Savitri Devi 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Savitri and Jaya have a heated argument

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Savitri Devi 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya asking Sanchi if she have gol gappa in tension even now. Jaya says I used to have it before when tensed, but now my tension goes seeing you. Jaya says I know you are getting nervous, and says this is not small exam, but your Papa’s dream which you will fulfill. She feeds her curd and sugar and says this will be an important day. Sanchi says it is equally important to me and asks her not to worry. Jaya says all the best. Sanchi thanks him.
Veer comes to the hospital and thinks you have completed one month of marriage. He thinks he can’t celebrate, but can give her bouquet. He thinks to do something special. Savitri comes and asks Veer to have juice. Gayatri comes and asks where are you? Savitri says it seems they left early. Gayatri says Sanchi was not in the room last night. She tells her that they sleep separately. She says Veer is our son and Sanchi is his wife and he has right to stay with his wife, but Jaya has ruined his life. She says you don’t know one thing and tells that Veer has cancelled his honeymoon plans for Sanchi’s exam. She says I tried to tell you about band, but Veer proved me wrong always. She says I just want his betterment, he is my son also and I can’t see anything wrong happening with him. Savitri looks on.

Vikrant says this can’t happen, that man is dangerous. Priya is tensed. Vikrant says he is dangerous, but can’t be dangerous than me. He says that man tried to kill me and shows his anger. Priya asks him to calm down and forget him. Vikrant says I am Vikrant Chawla and says I went there because of you. He says you will be punished. They hear Dr. Malhotra and come out of room. Dr. Malhotra shows Veer’s band and Ria shows Sanchi’s band. Gayatri says jaya made them have it so that they stay far from each other.

Veer send gifts to Sanchi through kids. Sanchi thinks today is their one month anniversary. Veer says same to you. He sends flying kiss, which she catches shyly and signs to hug him. Kids ask why you are talking in sign language and asks them to stay closer. Veer says no. Kids are taking him near Sanchi, he refuses and falls down. Sanchi comes to him and asks if he is fine. They think why the bands didn’t ring alarm. Ria tells Savitri that they were wearing this band. Dr. Malhotra says Sanchi don’t love him. Gayatri says why did Sanchi agree to Jaya and staying away from Veer. She says why a good mother will ruin her daughter’s life. Savitri asks how dare she to do this cheap thing and fallen so low. Gayatri and Dr. Malhotra smirks.

Alarm rings at Jaya’s place. Sanchi says why alarm is not ringing. Veer says may be battery is low, I will give you bouquet atleast. Sanchi says no and is about to go. Veer holds her hand. She turns and Veer gets slapped by her hand mistakenly. She gets shocked and says sorry. Dr. Kabir comes there and is shocked. Dr. Malhotra, Savitri, Gayatri and others come there. Savitri asks how dare you to slap my son and slaps her. Veer says Sanchi didn’t do anything. Sanchi asks Veer how he can be blind folded and says this girl is making you dance on her tune. She shows them band. Veer looks at the band in his hand and says who changed it. Jaya comes and scolds Veer for replacing fake band with original one. Veer says you are thinking me wrong. Savitri warns Jaya and asks who are you to speak to my son like this and says you gave you right to give him band. Jaya says your son was coming inbetween my daughter and her happiness. Savitri says wrong and tells that your daughter has ruined my son’s life, and don’t deserve to be my bahu. Jaya says your son is not suitable for my son.

He is my daughter’s biggest enemy. Savitri says your daughter can’t see her husband, family and house due to her selfishness. She says she wants Veer to dance on her tune. She says it was not your daughter’s mistake as she is doing this because of your sanskar. Jaya says my daughter is a big doctor because of my upbringing and your son is a zero although he is of her same age and is ruining her career. Savitri says if you have so much objection with my son then keep your daughter with you. She says I told you already that I will kick Sanchi out if my son gets humiliated and asks her to stay away from Veer.

Savitri asks Sanchi to choose between exam or honeymoon trip. Sanchi and Veer gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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