Salim watches Anarkali dancing and smiles. Khanam reaches there and smiles. She thinks Rukaiya will play a game now.

Akbar asks for the attacker. He wants to protect Salim. Someone plans an attack on Salim. Akbar sends protection for Salim.

Update Credit to: Amena

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