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I must say Shivaay is really smart.He almost knows everything about us but he wasnt able to connect the dots.And he’ll never be able to do that.It was all started by my father,Avinash Mehra.


Mr.Ahuja and Mr.Mehra were cousins.Mr.Mehra was a great psychologist and during his research he used to do various experiments and soon his passion became his craziness.He made his work a money making business.He had joined a foreign company who was indulge in this business.
They used to harvest human organs.It sounds like science fiction, but organ harvesting is an unfortunate fact in the criminology world of today.

He couldnt do all this illegal stuffs at his work place,and for him college was the safest place.They used to kidnap middle aged people who havent  anyone to look after them and used to traffic their body parts.
Mr.Ahuja has doubt that something was going wrong here but he hasnt any clue that his own cousin will be there behind it.

That day,someone has informed him that some people were seen near research building.Mr.Ahuja and Mr.Saxena reached the college and they heard some noises coming from control room.They opened the door and was shocked to see the view.

There were dead bodies laying on the bed.Mr.Mehra was working on a body whose skull was open.

Avinash……”shouted Mr.Ahuja

You….What are you doing here….”said Avinash being shocked

Whats this happening here,I’ve to call police…Raj (Mr.Saxena,shivaay’s father) lets leave….””Mr.Ahuja roared in anger

Whats so hurry Vihaan (Mr.Ahuja,Annika’s father),close the door”””Avinash ordered his workers

They had a little argument and somehow Vihaan and Raj managed to open the door but before they could come out,Avinash stabbed them brutally and they died on spot.

Being the relative of Vihaan,this was the best opportunity for Avinash to become the deen of St.Steve and he can easily continue his business.
But Vihaan’s family was becoming the hindrance,so he killed them too.

And soon Avinash became the deen of St.Steve but he had stopped that trafficking business for a while.But still police has some doubt on him but they couldnt do anything as they havent any proof..Day by day,police’s doubt was increasing,so he chose the safer side and resigned from the post and transferred it to his friend Tej.

And that case in which Rudra and Daksh got involved was also initiated by Avinash and group, the box which Daksh used to transfer used to have brains and hearts of kids for trafficking..This time he was almost caught but his puppet didnt utter a word.
And as college reputation was at stake,they had to clear Rudra and Daksh’s name from that case.


Papa,you dont worry……We wont let anyone ruin our plan…We are ready for our next delivery….

But….we’ve to be careful this time…They all are together…..What if students came to know about this Sir….We’ll get in a huge trouble…

No…no….it cant happen….And I know how to tackle this…I dont care how many people die but I cant let this happen…

You cant be selfish Sir. .

Ohh…Come on as if I care….

Exactly Papa….They cant defeat us….We know how to deal with them,and Soumya is the perfect example of it… Tej uncle you na what you’ve to do….

Yes beta,I’ve asked svetlana to arrange everything…..


Bhavya–Daksh,are you fine…?

Daksh–Yes,I’m…Thank you Bhavya.Who was that stupid driver,he has almost killed me….

Bhavya–Dont know..I was passing from here and saw that truck was about to hit you..

Daksh–But what were you doing here??

Bhavya–I’ve came to meet Rudra,but I think I should leave now.Take care…

PRECAP–Shivaay came to know something more shocking…

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  1. Riana

    Looks like mysteries are uncovering day by day…
    Omg Shivaay’s dad and anika’s dad both got killed on the same day…
    Thankgod Daksh is alive bcoz of bhavya !…
    I just hate that avinash mehra what a wicked bl**dy dog he is …i mean this shows the practical things that people can go to any extent for money…eww !
    Waiting to know whats the actual plan of that tej and those unknown papa and beta/beti !! …
    Updt soon ??

    1. Kanfi

      Hey riana….thank you so much for this lovely comment????
      Next part is posted❤

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is thrilling

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you niki❤❤

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Thrilling..So anamika hi annika hai..and That Creepy Mehra..God he is so cruel..So eager to know what is tej’s plan?..Will be waiting for the next..Love you ..Take care..

    1. Kanfi

      That was a silly mistake I did prabha???
      By mistake i spilled the bean?
      That should be ‘”anamika’s father”…?
      Thank you so much???
      Love you too

      1. ItsmePrabha

        See i caught You..

  4. TUFriendsForever

    Hahahaa di so Anamika is Anika ohhho smart Prabha I also was confused when did Anika had parents?? Then read your comment and was like Yeh hogaya na baat dii I prefer u reading the epi again after writing but I loved it n yeah one of the suspense is out still lot more to go keep writing

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much rufiii???
      Yeah I need to do that??
      Have posted next part

  5. Shanaya_rajput

    amazing episode……luved it…
    post nxt episode asap…
    luv u loads….

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much shanaya❤❤
      Next part posted?

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